Configuration of the Network Share IntelliSnap Backup for NFS Exports via Client Computer

To configure the Network Share IntelliSnap Backup for NFS exports via client computer, first, add a NAS client computer NAS client and network share, then configure array host aliases, and then create the subclient to back up your data.


  1. Add a NAS client and Network Share Backup.
  2. Enable IntelliSnap on the NAS client.
  3. Adding an Array and Array Host Aliases.
  4. To create a subclient, do one of the following:
  5. For the Dell EMC Isilon/PowerScale storage array, if you have NFS exports from non-default access zones, configure the Access Zone snapshot configuration property.
  6. Optional: If you want to set up a proxy computer, see Proxy Computers for Network Share IntelliSnap Backup.

Last modified: 4/10/2019 7:06:00 PM