CommCell Management

Change in Time Zone for RPO

The time zone for the RPO is changed from the CommServe server time zone to the client time zone. The time zone change is applicable for the start time of the job.

For more information, see Configurations for RPO.

Collect Diagnostic Data to Monitor SQL Extended Events

The DBMaintenance utility can now collect diagnostic data on SQL Extended events using the Diagnostic Monitors for SQL Server workflow. This data is used for analysis and troubleshooting purposes.

For more information, see Collecting Query Performance Data Using Workflows.

Configuring Cascading Network Gateway Connections Using a Predefined Network Topology

You can use a predefined network topology to configure cascading network gateway connections.

For more information, see the following:

Configure Log File Settings for Modules in the CommCell Console

You can configure log file settings for individual Commvault software modules at the CommServe level, client computer group level, agent level, or MediaAgent level.

For more information, see Configuring Log File Settings in the CommCell Console.

Configure Public Access for the Download Center

You can allow users to access the Download Center and to download files from the Download Center without logging on.

For more information, see Configuring Public Access and Downloads.

Configure SAML Authentication for All Tenants

In an multi-tenant CommCell environment, service providers can configure SAML authentication for all tenants by configuring SAML authentication at the CommCell level.

For more information, see Enabling Single Sign-On for Tenants.

Manage Your Data from the Command Center

You can now access the Web Console My Data page from the Command Center.

For more information, see Accessing the Web Console Entities.

View Operating Instances (OIs) and Virtual Operating Instances (VOIs) in the License Summary Report

You can view usage information about both the OIs license and the VOIs (VMs) license in the License Summary Report. The Commvault Complete OI Licenses table displays the number of licenses that your organization purchased and used. You can view the Operating Instances view or the Virtual Operating Instances (VMs) view to see information about each client computer or VM.

In environments with both VOIs (VMs) and OIs, the software applies surplus OI licenses to VOI (VM) license overages before any license overage conditions occur.

For more information, see either Operating Instances in the License Summary Report or Virtual Operating Instances in the License Summary Report.

Last modified: 12/31/2020 10:25:35 PM