Disaster Recovery Configurations

An essential part of a recovery is having adequate disaster recovery procedures.

  • Run disaster recovery backups - use these backed up database dumps from the remote media and recover the CommServe database on the same or new host.
  • Build a standby CommServe Host by replication - Databases and logs on the active or production CommServe host are replicated to the standby host at regular intervals.
    When the active CommServe host goes offline, immediately fail over the CommServe functionality and resume CommCell operations on the standby CommServe host.
  • Build a standby CommServe Host for disaster recovery - Microsoft SQL Server Agent is used to back up the database and transaction logs from the production CommServe host and restore in standby mode to the standby CommServe host.
  • Take the DR storage offline when we are not writing to it - a common strategy to not only reduce the risk of online delete (assuming an attacker gained a wide access to network and server root access) but also manage costs.

Last modified: 4/12/2019 2:39:01 PM