Advanced Restore Options (General) for Index Server Cloud

Configure additional restore options.

Automatically Detect Regular Expressions

Use wildcard characters to specify the patterns for files and folders to be included in the restore. When selected, the system recognizes supported regular expressions (wildcards) that are in the Source Path. When cleared, the system considers the value in the Source Path as literal.

The software uses this option as the defaults for direct restore operations. The software makes the option unavailable for browse and restore operations because you select the path.

Skip Errors and Continue

Have the restore operation continue regardless of media errors. When you select this option the software produces a file that lists the files that were not successfully restored.

Restore device files as regular files

Restore the data that is in the device node file of the raw petition to a regular file system.

Use Exact Index

Associate the media with the most recent index that is in the CommCell Console.

Skip Mount Point and Restore

When you select this option, the software does not restore the mount points that are in the backup.

Recover Apple Resource Fork Data

Restore encoded Apple resource fork data to a non-Macintosh file system.

Delete file on disk before restore

Have the software delete the files on the destination before it restores the files.

Validate only

Have the software validate the restore without restoring the data.

Last modified: 4/4/2019 6:41:24 PM