Contents for Service Pack 16

  1. VM Clients names may be incorrectly updated by a v10 VSA proxy. 908, 909
  2. HyperScale nodes may become unresponsive after reboot due to wrong UUID in /etc/fstab 905
  3. User will not be able to download files if the latest job run for the selection is a snap backup job. 902, 904, 906
  4. Shortcuts are recreated on laptop clients during service pack installation 901, 903
  5. Openstack VM restores may fail when cinder quotas are enforced. 899
  6. NAS NDMP restore may not use configured proxy and fail. 895
  7. OpenStack VM restores may not complete on certain distributions. 887
  8. Updated installer translations, including the translation for "Configure process manager shortcut" which translated to "Do not configure process manager shortcut" which is the opposite of what the option does. 882, 898
  9. VSA backups of VMs on NFS datastores may take longer than expected. 881
  10. Windows files system backup may try to backup files that has been deleted on every attempted job 880
  11. Rest API to convert a storage policy to a plan may fail. 879
  12. Download fails for Hotfix packs because of extra path seperator when MAX_PATH exceeds for Windows 878
  13. SharePoint document backup fails with Method not found : 'Boolean CVSPUtilsNamespace.CVSPUtils.TrimPath(System.String ByRef)'. 870
  14. Commserve performance may degrade during OneDrive backups 873
  15. Client level Job throttling may not be honored when resuming jobs that are queued 871, 874
  16. Backup copy operation may fail. 868
  17. HyperScale drive status many not be correct in Command center. 867
  18. Services may not start on Amazon Linux 2 upon reboot. 866
  19. VMware CBT may be enabled while there are pre-existing snapshots on the VM 863
  20. The download of for email may not work for journal /user mailbox. 861
  21. Salesforce backup job may not complete. 855, 856
  22. Playback could fail with ISAM error 533 during inserting record to Location table 852
  23. Auxcopy job may fail with reservation errors. 849, 850
  24. Clustered metrics server setup do not show dashboard 835, 836
  25. Virtual machine client names may be incorrect. 829, 831
  26. SharePoint Account validation may fail in TLS 1.2 environment. 828
  27. Browse and restore of windows machine data using a Unix mediaagent may fail. 825
  28. Oracle OSC schedule may fail to probe if the machine is a VM 822
  29. Linux 1-Touch: system state backup might fail when machine has PVs as multipath disk partitions 824
  30. Unable to view review sets in compliance search. 821, 823
  31. Viewing jobs at the copy level can be slow for a higher number of jobs 816, 817
  32. Synthetic full high water mark may not work for multi-stream synthetic full jobs. 813, 814, 815
  33. SharePoint Farm Backup may display 'Backup Pending' for some databases in the 'Status' tab after successful job. 811, 812
  34. Security fix to block external redirects from Webconsole. 807
  35. Exchange mailbox stubbing with truncate option may remove Hebrew right-to-left alignment. 806
  36. Double clicking of email stubs may not recall the message. 806
  37. Auxiliary copy jobs may fail with a database timeout error. 808, 810
  38. SharePoint O365 backup might fail with CVSPBackup2013.exe crash. 803
  39. Generation of stub report for larger mailboxes may fail. 802
  40. Changes to data path on storage policy may fail. 804, 805
  41. VM Tags as a filter may not work as expected when the tag does not exist. 801
  42. Data analytics job may fail for subclients with aged backup jobs. 799, 800
  43. Commcell Console may hang when creating SharePoint Online backupset. 790
  44. Chargeback report configuration gets resetting even when Chageback is selected under Private metrics reporting. 788
  45. VMware LiveSync Failover group does not list live sync replicated VMs in Select Machines step in CommCell Console. 784, 785
  46. VirtualizeMe HyperV screen does not list clients even with proper permission 784, 785
  47. Webadm may crash when delimiter of multipath device is empty. 783
  48. HANA log backups work only for one HANA instance in the FlexFrame environment. 779
  49. Failed restore jobs may be shown in job history for all users. 778, 780
  50. Modifying an Oracle Instance may cause Commserver services to terminate unexpectedly. 777
  51. SharePoint office 365 incremental backup may take a long time on smaller sites. 776
  52. Restore job summary report may not populate "Failed Objects" or "Successful Files" in restore file list. 775
  53. Solaris 1-touch recovery fails in a firewalled setup. 774
  54. Index gateway service may not start when IPv6 is enabled on the machine. 771
  55. SharePoint Online restore with "skip" option may overwrite "Renamed" existing documents. 767
  56. SQL log backup may be always convert to full backup. 763, 764, 765, 766
  57. CaseManager with reviewset hold may not work with export API. 755
  58. Snapshots may not be deleted from a NetApp E-series array. 753
  59. Fujitsu ETERNUS AF S2 Series- snap target volumes may not be returned to the free snapshot target volume during data aging. 752
  60. Adding or changing a user to another Google Mail subclient may remove it from any Google Drive subclient its associated with. 754, 756, 759, 760
  61. Enhancement to allow setting of client group as proxy host form virtual server agent using CV python sdk. 746, 750
  62. Alerts associated to a custom email template may have duplicate content. 748, 749, 751
  63. VSA V2 Synthetic full job fails when file indexing is enabled. 734
  64. Failback is failing from Azure to VMware 733
  65. HyperScale hardware monitoring report may show wrong status for network interface. 732
  66. When running multi stream synthetic full jobs on Hyperscale environment, the large number of streams used by synthetic full jobs may cause deadlock situation. 730, 731
  67. DR backup folder may not be cleaned periodically. 725
  68. Differential CommserveDR backup may be converted to FULL when metadata directory is on a network path. 725
  69. Metrics dashboard may show incorrect values for servers. 722, 723, 724
  70. Storage - Data Retention report may show incorrect values. 722, 723, 724
  71. HyperScale hardware alert may include NICs that not in use. 719
  72. HyperScale appliance advanced network configuration may error out while configuring bond when IP is already assigned to a bond. 717
  73. Bulk-delete request may fail for OpenStack Cloud library pruning. 716
  74. Azure Archive objects recall for Azure Cloud library may fail if the credential is using SAS token. 716
  75. CvMountd may crash during hardware monitoring data collection. 712
  76. Unable to append contents to SharePoint documents subclient without overwriting the existing content using command line. 714
  77. Restarted VSA backup jobs may be run as incremental instead of full. 711
  78. Unable to update the client display name or client description via Python SDK 713, 715
  79. Live sync for tenant admin: A tenant admin is not able to create, view, edit or override replication targets even if they have destination client permissions 709
  80. cvc login with local admin fails for non root users. 695, 697
  81. cvc non-interactive did not support local user login. 695, 697
  82. cvc login may fail for non root users 696
  83. Install of file system agent may fail on SLES 15 692
  84. Live Browse from secondary copy may fail. 691
  85. Edge Monitor app on MAC may send excessive queries to LDAP server to check if the logged in user is an AD user. 690
  86. Restore from Admin console may not work for all client. 686, 687, 688
  87. Incremental GlusterFS backups may fail when volume name has underscore character in it 675
  88. A tenant user may see auxiliary copy schedules he does not have access to in Command center. 674, 676
  89. Data restore from NFS object store may fail. 671
  90. 3dfs backup may fail forever when an extent is not present in diskcache. 671
  91. Network cards with enp interface names are skipped from dashboard and alerts 669, 670
  92. Snapshot backup copy for Amazon EBS volume may fail. 667
  93. Snapshot copy of encrypted snaps may fail if the target encryption key has multiple tags. 667
  94. Snapshot backup job may fail for RDS if the Amazon API returns throttling error. 667
  95. File level analytics on a client group may time out when logged-in user has permission on large number of clients in the client group. 664
  96. Exporting all data to CSV from file analytics report does not work for active directory user when there is firewall between domain server and web server even after configuring commvault network topology correctly. 664
  97. Unable to select Linux client as destination for file level restore from VSA backup in Command center. 657, 658
  98. Linux mediaagent admins may receive email about log rotate failures. 656
  99. Custom reports may not work with custom date range option. 653
  100. Report with required commcell Input does not load when there is only one commcell. 653
  101. Backup jobs may fail with error 'Failed to get media information for the volume'. 647, 648
  102. AWS EC2 backup may filter some non marketplace instances during backup. 623
  103. Optimized scan may be slow for Windows file system backup, if content has many re-parse points. 628
  104. RO1100 appliance setup may fail. 627
  105. CVD might crash during synthetic full backup when VM has content indexing enabled 619
  106. Drives or mount paths on a HyperScale node may be marked offline in the Admin console under the following conditions: 1) HyperScale node is rebooted 2) Temporary network disconnect between nodes 3) Mount path encounters an error 4) Host name of the node changed after the StoragePool is created 618
  107. No alerts are being generated when drives on a HyperScale node go offline or bad. 618
  108. HyperScale brick daemon status is not being marked offline when drives go offline or bad. 618
  109. CVD Process May Crash during Full VM Restore 617
  110. Unable to configure live sync from VMware to Amazon in Commcell console. 615
  111. Login to Command Center with domain user name starting with "xm" like "xmtest01" may be stuck on loading page. 613, 633
  112. Content indexing pruning may not finish. 614
  113. Auxcopy job may fail with database deadlock errors. 624, 625, 629
  114. Customer wants native attachment support through content store for exchange classic agent emails. 610
  115. Live browse of AWS snap backups may fail when using an alternate virtual server agent proxy machine. 606
  116. Guest file level Restore Browse option is not working with different destination vCenter 605
  117. My Data page in web console may not load. 590, 591
  118. Restore of HANA snap backup using proxy media agent may fail. 582
  119. Full machine restores for OpenVMS may hang 587
  120. Unable to create file on a NFS ObjectStore 579
  121. Certificate failure due to case sensitive client name not matched in the commserv database. 574
  122. 1) Custom Report Schedule or email fails when the URL has ReportID is a name. 573
  123. CVODS process on mediaagent may terminate unexpectedly. 566
  124. backup log shows repeating 'progress 100%'. And sometimes log shows minus '-' count for failed items. 564
  125. too much log for 'user not found' or 'no onedrive quota' case. 564
  126. Crash from SQLite query exception. 564
  127. SQL error for saving failed items record. 564
  128. OneDrive C# provider for V2 engine which can be used by OneDrive Analytics does not have new base library function signatures. 564
  129. Admin Console dashboard lists deconfigured/deleted clients as unreachable. 560, 561
  130. Azure Virtual Server agent backup may complete with error " VM not found". 559
  131. Reports while exported as text format through mail has no proper indentation 558
  132. License capacity consumed by virtual server agent backups may be incorrect. 553, 554
  133. Lotus notes backup may fail. 550
  134. Command Center may report incorrect "Latest recovery point" on VM summary screen. 542, 543
  135. File scan may fail when processing previously failed items. 539
  136. CVD service may not start on windows 7 32-bit machine 537
  137. File analytics csv export may fail. 538, 540, 541
  138. 'Managed Disk Space' may get enabled for snap copy during storage policy creation with job based retention 536
  139. User needs to manually type password to login into Commcell console App. 534
  140. Stub recalls may fail if extended attributes stream exists in the archived file. Hence making it default to skip EA on recalls. 532
  141. Deleted clients may show up in Version and service pack report. 525, 526, 527
  142. REST API to get jobs may not sort results by jobId when invoked without paging. 523, 524
  143. REST API to get jobs does not return size on media for completed jobs. 523, 524
  144. Application size and last backup time values in command center under file system Servers may be shown incorrectly. 520, 521
  145. VCS cluster install may create virtual clients with the wrong IP addresses. 517
  146. Guest file restore may fail if the user selects a client with only file system core package installed in Command Center. 514, 515, 516, 518, 519
  147. SQL database subclient content change to "Do Not Backup" may not work via script. 511
  148. Tape import may fail if index archive gets merged first. 510, 512
  149. Hardware refresh of CommServe using an existing DB dump may fail in database upgrade phase with error "Product [CommServ] is not supported.". 508
  150. Support for screen readers and other accessibility software to work correctly for search area in My Data section in Web Console. 500
  151. Added new tape drive support for Sony ODA device (VTL). 501, 502
  152. Browse operation on big dataset causes CVODS to crash. 499
  153. Browse with ACL check shows folders in denied list. 499
  154. IMAP client may not show encrypted messages correctly. 498
  155. Unable to create Metric reports schedule on clustered CS 497
  156. Metrics upload is not working on metrics server in a clustered environment. 497
  157. Oracle backup copy may request older tapes. 480
  158. Backup and restore job get failed with this error log in SQLiDA.log. Error Log : "CvManagedLoggerObject reference not set to an instance of an object." 479
  159. "Enable after delay" option in Activity Control may not work as expected. 476, 482
  160. Journal emails archived using ContentStore Mailbox may not be visible in browse. 475
  161. VSA AppAware snapshots may not be unmounted if the associated jobs are aged. 472
  162. Storage Policy Report may fail to generate with some copies are associated with custom calendar. 461, 462
  163. Storage Information Report may show storage policies which are not associated to the user. 457, 458
  164. Secondary index server extended retention might not work 448
  165. Commserve live sync may replicate a stale database post unplanned failover. 450, 452
  166. AWS snapshot backup may fail. 442
  167. SQL agent subclient content may show an incorrect number of databases. 441
  168. HyperScale factory reset may hang while detaching peer nodes. 436
  169. Registration with CS fails with HS3300 CS VM 434
  170. SMTP gateway server may not receive email messages from Office 365 cloud when TLS 1.2 option is enabled. 433
  171. After a successful Live Recovery job, the MAC address may differ from the source machine. 429
  172. Software snapshot may be left on VM after a full VM restore. 429
  173. Data verification of jobs on secondary copy may fail when parallel copy option is enabled. 432, 435
  174. Job progress does not get updated in job controller page in admin console 428
  175. Tenant admin may not be able to configure an exchange backup in Command center. 422
  176. Entity extraction may find incorrect phone numbers. 421, 423
  177. Scheduled IntelliSnap backups may not run the catalog phase. 418, 420
  178. Exchange CI job for user mail box and journal mail box may fail. 410
  179. SharePoint Restore may not complete. 409
  180. SharePoint Online restore to disk may fail. 409
  181. Populating email preview takes time 402
  182. Default preview mode configuration is not user friendly 402
  183. User is unable to set a destination host when creating replication group in Command center. 399
  184. Chargeback Report may not count backup size of Archive Logs. 396, 398
  185. HyperScale nodes post upgrade may not come up after reboot if bonding is enabled 395
  186. Installing updates may fail on HyperScale node 395
  187. Unable to save reports in commcell console when user has limited permissions. 376
  188. Restoring encrypted google mail may fail. 378
  189. Pending gmail restore jobs may show incorrect job status. 378
  190. Xen virtual machine backups may fail. 366
  191. AWS intellisnap Live browse of linux file system may fail with error 'Browse failed due to error while mounting virtual machine: Unrecognized error [54].' (Incorrect availability zone) 365
  192. 1-touch restore may attempt to restore unmapped volumes. 359
  193. 1-touch restore may assign incorrect drive letters to restored volumes. 359
  194. Incorrect DNS and WINS IP entries might get assigned to network interfaces post 1-touch restore 359
  195. On first boot post 1-touch restore, volumes selected for the restore may be left with "oneTouch_drive.cvf" files on them at the root level 359
  196. Automatic client groups with owner set as AD user group may incorrectly disassociate valid clients. 358, 362
  197. Download of a file from a Virtual machine backup may fails when using the HyperScale appliance. 355, 356
  198. User Centric Activation is failing 344, 345
  199. SAML app to manage different company users 338, 339, 340, 341, 342
  200. Offline content indexing schedule may not save the selected mediaagent. 335
  201. Some users may not able to access Web console with error "Error while loading applications. Please contact administrator." 333, 334
  202. Error 404 while trying to access the new api 330
  203. In case of v10 commcell, status update condition was not ambiguous and hence health status was not updated correctly. 328, 331
  204. Metrics cloud report fixes. 327
  205. When one or more database have circular logging enabled, Exchange database standalone backup job may fail. 326
  206. 3PAR IntelliSnap operation may fail in UNIX hosts with the following error - "Failed to get array info. Please enter array info from Array Management. : [3PAR-TP_prepareDevices[Local]: The device /dev/sdg does not belong to 3PAR array. Vendor of the device is - and product line" 324
  207. Virtual server snap backup copy may fail with error "Unknown VMInfo Error". 312
  208. WebConsole users may not receive search results. 307
  209. HyperScale appliance install may fail during Commserve install. 305
  210. Hyperscale install after commserve initialization may fail due to low memory. 305
  211. application aware workflow job might encounter error when updating the status when the client has large number of Instances associated 301, 302
  212. Backup of vCloud 9.1 virtual machines may fail. 297
  213. Virtual machines after a synthetic full backup may show incorrect status with zero KB backup size 298, 300
  214. Unattended installation of Linux clients may not honor the "overrideClientInfo" option. 285
  215. Some Clients/MediaAgents do not show up in "Client Computers" selection list on throttling setup tab. 273
  216. Jobs might fail with : "Received a PL_FS_SIGNATURE when none was expected 269, 271, 272
  217. DDB may hang when the MediaAgent services are stopped. 264
  218. Restore VM is connecting to standard switch if the network name is same as the intended standard switch 263
  219. Amazon RDS restore job may be marked as failed even though the restore from snapshot is successful. 260
  220. O365 user based licenses may count users multiple times 242, 243, 245, 248
  221. download fails for 7gb ISO file. 242, 243, 245, 248
  222. Browse shows the users that has no OneDrive files. This is confusing 242, 243, 245, 248
  223. Google Drive discovery may not discover any users. 241
  224. HS1300 and HS3300 install may fail. 238
  225. Possible memory leak in CVMountd in case of HyperScale. 238
  226. Appliance type registry key may not be set properly. 238
  227. Content-indexing may show duplicate items when backing up file shares. 236
  228. Few objects may be missed from IBM i backup 235
  229. Backup job of Library file system may fail when a library gets deleted during scan. 235
  230. CVD process may stop intermittently on IBM i client 235
  231. Error message "XML error: Please refer to logs for more details" may be reported when trying to view backupset/subclient details in Commcell console. 222, 224
  232. Informix backup of a V9 client may fail with V11 CS setup. 215
  233. Loading of client properties in Commcell console may show an XML error popup. 214, 216
  234. DDB stores may get marked corrupted after move 196, 197, 198
  235. Creation of OCUM storage policy using GDSP may not associate the mediaagent and library to the snap copy.. 175
  236. SAP HANA snap backup on Azure client may fail. 162
  237. When copying contents from one Subclient Properties description to another the very last letter in the line is removed and a blank line above the sentence is inserted. 159
  238. Full VM snap restores not restoring vm to vm folder 133
  239. VSA backup may fail with error "Error in creating VM clients or subclients" 132, 135
  240. CVC recover will restrict the operations only to the installed client. 128, 130
  241. Ability to hide location information from user preferences page in web console. 126, 129, 131
  242. Storage spaces live browse may fail. 125
  243. NetApp Snap operation may fail due to secondary snapshot names starting with "snapmirrorPreSE.~" or "snapmirrorSE.~", being recorded in the Commvault DB during open replication. 118
  244. The TempDB may become large. 121, 124
  245. SAP user cannot open an archived attachment. 113, 114
  246. Simple recovery model SharePoint database may be skipped during differential backup. 112
  247. Webserver cache may be filled up during IMAP sync 107, 108
  248. Hyper scale /var may be full with lot of dump files. 95
  249. VMware Backup Failed using TrueUp: Could not read data from the virtual disk 92
  250. Extended properties may not load and save properly for clients when display name is different from client name. 90, 91, 97
  251. NDMP backup pre/post scripts may fail. 88
  252. Get Job REST API may fail when category is passed as Active or Finished. 87, 89
  253. Block level backup may go to pending state if there is no content to backup. 86
  254. Metrics reports may not show the latest information when FIPS is enabled on the web server. 85
  255. CIFS shares mounted on Linux hosts may not be unmountable untill commvault services are stopped 84
  256. Large filesystem restore may hang. 78
  257. Export job from review set may fail when data in review set is restored using legal hold. 75, 76, 77
  258. Export job from review set may fail when data in review set is restored using legal hold. 73, 74
  259. High CPU usage during a SharePoint backup may be observed. 67
  260. Command center may not load in IE. 60
  261. Exchange live browse restore to PST may fail 59
  262. SQL cluster clients may not be listed for restore of SharePoint database. 58
  263. ClBackup could crash on Unix 57
  264. SharePoint 2016 Database backup may fails with error "Strong name validation failed". 50
  265. Out of place full virtual machine restore may use incorrect vCenter. 49
  266. Unix install may fail on machines with zero-byte "dd" utility 43
  267. On Fedora15 commvault services may not start after upgrade 43
  268. Email download may fail 42
  269. Disabled mailboxes may consume Exchange Mailbox license. 46, 47
  270. Windows File System compare for restore of System State may not show service pack level of the source machine. 40, 41
  271. Writing data to NFS object store may fail with no space error. 38
  272. Reboot of NFS object store server may be delayed when CIFS access to NFS object store is enabled. 38
  273. Attachments may not appear in Outlook content store. 36
  274. Digitally signed email preview is not available 36
  275. PII entity may not be detected in a document if there are multiple occurrences of the same. 34, 35, 44
  276. Live sync replication job may not trigger when copy precedence is specified. 32, 33
  277. Google Mail Compliance Search download may not work 27
  278. Outlook content store may not show original attachments when the sync is in progress. 24
  279. Log lines indicating data loss errors were logged in ArchiveIndex.log when infact there is no data loss. 23
  280. Machine may fail to boot after 1-touch restore. 22
  281. 1-touch restores of an MA configured with a locally attached PNP drive may result in the PNP drive losing its drive letter. 22
  282. Full VM restore to Azure may fail with invalid argument error. 21
  283. Backup may fail for Azure VMs that have multiple disks that are 4TB or larger. 21
  284. Subclient properties may show properties for a different subclient. 20
  285. Key to disable synthetic full job without a new incremental backup job running 18
  286. Index restore could fail on Linux MediaAgent 10
  287. echo command with -e option on Script create problem 91484
  288. Ability to show original attachments in IMAP client. 91464, 91465
  289. Incremental jobs may be converted to full after a secondary copy is promoted to primary if there are incremental jobs with no backed up data in the latest cycle. 91463
  290. Web console may load slow. 91450
  291. Nutanix AHV Job fails with an error ''Failed to refresh service provider". 91454
  292. Files on the NFS share are accessible to everyone. 91445
  293. Upgrade of Commserve to SP16 fails with database error 'Cannot connect now. Validation of Commserv database is not complete.' 91425
  294. Command line service on Commserve may may terminate unexpectedly. 91338
  295. Network configuration support needed for IPMI link 91315
  296. Cleanup MMDeletedAF for removable media. 91330
  297. Upload and download is slow in SAP migration. 91349, 91384
  298. Print MA name at higher debug level in logs for prune response handling. 91328
  299. Installer doesn't show dialogs during CS instance installation on standby node. So SQL binaries, index cache and DR will be set to default directories. 1. Index Cache path 2. SQL installation path 3. DB installation path 4. DR path 91327
  300. Restore to PST using Alias was not supported for 9.0 data format 91325
  301. SQL Server hosting the Commserv database may lock out sqladmin_cv during a hardware refresh of the Commserve. 91269
  302. Index Playback may fail. 91270
  303. Recalls will fail if EA stream exists in the archived file for cmode netapp filers. 91267
  304. Linux 1-Touch backup may change the permission of syslib during backup. 91301
  305. Customer can choose to view only active mailboxes or all mailboxes (active/disabled) 91128
  306. SMTPGateway server stops to received mails after some time, no errors reported to the mail-sender. 91202
  307. CS VM initialization fails if Database drive is initialized with different drive letter apart from G: 91182
  308. NetApp NDMP snap job fails when trying multi snap creation on file server. 91172
  309. Snap Backup Fails for VMware when storage center is switched for live volume 91167
  310. Options tab of SQL restore dialog is shown as empty when user is on VPN connection. 91139
  311. Dedupe pruning on Network disk storage can run into errno 22 (EINVAL) when additional setting DedupPrunerThreadPoolSizeDisk is changed. 91162
  312. Enhancement to decide on dedupe pruning threads based on number of processor cores. 91162
  313. Content store outlook addin may not show encrypted or digitally signed email attachments correctly. 91196
  314. Osc checks fails with error=6 when launching sqlplus process on some Windows setups with Oracle Instance OS User value "/". 91125
  315. Service pack install may fail. 91221, 91241
  316. Greenplum Crossinstance restore sometimes fail 91123
  317. SQL transaction log backups may be converted to full. 91220, 91240
  318. CommServe Live Sync may not sync all the databases. 91219, 91239
  319. Health Report: Version and service pack tile may show as critical even after installing the latest hot fix pack. 91158, 91218, 91247
  320. Mailboxes which are deleted from Exchange may not be allowed to modify retention policy. 91133, 91195
  321. VMware VSA Linux VM restores may fail to boot due to the disks having the wrong boot order in BIOS 91115
  322. Upgrade may fail because of duplicate client group creator. 91087
  323. Passing client name other than local clientname in cvc was permitted for a localadmin user. 91040, 91045
  324. Auxcopy of jobs imported via tape catalog may fail. 91036
  325. CCM Merge may fail due to missing device path in library mapping. 91035
  326. MediaRefresh would say no media to refresh. 91034
  327. Wrong retention values set by default for certain GDSPs 91033
  328. Client version string may not be updated after hotfixes are push installed on clients 91055, 91067
  329. Admin console is not working for restore screen though logged-in user has access over the client. 91054, 91066
  330. IntelliSnap- VPLEX - Ability to create snap on specified backend array during VPLEX local migratio 91031
  331. Clones are being left over on INFINIDAT after VSA Multi-Node Mount Backup Copy job - "Update VolSnapInfo failed". 90929
  332. Snap mount using CV Nimble engine fails for Nimble ICP engine created snaps as v10 clients do not have access to management IP provided as ArrayName 90954
  333. When resync of deduplication engine fails due to transient errors that correct after several hours, manual intervention may still be required to get restart the resync. 90962, 90983, 91021
  334. Some messages in CloudActivity*.log may not contain Commvault jobid. 90962, 90983, 91021
  335. Enhancement to disable monthly validation of deduplication engines footprint. 90962, 90983, 91021
  336. Enhancement to perform deduplication engine footprint validation aggressively when required. 90962, 90983, 91021
  337. Offline MediaAgents may stall Resync of deduplication engines on online MediaAgents. 90962, 90983, 91021
  338. Media manager may take lot of time to resync media agents. 90977, 90998, 91019
  339. Currently we only keep one debug log by default. The customer (Epic) wants to control how long to keep debug logs by default. 90918
  340. Failback support for VSA V2 VVOL Direct Replication 90914
  341. AppGetDistributedAppsClients taking long time to finish and consuming huge IO and CPU. 90971, 90994
  342. When deduplication database is hosted on a slow disk volume, SIDB2.exe on the MediaAgent may not go down when services are stopped. 90909
  343. Enhancement: Adding option to show Oracle Archive and DB jobs separately in the report "Backup Job Status by Agent". 90935
  344. Support for time range based backup for exchange online backups using EWS. 90932
  345. AWS S3 Cloud library may fail to connect using IAM role on EC2 MediaAgent. 90906
  346. the counting for ContentStore & Journal Mailboxes is not accurate Cluster Group is not counted to FS only license. 90861, 90870
  347. Allow non root users to login using -localadmin 90860, 90869
  348. The auxcopies are failing after the destination volume for a relationship is renamed on the filer. 90805
  349. VSA find may not return results. 90799
  350. Optimized and CJ scan may skip file during scan without reporting if they encounter corrupt file error 90798
  351. VMWare AppAware Snap - Perform application restore by Reverting VSS Snaps on Mounted VM 90791
  352. For block level backups application read size from subclient properties is not honored properly 90790
  353. Metrics Report may not showing latest data for the commcell 90786
  354. MySql backup was holding other transactions on the database. 90783
  355. OpenStack : Content browse and backups may not work in multi-region environment. 90780
  356. Mark TrueUp complete for FULL job. Pending Data Aging causes discrepancy in Data Utilization Report 90657
  357. Support Cloud and Tape Library Growth. 90723, 90741, 90766
  358. Metrics query 129 was failing with ArgumentNullException: at System.TimeZoneInfo.FindSystemTimeZoneById(String id) at UserDefinedFunctions.IsInvalidTime(DateTime time, String timeZoneName) . 90723, 90741, 90766
  359. Oracle 12cR2 CDB clone fails with datafiles incarnation invalid errors. 90660
  360. Reduce logging in media manager. 90679
  361. If a table contains column(s) with spaces in their name, archiving that SQL Table fails with exception in pruning phase. 90645, 90676
  362. Vmware restore using hardware snapshot revert job failed but VM got restored 90642
  363. The analytics report for NAS CIFS shares does not contain information on filtered items. 90686
  364. Pruning may fail on dedupe stores on which defragmentation was run. 90605
  365. machine might crash with CVVD driver stack while doing live browse & restore operation 89458
  366. Erroneous "No recent DDB backup" alert may be sent for DDB subclients that are completing backups successfully. 90587, 90591
  367. CommServe event manager process may terminate unexpectedly when an AD user tries to login using Two-factor authentication. 90595
  368. Contents on mount path may show jobs with backup time listed as 12/31/1969. 90592, 90593
  369. Push installation of client names with Unicode characters may fail. 90586
  370. Change datapath fails with foreign key constraint error 90579, 90581
  371. IPMI network setup is done manually. 90512
  372. Enhancement: Add MediaAgent name(s) to report. 90532, 90543
  373. Enhancement: Add StoreId to report 90532, 90543
  374. Action links are not working in internet explorer. 90465
  375. New Registry to skip mountpoint from 1-Touch backup. 90506
  376. Fix for files missing during cloud archive recall 90487
  377. Stubbing of files may be skipped if only FS advanced package is installed. 90433
  378. Discovered ASM instances are added to schedule policies and causing issues. 90440
  379. CvMountD service on Mediaagent may crash during AWS snapshot copy job. 90411
  380. Identity Server addition may fail when the AD account used for authentication contains a "$" symbol in the password. 90409
  381. Database backups may fail if client is at an older service pack version 90410
  382. In Commvault IntelliSnap for NetApp OEM, the MSSQL agent CvFailoverLogShipping subclient IntelliSnap option incorrectly gets enabled. 90400, 90407
  383. Wrong load is calculated based on old data 90402
  384. VSA SAN mode backup copy may fail when using a Tegile array. 90391
  385. Customer requires report that show data written for all SP copies on all libraries 90380, 90381, 90385
  386. Pruning can happen during Operation Window 90358
  387. If the customer selected particular region which has the VM and blocked the access for other region then power operations are not honored. 90372, 90377, 90382
  388. Leaves files in inconsistent state with attributes flags offline, sparse. Can also result in data loss. 90352
  389. Content Indexing V2 job may show incorrect Index Server. 90343, 90344
  390. Compilation break of SnapTestConf 90311
  391. When commcell migration happens restore schedules for SQL might not run. 90327
  392. Allow non root users to login using -localadmin 90262
  393. instance level restore failing with stage free option without specifying MA 90231
  394. When a complete node is selected for restore, sstableloader is not run on controller. 90231
  395. Hide input in company overview dashboard report 90228
  396. SFILE_CONTAINERs may be read in full when restoring from a hybrid cloud library. 90224
  397. IBM i disaster recovery is failing 90230
  398. Ownership of Commvault library and data directory is set to wrong user profile when package is installed manually. 90230
  399. Jobs marked bad incorrectly on DV2 when referenced chunk is in use. 90221
  400. Synthetic full job may take a long time to complete when data sets are large and many incremental jobs are involved. 90214
  401. CVD service may not start on windows 7 32-bit machine 90212
  402. Jobs on spool copy may not age after aux copy or backup copy operation 90208, 90209
  403. When user clicks on "Admin" when looking at job details we get the message "User does not have permission on this entity" instead of navigating to that particular CommCell user. 90145
  404. Fail to delete specific user group. 90174, 90184
  405. Pseudo client shows as Windows client 90136
  406. Oracle backup jobs with client Side Deduplication using cache database may fail. 90135
  407. Linux 1-touch : retain permission of certain files while copying into system state 90118
  408. Diag-VSA performance counters enhancement 90068
  409. Analytics report will only show one file after the job is complete. 90080
  410. Oracle VM VSA backups fail for VMs using old disk format hd<x> 90061
  411. Analysis Services instances may be configured part of appaware backup. 90043
  412. App Aware Restore from VMWare Snap - We could not validate Mount MA is a VM if Serial number does not contain word VMware 90042
  413. Xen - backup failing when getting the disk list for Citrix Xen mobile server 90045
  414. Linux 1-Touch restore may fail to map disks correctly for SLES 12.x machines with multi path disks 90030
  415. Linux 1-Touch detection of response file from USB may fail. 90030
  416. AWS Conversion failure 90019
  417. Oracle PDB clone customized script jobs fails. 90006
  418. Storage policy info report may fail with arithmetic overflow error when jobs that created invalid archive files due to failed attempts are aged. 90002, 90004
  419. Customer cannot view aged jobs on secondary disk copies. 90000, 90003, 90011
  420. User may not be able to enable deferred catalog on a storage policy. 89996
  421. Agent management right check is not enforced for sub-client content operations 89971, 89975
  422. After migration the library controller is not marked active properly. 89956
  423. Script to remove stale size entries from VM property table 89955
  424. New report to show the relationship between Storage Policy Copies and Disk Libraries. 89919
  425. Backup library pruning may be slow. 89899, 89901
  426. Any client can connect to ActiveMQ and read/write messages. 89896
  427. Full database backups are marking databases as SIMPLE recovery model but then on TLog backup we are marking it correct 89893, 89897
  428. Hyper Scale appliance configuration install may not be restart able. 89880
  429. Solaris zpool snap backup may fail to find devices if disk controller number is greater than 9. 89879
  430. Subclient policies properties screen may load very slow 89868
  431. IntelliSnap backup job using IBM SVC engine fails to create snap due to VSS timeout while consistency group configuration is enabled. 89861
  432. Cassandra stage free recover bug fixes 89854
  433. New private Metrics Report for customer to gather all client and subclient properties. 89827
  434. SQL restore schedule may not save the "Drop Connections" option. 89816
  435. NDMP Intellisnap mount from secondary snapshot may fail if the array host name doesn't resolve to its management interface. 89809
  436. Hyper-V SMB backup on a Nutanix file server fails with error VSS_E_UNSUPPORTED_CONTEXT 89805
  437. Enhancement: Operation column on admin job details report will have "workflow name -Workflow" for workflow job. 89801
  438. Browse from VM client level is not working for VMs which are stopped getting backup 89793, 89795
  439. PST Archiving job may fail 89787
  440. Content indexing pruning may fail. 89786
  441. Qscript to change media type. 89775
  442. File Level browse of virtual machine in Command center may not work. 89771, 89776
  443. Unable to remove OCUM Array Management entry as there few storage policies referring it. 89765
  444. Commserve LiveSync setup may fail. 89763, 89767, 89799
  445. On Server Plan Details user would not be able to disable backup copy for snapshot options. 89745, 89755, 89760, 89797
  446. Browse for content might fail with unclear log messages. 89752
  447. Linux 1-Touch restore may fail to install Grub2 bootloader when used with multipath disks and /boot on XFS partition. 89739
  448. Linux 1-Touch restore may fail to install bootloader for UEFI machines. 89739
  449. Backup Date is not set for files with extended characters in their names. 89742
  450. Edge Monitor enhancement to clarify the difference between authorization code for installs and pin for two-factor authentication. 89741
  451. DDB Reconstruction after compaction of secondary files may fail. 89737
  452. Admin Console VM Group Information Graphs page may not display correctly in Polish language. 89731
  453. Script to mark archive files as invalid for specific VM 89721
  454. Need to obtain information about the stubs which has no PL_DATA 89735
  455. Early finalize snapshot for VSA aware exchange database backup 89719
  456. When copying contents from one Subclient Properties description to another the very last letter in the line is removed and a blank line above the sentence is inserted. 89680
  457. In case of optimized scan if DC fails to process a path, there can be duplicate entries in collect file for mount paths under that path 89662
  458. DC failure due to population time more than 20 minutes was making the job to fail rather than falling back to other scan. It was also forcing them to take recursive scan path in next run 89662
  459. DC was falling back to CJ only after 1 retry of 2 mins 89662
  460. HyperScale installation may hang when hosted engine deployment on remote node fails 89718
  461. Cvavahi still accepts bonding mode argument for set_blkid command 89718
  462. IPMI network needs to be initialized manually. 89688
  463. Restore will fail in firewall configurations 89427
  464. /var may fill up and services on Hyperscale appliance may not start. 89636
  465. Restore Job may take longer to be listed in Job controller. 89625, 89627, 89635
  466. adding the OCR language selection support via registry key. 89596, 89615
  467. Sybase backup is failing for a large DB 89593
  468. Support for Cross CommCell Restores for SAP HANA 89586
  469. Auxcopy of jobs imported via tape catalog may fail. 89560, 89561
  470. HyperScale imaging fails with RHEL 7.6 based ISO. 89476
  471. HS1300 configuration fails on SP15. 89473
  472. Recall fails because file is not marked offline. 89417
  473. Archiving job fail to backup stubs who lost sparse attribute. 89417
  474. Shows size on disk, for files who lost sparse attribute, same as actual file size. 89417
  475. Re-stub of recalled files fails 89417
  476. Files shown as offline incorrectly. 89417
  477. PST Archiving job may fail 89411
  478. Java GUI do not show CS client. 89384
  479. Discovered ASM instances are added to schedule policies and causing issues. 89377
  480. Linux 1-Touch: Debian 9 and Ubuntu 16+ fail to boot with the single stage generated DVD. 89379
  481. Linux 1-Touch: Restore of Red Hat 5.x with ext4 partitions fails 89379
  482. Nutanix AHV : Full VM restore might fail for certain disk sizes 89371
  483. Jobmanager scale fixes for VSA V2 jobs.(Add on changes in SP16 for Linux CS) 89307
  484. Commcell Vault Tracker Tracking report: There is a duplicate options in "Order by" drop down menu. 89265
  485. Enhancement to allow multiple FREL proxy clients to be used for IP customization during LiveSync. 89281
  486. LiveSync jobs may not complete with errors when IP customization requests fail. 89281
  487. The Protected status indicators in the Web Console's various My Data client lists incorrectly show up as red (not protected) in some cases. 89259
  488. When installing standby node in livesync environment, Install may fail since there won't be media for the deprecated packages. 89278, 89361
  489. Installing standby node in LiveSync environment may fail if the active CS has SQL server ida installed. 89278, 89361
  490. Data Restored used the command line job on some of the nodes. 89274
  491. Multiple reconstruction jobs per store may not create recon history correctly. 89330, 89347, 89358
  492. 1-touch client recovery via a firewall may fail. 89215
  493. [Enhancement] Supporting Email Preview with Original Attachment format support 89247
  494. Duplicate items may show up in the folder, if the ContentStore Email Viewer is in Lite Mode. ContentStore Email viewer may cause Outlook to hang 89247
  495. ContentStore: User unable to get authenticated when HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\FIPSAlgorithmPolicy\Enabled is set to 1 89247
  496. Click on protected vms on company details page redirects to initial landingpage 89241, 89246
  497. Report schedules are failing in load balanced configuration. 89233, 89235
  498. List of clones created via JAVA console (or clones created before SP14) were not listed in new admin console. 89224, 89225, 89232, 89237
  499. Restored emails which are restored from both Compliance Search (msg) and Outlook (xml with new feature) may have incorrect format 89222, 89223
  500. 1 touch restore with network configuration may fail 89216
  501. Data aging job may complete with errors . 89211, 89212, 89213
  502. [Enhancement] Supporting Email Preview with Original Attachment format support 89207
  503. Mongo DB backup job may incorrectly commit a job. 89205
  504. Exchange online backup job may not complete 89203
  505. Some columns of the web job summary report details table are not giving the correct data. 89199
  506. Third party migration workflow may not fail on errors. 89202
  507. GlusterFS backup may fail 89194
  508. GPFS Backup may fail when GPFS snapshot is enabled 89193
  509. Push install job may fail at the client group level. 89190, 89192
  510. Edge Monitor app shortcut may be created by default even though the option was deselected in install. 89189
  511. Remove insecure SSH ciphers reported in Nessus scan. 89188
  512. Enhancement: New workflow to be able to Create SQL AG clients without logging on through the JAVA GUI. 89178
  513. Xen - Backup should fail immediately if there are failures in getting the disk list 89174
  514. Unable to create plan in AdminConsol 89173
  515. Execute activities against clients that have been migrated to that commcell may fail 89151, 89152
  516. Enhancement: Adding "Mount Path Accessible" Column to Disk Library Utilization report. 89150
  517. Linux 1-Touch backup might fail if lvm commands report non-persistent device mapper names rather than persistent device mapper names 89145
  518. Time Line graphs in Monthly Backup Job Details report are missing when saving as pdf. 89143
  519. Admin console users may not see the restore option in the details page. 89113, 89124
  520. Script to enable collect file details on VSA subclient 89110
  521. VSA content rule may automatically change from "Contains" to "Does Not Equal" 89092
  522. VSA backups may not honor VMware tags. 89084
  523. Backup speeds are slow for Huawei cinder backend volumes. 89083
  524. When restoring VMs created from images, glance images might not be deleted when using ceph backend. 89082
  525. Support for shared VPC in Google cloud in-place restores. 89085, 89090
  526. SAML Single Sign with user name may not work. 89078, 89091, 89125
  527. Ability to enforce SAML based authentication in Admin console. 89078, 89091, 89125
  528. Exchange Mailbox job may fail when only Archive mailboxes are configured to be backed up. 89077
  529. Update to fix commcell GUI not display consistent compression information. 89063
  530. Jobmanager scale fixes for VSA V2 jobs. 89059
  531. Remove MMDisablePrune registry key 89049
  532. CSV based metrics collection reports error "Failed to launch sql command for metrics query " 89040
  533. Script to mark archive files as invalid for specific VM 88990
  534. restore not working properly 88985
  535. LNDM restores/recall failing for some emails 88985
  536. Cassandra stage free restore - GUI changes 88978, 88979, 88980, 88984
  537. in VSA backup environment SAN mode backup would fail since mapping to MA not selecting user defined target group. 88957
  538. No total count info for exchange browse. 88948, 88951
  539. No email is selected after a folder is selected which caused no preview was shown on the right panel. 88948, 88951
  540. No message is shown to indicate how many items are selected. 88948, 88951
  541. VSA backups may run with only one stream when storage policy is set to use preferred data path. 88947, 88949
  542. Empty error in logs when CCM import fails with longer error string 88940, 88941, 88943
  543. All reports for File Analysis and SDG app will not work based on client and client groups. 88921
  544. Exchange Mailbox browse may not show all items when the index server is not at the same level as the web server. 88920
  545. Unable to change storage policy of Oracle instances when client is not reachable. 88915
  546. EvMgrS logs are filled with SQL errors during Oracle RAC readiness check 88914
  547. Remote install as non-root of Unix agent from the Commcell console may fail. 88907
  548. Fujitsu VTL may incorrectly set the tape for scratch when it is mounted for restore. 88905
  549. VMs status may be reported as "In Progress" when not yet replicating. 88909, 88911
  550. index server engine disk may get filled up with temporary files. 88897, 88902
  551. Cloud library pruning may be slow. 88794, 88800, 88822
  552. Commserve Failover packages fail to install on Standby server 88792, 88795, 88818
  553. Exchange Mailbox browse may not show the latest emails. 88778
  554. SAP HANA/Oracle Azure Snap backups may fail when http_proxy setting is enabled 88774
  555. Linux 1-Touch recreation of partitions may fail causing recovery to fail. 88772
  556. OCI - full vm restore unconditional Overwrite option changes 88752
  557. OCI new architecture changes for network/subnet 88752
  558. Support delete of new agent mails from compliance search interface 88696
  559. Log files on content extractor package may not roll over. 88695, 88698, 88704
  560. Laptop registration may not be successful 88675, 88676, 88678
  561. Windows file system client backups may report a large amounts of failed files. 88673
  562. IBM i restore job may not complete 88674
  563. OpenShift restore may fail 88672
  564. Exchange Cleanup jobs may fail 88663
  565. Due to case sensitivity, table restore fails on invalid column name error. 88641
  566. /var may fill up and services on Hyperscale appliance may not start 88632
  567. Backup activity for subclient [IndexBackup] is disabled. The job will not run. 88610
  568. we can't associate subclient policy to backupset based on regex expression 88583
  569. Admin console live sync monitor may not show sync status accurately. 88586, 88589, 88590, 88604, 88607
  570. Failed to upload configuration files in case of unix proxy. 88522
  571. "Clients by Index MA" shows all Index MAs to the user for selection, when only a subset of them should be displayed that the user actually has rights to see. 88556, 88564
  572. GRC job may skip index backup jobs migration. 88555, 88563
  573. Tools needed enhancement 88520
  574. Index Playback may fail 88519
  575. Commserve service may crash when a NAS client is created from the command line. 88488
  576. QScript to update mount status update expiry interval for a snap engine. 88428
  577. Deduplication Reconstruction job may fail during validation phase due to errors in add record phase. 88425
  578. Permanent QScript to move media from one stream to another stream. 88454, 88467
  579. VSA find may not return results. 88418
  580. Isilon NAS NDMP Backup may be unsuccessful in deleting the BRE context. 88413
  581. Adding single VM client to Commcell causes 10 minute disruption to Commcell, logins not possible, if number of SCG is large. Currently SQL queries do the SCG refresh, which may take lot of time when the number of SCG is too large or has several rules. 88306, 88324, 88328, 88370
  582. Synthfull process may be terminated abnormally. 88279
  583. Windows block level backups may fail on restart 88402
  584. For 'Clients by Role' Automatic Client Group property shows all roles configured in the database, it should only show roles associated with the logged in user. 88334, 88355
  585. Installing Hot Fixes on an Automatic Client Group may include the Commserver physical client nodes in error since these clients are NOT displayed in the client list tab. 88332, 88353, 88375
  586. Subsequent qlogin without qlogout may fail in case of db password is saved in script. 88286
  587. DcIfind make take way too long to scan a volume 88214
  588. AuxCopyMgr jobs might appear sluggish or stuck. 88282
  589. Running Job Summary query may fail if subclient name with a length larger than 100 88322, 88347
  590. When commcell migration happens restore schedules for SQL might not run. 88249
  591. Additional indexing configurations for search engine. 88240
  592. peak capacity usage in December and January is not shown correctly in cloud 88235
  593. Scheduled backup job summary report may not be formatted correctly on mobile devices. 88289, 88310
  594. Metrics Health alert email notification may show duplicate data. 88289, 88310
  595. Backup library may show more space consumed than the size of the deduplication store. 88278
  596. Cannot change subclient content for OneDrive 88170, 88191, 88205, 88212
  597. Folder Size may be incorrect 88136
  598. Duplicate replica ID on Domino NSF exports. 88126
  599. Sometimes EvMgrs crashes while getting Live Logs directory. 88145
  600. IBMi DR job may fail with timeout error 88179, 88196
  601. Restores from compliance search may fail. 88142
  602. SAP Archive Link agent recall may fail when the file name contains Unicode characters. 88102
  603. Backup of GPFS file system may not backup files with special characters in the file name. 88122
  604. SIDB engine may not be able to start. 88120
  605. Oracle ArchiveLog backup may fail for auto discovered instances. 88141
  606. Enhancement to support restart-ability of DDB Reconstruction jobs. 88139
  607. DDB may not shut down properly when services are shut down 88118
  608. Mailbox archive solution license usage may be reported incorrectly. 88176, 88193
  609. Restore and auxcopy of data from cloud library may be slow. 88046
  610. Recall archived objects may fail for AWS S3, Azure Archive and Oracle Archive. 88046
  611. Time based restore from Command Center may not recover all files. 88065
  612. Tenant admins are not able to manage datastore freespace setting for a VM group in Admin Console 88064
  613. Volumes/Drives on Dynamic disks not showing when browsing multiple jobs for the same vm or cloned VMs simultaneously. 88057
  614. Volume size for tape media may not be updated correctly during backup. 88054
  615. Intellisnap of Oracle Logical standby database may not start log replay automatically. 88053
  616. VMWare File Level Restore may fail. 88051
  617. From admin console, I have set filters under exception and exclude tab for analytic server. But when I am trying to clear the filter , they are not getting removed from the page. When I reopen the content, I am seeing the filters again. 87970
  618. Push install job may fail at the client group level. 88034, 88036
  619. Mountpaths disabled for writes 88007
  620. Backup may fail 87999
  621. Case manager jobs may be slow for a large data set. 87972, 87975
  622. Case manager date filter not capturing data till end of day i.e 11:59:59 pm 87972, 87975
  623. Media Agent may prematurely marked the volumes as deleted upon volume access error. 87966
  624. Cleanup Dangling Library 87962
  625. Enhancement for Daily Backup Executive Summary report. 87953
  626. Hotfix pack with two digits may not be installed on the CommServe. 87951
  627. Script to delete duplicate subclient 87945
  628. Linux 1-Touch : Disks listed in /tmp/override_removable should be treated as regular disks 87933
  629. Data Verification job fails at the beginning of "Verify Data" to populate large number of chunks. 87905, 87906, 87907
  630. 1-Touch and Command Line jobs are not included in the online documentation. 87903, 87904
  631. Scale statistics in cloud reports commserve database tables are bloated. 87875, 87876
  632. Xen backup may crash while Unmounting the VM 87865
  633. SharePoint restore of pages with "modern experience" option enabled may cause the SitePages to be unusable. 87864
  634. SharePoint restore job of large library with versioned files may not restore all documents. 87864
  635. Cloud delay request tracking should show summary and success rate. 87855
  636. Support in Clone Client Dataset for VSA specific subclients 87850
  637. Tenant user not able to login 87843
  638. Restore job cant restore older data file version for stub for more than one path. View all versions restore supports only one file path restore. 87835
  639. Saleforce backups may fail for custom objects with a large number of columns. 87830, 87831
  640. VM's moved between data stores and backed up by another subclient show as failures in reports and job history. 87822, 87824
  641. Browse may show virtual machines that were decommissioned and no longer in production. 87822, 87824
  642. Ability to discover file shares and specify them as content to archive. 87788, 87789
  643. VMware vm may not boot up after restore. 87817
  644. gmail backup not terminating on connection error 87805
  645. Cvopenbackup service crashing when services shut down 87805
  646. Gmail backups may fail due to data specific issues 87805
  647. Index Server Directory Move Workflow fails to move index directory. 87784
  648. CVD may crash when syncing remote cache 87764
  649. Script to delete duplicate subclient 87746
  650. Citrix Xen VSA - Backup not counting CPU Sockets for licensing. 87741
  651. SLA Report may show incorrect results. 87742, 87743
  652. Bonded interfaces may not be created automatically in HyperScale appliance. 87740
  653. Setup fails to redirect to peer node due to gateway connectivity issues 87740
  654. HyperV snapbackup with granular metadata collection may report failed VMs as successful 87739
  655. MySql database restore to auxiliary db may fail. 87738
  656. Random failures to recall files over NFS 87736
  657. HyperScale imaging support for HP DL360. 87721
  658. Job controller auto update may not work post failover 87707
  659. Backups are successful but there are some exception captured by extended events monitoring tool. 87704
  660. ArchChunkToReplicate table might have data stuck from very old auxCopy jobs and won't be deleted as part of data aging. 87686
  661. Media Refresh process slows when they have keep replacing medias in a small library. 87685
  662. Auxcopy fails due to wrong flags set in DB for a given client. 87684
  663. We may not be able to view DDB stores after CCM. 87683
  664. Server Count is not correct in Company Overview Dashboard 87671
  665. Job Manager may be stuck processing selective copies for updating their selection periods. 87667, 87668
  666. If CS and proxy are not directly reachable, then 7 mode is not choosing the right IP address for connection to filer. 87665
  667. Enhancement to collect System CPU type and Index Fragmentation Windows via SQLServerConfigurationXML diagnostic SP 87646, 87648, 87652
  668. Edge drive Permissions not working as expected. 87638
  669. Netapp NAS Snap Restore may sometimes fail if restoreACLs is unselected even though data is successfully restored. 87634
  670. Script to delete duplicate subclient 87629
  671. Archive index phase might fail with error 'File Exists' during remote file cache archiving 87604
  672. New script to remove job attempts while keep a certain number of days 87599
  673. Restore job may fail on Unix mediaagents with IPV6 only network interface. 87597
  674. Exchange user mailbox browse shows duplicate folders. 87596, 87602
  675. Volume size not updated for tape media during backups. 87589
  676. AIX 1-Touch restore may fail to register a new client 87579
  677. AIX 1-Touch restore may fail with disk full error. 87579
  678. After a linux 1-touch restore, /etc/fstab may contain an incorrect device name causing the OS boot to fail. 87573
  679. 1-touch recovery during boot may fail. 87572
  680. Windows server with CSV volumes may report error "Cluster Shared Volume has identified one or more active filter drivers on this device stack that could interfere with CSV operations. I/O access will be redirected to the storage device over the network through another Cluster node. This may result in degraded performance. Please contact the filter driver vendor to verify interoperability with Cluster Shared Volumes". 87113
  681. SharePoint Document restore may fail. 87547
  682. 1. Customer is not able to add/remove clients from client group without agent management permission. 2. Customer does not want to give agent management permission to some users, but these users should be able to add/remove clients from client group 87538, 87539, 87540, 87541
  683. VM Backup coverage report is not showing all the vms. 87536
  684. Legal hold job may fail. 87488
  685. Legal hold job may fail. 87487
  686. RHEV backups might record storage domain uuid instead of name in the index causing in place restores to fail 87478
  687. PostgreSQL multi stream restores from block level backup fails. 87475
  688. Content indexing of synthetic full may be slow. 87469
  689. VMe Azure restore may not bring back all folders. 87452
  690. CSV with list of dangling stubs gets generated after Synthetic full. This list doesn't differentiate the stubs moved from other subclients. This is needed for debugging in huge customer setups. 87442
  691. CCM Migration might fail for UMRoles 87429, 87431
  692. Auxcopy of jobs imported via tape catalog may fail. 87387
  693. Cleanup Dangling Library 87385
  694. When a DB file is corrupted, it does not proceed the received message, just returning error. This will pile up the messages in the queue. We need to keep process the incoming messages even in this case. 87383
  695. Force unmount of parent snaps of app aware snap backup fails 87380
  696. /var may go to 100% usage on HyperScale. 87374
  697. Cisco HX snapshots may not be deleted after a backup copy job completes. 87272
  698. Application restore from mirror copy is failing when the job is available on Snap, Mirror and tape copy 87363
  699. VSA IntelliSnap backup jobs may hang. 87298
  700. CommCell Configuration custom report is not showing correct subclient Deduplication property. 87353
  701. Unlicensed clients are not listed as restore destinations for SQL server. 87355, 87356
  702. VSA-new restore : Multi VM restore causes browse to timeout during index reconstruction 87295
  703. Intellisnap HDS unmount operation fails with 'Failed to lock resource group' error even when the retry attempt is set to high value. 87320
  704. Unmount not proceeding after hitting the below log "17392 1ddc 01/21 13:04:36 ### TranslateVolumeGuidToDriveLetter() - Translated vol path [\\?\Volume{e4f9ada1-0000-0000-0000-100000000000}\] to [E:\]." Also, it tries to send unmount/cleanup request every 10 minutes and volume is reserved forever in Unmounting state. 87338
  705. Adding KMIP KMS may fails if empty certificate passphrase is used 87333
  706. Fresh install of CommServe may fail. 87290
  707. Email search from Command center may not be consistent. 87291
  708. Backups may fail to download VMX files 87259
  709. Entity extraction may not detect all Social Security Numbers in a document. 87260, 87262
  710. Exchange import job enhancement to import selective jobs. 87200, 87201
  711. DB2 backup copy may fail with file scan errors 87189
  712. Setting missing pruner MA automatically for cloud mountpaths. 87193, 87197
  713. Metrics queries are taking lot of CPU. 87185
  714. creation of server plan with additional copy does not create aux copy schedule 87184
  715. Backup copy jobs may fail with XML parsing errors. 87174
  716. Web Console: Fix the issue with changing password of expired password upon login 87176
  717. Incorrect entities are detected and reported in Compliance Search. 87170
  718. Unable to change storage policy of Oracle instances when client is not reachable. 87114
  719. Error in generation "Network Summary" for a client resulting in empty Network Configuration 87139, 87141, 87142
  720. Workflow with a list box input field may fail when executed using WebConsole 87130
  721. Tenant admin with create schedule policy rights are unable to view the schedules created by them. 87131, 87132
  722. Installation on AIX 5.3 32-bit mode may fail during post installation steps. 87127
  723. Manually created snapshots may be deleted during Azure backup 87077
  724. Hypervisor tile is empty when Red Hat hypervisor is present in the Virtualization Dashboard page 87068
  725. Negative number may be shown for not protected VMs in the virtualization dashboard. 87068
  726. AD users are able to login to web console and admin console, even without associated to any entity. 87087, 87094, 87124
  727. Performance improvements when backing up using HPE StoreOnce server 87064
  728. Live browse fix for setting correct commcell Id 87047, 87049
  729. Extending timeout for Tape Catalog Request 87041
  730. Restore fails when root or parent of subclient content is selected for restore 87038
  731. HyperScale appliance hosted engine deployment may fail. 87035
  732. Unage operation is not getting performed. 87031
  733. DRBackup to cloud may fail. 87022
  734. VSA backup copy job fails in update index phase if nExtentSize is partially defined across a set of VSA proxy nodes 86954
  735. Failure of all hadoop operations when the CCACHE type is changed for hadoop. 86981
  736. When Kerberos auth is enabled, backup phase fails after failing to read files 86981
  737. Backup job of Library file system fails when a library gets deleted during scan. 86562
  738. VMware to AWS restore using import method may fail. 86963
  739. Remote cache sync operation might fail when multiple update packs are available in CS cache 86966, 86969
  740. User interface of Company Details page is misaligned. 86960, 86971, 86972
  741. EvMgrS could crash if two sessions with the same session ID are attempted to be processed on CommServe. 86956
  742. IP address of network interface won't update. 86949
  743. Browse and restore on a job after changing copy precedence may not show backed up data 86953, 86957
  744. Show configured Log storage policy for Archive log subclient in comcell GUI. 86940, 86946
  745. Storage Resource Summary Report showing incorrect capacity when compared to commcell console GUI. 86938
  746. Reports exported in a non English webconsole setup might cause the tables in the report to be not rendered correctly. 86937
  747. Its hard to identify interface names by network type. 86936
  748. Archive index phase of a backup job may fail repeatedly. 86930
  749. Live sync schedule of VMware VSA may show duplicate VM's 86923, 86924
  750. LiveSync Direct by default uses thick provisioning for VM disks. 86921
  751. Backup of VMs residing on NFS data store may create many snapshots unnecessarily. 86915
  752. SharePoint restore may fail with message "There was nothing to restore". 86912
  753. Unable to add user group to company via ADminconsole. 86892, 86894, 86896
  754. New AD user will not able to login to CS 86892, 86894, 86896
  755. Commcell migration may error out during migration if duplicate indexserver entries are present for a backupset in CommServe DB. 86886, 86887, 86888
  756. On replication monitor summary page, only the replication clients that user has access to will be counted. 84404
  757. Admin console shows replace brick issue after the brick is successfully replaced 86880
  758. Adding external usergroups might fail for openldap 86850, 86852, 86872
  759. Immediate notifications might repeat after 5 days for no backup for last n days criteria, pending jobs criteria 86847
  760. Copy software may not overwrite the hot fix pack. 86806, 86808, 86812
  761. Interactive installation of hot fix pack may not show the correct hot fix information on the client. 86806, 86808, 86812
  762. mSim License is not enforced 86776
  763. Tapes may not get imported automatically. 86765
  764. Recall of file system stubs may be slow. 86769
  765. Virtual machine conversion from VMware to Hyper-V may fail. 86772
  766. Nutanix AHV large VM incremental backups may fail. 86771
  767. Backup/auxcopy may fail on Unix mediaagent with socket errors. 86773
  768. Domino API failing on few setups 86463
  769. Edge drive upload take 9 seconds. 86528
  770. Total Items processed will be applicable for Content Indexing jobs only. For all other job types, setting Total Items processed should be empty in job controller. 86385
  771. Support CommCell option "Skip weekend when SLA days is less than 7 days". 86558, 86584, 86640, 86743
  772. FSA Intellisnap jobs configured with V1 indexing fail to download metadata in the catalog phase. 86444
  773. OCI: changes to show networks, subnets from all compartments 86443
  774. OCI: some compartments are not getting listed in the UI. 86443
  775. In exchange archive, cleanup and journal policy when we specify message class exclusion value as say "Contacts" only IPM.Contact gets excluded. Messages classes IPM.Contact.QuickContacts, IPM.Contact.SpeedContacts etc dont get excluded. 86506
  776. Not able to login as Two Factor Authentication is failing. 86503
  777. Discover process crashes. 86495
  778. schedule list fails to load when run time is set to a very later time like 2039 86481
  779. During CCM remove valid AF entries from DeletedAF tracking tables. 86622, 86690
  780. Factory reset SP14 onwards will fail with compilation error 86398
  781. Commcell Console crashes on user login when Two Factor Authentication is enabled. 86358
  782. Optimized the Health tile logic for database index fragmentation. Factored Last Re-index time and included it part of the display 86396, 86616, 86712
  783. Optimized PST restore is off by default. 86478
  784. Script to add corrupt chunks to be marked bad in dedup engine. 86476
  785. VSA restore may not restore all extents 86319
  786. VSA VM filters by "Tags" is may not work from a linux proxy. 86316
  787. Enhancement to improve AuxCopy performance on HyperScale. 86433
  788. System workflows are not getting deployed 86299
  789. Workflow to get older DB as input, upgrade it, perform CCM capture and merge the CCM dumps on to the destination commserve. 86275
  790. Backup job may get killed in Archive Index phase 86259
  791. Subclients has indefinite retention. 86264
  792. PDF file preview may not work for certain documents. 86545, 86576, 86721
  793. Preview of files larger than 10 MB will show "This items is too large. Please download" in compliance search. 86545, 86576, 86721
  794. Cloud Apps backup jobs are in "Waiting" state without any delay reason. 86292
  795. Support for auxcopy on HP Store Once library 86605, 86676
  796. Live sync UI is showing source instance proxies when editing live sync schedule 86286
  797. Validate destination VM value is set as selected when editing live sync schedule even if option was not unchecked when schedule was created 86286
  798. Edge Monitor icon may show incorrect icon and status 86260
  799. Application size may be higher than actual backup content if Data Classification cannot process a path, and there are mount paths under it 86474
  800. Ability to exclude search of specific mailboxes from compliance search 86544, 86575, 86603, 86717, 86732
  801. Web console Job Summary report does not show list of Media Agents. 86601, 86671
  802. Macbook/Finder may trigger excessive stub recalls. 86429
  803. Discrepancy of strike counts between Health report and Strike Details. 86598, 86666, 86695
  804. Heath Report is not showing 2-strike and 1-strike icons. 86598, 86666, 86695
  805. Metrics Dashboard is showing incorrect number of servers and laptops. 86598, 86666, 86695
  806. Optimize DDB pruning by batching the requests. 86596, 86664
  807. Backup Copy Jobs are still shown in Job Summary report even if the option 'Include Backup Copy/Catalog Snapshot Jobs' is not selected. 86594, 86660
  808. Unable to add inventory in Governance App for users using the Dutch locale. 86336, 86473
  809. Database data collection job may not collect any data. 86336, 86473
  810. Alibaba Cloud RDS instance properties may not be saved correctly. 86306
  811. Support generate original attachment data during CI and preview 86425
  812. Backup Jobs running with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst as destination, may fail with error "{CHPStoreOnceFile::FlushData(2216)/MM.81021}" indicating a potential intermittent network disconnection. 86308
  813. Installer doesn't set the current machine's locale id in request messages in V11 to localize and display messages. 86472
  814. Partition tables backed up in MySql 5.6 were not recoverable. 86424
  815. Restore from HPE StoreOnce may fail with error "Data Integrity validation failed for the data read from media". 86305
  816. Compliance search may not show preview of journal emails. 86295
  817. VM conversion in AWS may time out. 86304
  818. it failed to get item path even item is not deleted or list deleted 86470
  819. All RDS instances may not be listed when performing database instance discovery for Ali Cloud. 86288
  820. CVD service may terminate intermittently. 86285
  821. Appliance 600: Disk Configuration fails with the new NetApp Web Services proxy and SANtricity Software. 86280
  822. Jobs with Multiple retry custom report is showing duplicate jobid 86239
  823. Snap backup or backup copy might use a different Media Agent for downloading index than the one used during backup, causing unnecessary slowness. 86228, 86229, 86232
  824. SMB shares recall won't work via finder 86213
  825. QScript to set extended retention on jobs of provided media list. 86215, 86217
  826. Script to correct the totalBackupSize of snap jobs as charge back report gives incorrect application size. 86173
  827. During system state restore, when user opts for OS service pack comparison then instead of showing the uncommon updates we show even the common updates between the source and destination client. 86170
  828. Restores may fail due to mount path lookup failures 86162
  829. Ability to set the number of restores that is allowed for an end user via a business workflow. 86159
  830. Index backups are skipped for selective copies currently. 86155, 86156
  831. Unable to view copies for a given storagepolicy 86154
  832. Snapshot deletion is failing with arithmetic overflow error. 86143
  833. Script to cleanup Edge Drive archive files that are pending cleanup from index 86138
  834. Once a Nimble session expires, the Nimble session refresh attempt fails as username and password are empty. 86137
  835. Update to fix sorting discrepancy within the CommCell Console "Number of Readers in use" column. 86133
  836. Reference Copy job should skip System State files 86134
  837. Virtual server backup might fail during archive index phase if the virtualization client itself is a VM 86122, 86126
  838. Data Verification job with "Verification of Deduplication Database" or "Verification of Existing Jobs on Disk and Deduplication Database" may fail due to space outage. 86114, 86124, 86131
  839. Framework changes to support HPE StoreOnce library on Solaris, AIX, HPUX MediaAgents 85920
  840. Performance enhancement for healing of stale gluster files. 85874
  841. N/A 85916, 85998
  842. Index restore could fail on Linux MediaAgent 85913
  843. Data Verification job with "Verification of Deduplication Database" or "Verification of Existing Jobs on Disk and Deduplication Database" on scale out storage policy copies may cause space outage. 86119, 86128, 86130
  844. Data Verification job with "Space Reclamation" option selected may run longer. 86119, 86128, 86130
  845. MySQL full backups may fail when binary logs are missing. 86120
  846. MySQL restore job may fail during server restart. 86120
  847. mysqldump of MySQL table with large data may fail with high memory usage. 86120
  848. Save required encryption info except private key on media when "No Access" is selected. 85926
  849. Database Upgrade should skip DBCC CHECKDB during main upgrade. 86006
  850. Commcell console is getting disconnected frequently. 85996
  851. Certain failure reasons might not be set in alert 85906
  852. Customer requires Oracle, Oracle Rac Databases to included in report. 85985
  853. Webserver installation may fail. 85953, 86067
  854. Unable to to set the number of data reader streams on a PostgreSQL subclient using CLI 85952
  855. The existing volume rename script updated the SMReplicaEntities table if the entity ID exists. In some cases it updated the wrong volume 85828
  856. File System Quota report does not give any data. 85827
  857. Oracle CDB restore may fail. 85869
  858. Oracle Command line backup may hang 85869
  859. Informix backups may fail on Solaris platform. 85867
  860. Fix dynamic content of VSA subclient 85824
  861. Snap backup may fail during Archive Index phase with error "Valid Afile is not found in generated logs". 85807
  862. Appaware Backup job is not working for vVol snap backup 85795
  863. System State snapshot may not get cleaned up after backup 85797
  864. Continuous Schedule for Sybase Transaction Log Backups do not run when Full jobs are running on the same subclient 85771, 85774
  865. Search from compliance interface may fail. 85799, 85801, 85803
  866. VM auto fail over may not work. 85754, 85759
  867. Tintri snap backup may not cleanup the software snap created during the backup 85748
  868. Even after applying the reg key bRemoveProtectedObjectsLimit backup job summary report not showing more than 1000 protected objects. 85747, 85753
  869. PostgreSQL Database Restore from BlockLevel backup fails if server startup takes more than 15 minutes 85746
  870. Enhancement Hide username/password for one drive targets. 85708
  871. Customer accidentally deleted a copy 85678
  872. Media Refresh process slows when they have keep replacing medias in a small library. 85674
  873. Metadata collection automatically happens when "System Created Content Store" Schedule is present. 85673
  874. Calendar Job Summary custom report was showing clients with deleted client group association. 85671
  875. Enhancement to give detailed connection handling information. 85667
  876. DR Orchestration job fails in case of Azure , when destination VM is not present. 85646
  877. High CPU usage for MediaManager service during backups. 85644
  878. Enhancement request For FS to OneDrive restore, hide 'restore to same folder' option when destination is a CloudApps client. 85666
  879. Job submission may fail when doing retry export to PST of all failed items. 85548, 85583, 85601
  880. VSA V2 jobs may not prune as expected. 85630, 85636, 85637
  881. Oracle filesystem backup copy performance enhancement 85628
  882. VMware to AWS live sync may fail for disks that are 1TB or larger. 85614
  883. SOQL is broken when querying with cloud during out of place restore. 85489
  884. Support for auxcopy on HP Store Once library 85568, 85599
  885. Enhancement to allow modification of job restart settings for Site Replication jobs 85566
  886. Enhancement for showing Total of All Rows in Chargeback report. 85561, 85596
  887. DDB Space Reclamation job may go to pending on HyperScale if it encounters chunk files which are currently being healed 85473
  888. Changes to not reset JPR set by DR backup job when job completes with error. 85491
  889. DB2 and Informix binaries fail to build. 85452
  890. Resources may not be allocated correctly for DB2 multinode GUI jobs. 85439
  891. CBFS unmount might not unmount the device properly and cause issue for subsequent VMware hotadd backups. 85421
  892. CBFS unmount might not unmount the device properly and cause issue for subsequent VMware hotadd backups. 85316
  893. DASH readless synthetic full may not correctly follow the option "Do not deduplicate against objects older than X days" on the copy properties. 85271
  894. Factory reset fails to locate nodes by serial number when serial numbers are provided in upper case 85264
  895. Support localization of login error messages from installer. 85253, 85403
  896. Standalone workstation Java GUI fail to Install Additional Updates 85304
  897. Restore DAOS objects might cause high CPU usage and domino server down. 85249
  898. Qscript to enable or disable offline Media Agents 85294
  899. Qscript to Update Schedule for style sheet in Vault Tracker Report. 85293
  900. In place restore of VMware VM may fail. 85231
  901. Attempt to suspend data transfer on Replication Set may not work 85279
  902. Snap deletion may fail. 85230
  903. Cross instance restore with data masking is failing in DataMasking phase due to missing tempfiles 85226
  904. Logs doesn't say which all mountpaths came online 85157
  905. VMs with DVSwitches may not have connectivity after restore 85154
  906. Greenplum restore from secondary copy may fail. 85326
  907. Greenplum cross instance restore may fail. 85326
  908. Storage policy information fix for JobDetails REST API 85357, 85377
  909. Generic LDAP usability improvements 85182
  910. Backup might get stuck intermittently waiting for index playback to complete. 85221
  911. Snapshot backup might show user names via Document and settings folders 85220
  912. SharePoint cross-domain farm restore out of place may not work. 85219
  913. Enhancement to provide a REST API for getting and setting backup quotas. 85121
  914. restore not working properly 85115
  915. CVD may crash when syncing remote cache 85107
  916. Header file name correction. 85104
  917. Enhancement to provide a REST API for getting and setting backup quotas. 85323, 85336
  918. Data aging job may run for a long time and log warnings about the stored procedure 'MMS2MarkAssignedMediaFull' executing for an abnormally long time. 85348, 85370
  919. Email preview may fail. 85099
  920. Incorrect data streams are showing for RAC sub-client 85168
  921. Executor user configured as request authorizer is able to approve the request 85128
  922. In rare cases, synthetic full backups to HPE StoreOnce appliance may fail with error 'Cannot open the chunk metadata index file' 84772
  923. Enhancements to log more diagnostic information for data management operations on HPE StoreOnce dedupe appliance. 84933
  924. The backup copy job event messages mentions both source and mount ESXi host, which can lead to misreading of the message. 84849
  925. VM Live browse may fail when a UNIX MediaAgent is used to browse a Windows Guest VM. 84778
  926. Added improvements to email option in create company functionality in AdminConsole 85166, 85394
  927. Manually created snapshots are deleted by Azure backup 84866
  928. CPU utilization is high when running Azure VSA backups 84801
  929. Application backups on VMs may fail. 85340, 85366
  930. Exchange Database backups may fail due to circular Logging. 85114
  931. Performance enhancement for healing of stale gluster files. 85133
  932. Qscript to Update Schedule for stylesheet in VT Report. 84944
  933. QScript to disassociate a client from Array Management entry. 84938
  934. Files with invalid timestamps or not having enough privileges to get timestamps may be getting backed up repeatedly for onepass 84937
  935. Get Exported Encryption Keys 84993
  936. Adding a separate table to show subclient content for exchange v2 clients in Subclient configuration information report 84852
  937. Unable to force delete snap 84850
  938. Sometimes we may not decode message recipient data properly. It's rare case. 84820
  939. Sync of emails in outlook with lot of images may be slow. 84819
  940. Nimble Snap operations will fail upon Nimble array session expiry. 84813
  941. Fix for Smart Client GroupClient Refreshing taking too long. 85012, 85035
  942. Replace brick operation does not update the new mount point in commserve database 84802
  943. Gmail backups may fail due to data specific issues. 84800
  944. SQL Restore using copy precedence may fail. 84798
  945. Synthetic Full and back copy operations may be delayed because index may be in read only state. 84797
  946. Changes to the filters in Permission Management report. 84740, 85049
  947. Content indexing pruning may fail in commcells with migrated clients. 85005, 85030, 85065
  948. Content indexing job may fail when there are a large number of clients. 85005, 85030, 85065
  949. SQL cluster auto detection may not for cluster with CSV volumes. 84794
  950. SQL backups may fail when authentication information set on a client group. 85003, 85029
  951. SharePoint Backup job may crash on 32 bit systems. 84790
  952. SAML user group attributes may not honor commcell group. 84786
  953. Enhancement to inherit Security rights from VSA hypervisor to VM clients. 85001, 85028
  954. Job throttling setting for log backups may not be honored correctly. 84999, 85025
  955. Outlook content store may not work in admin/resource domain configuration. 84782
  956. Login fails in Outlook content store if primary SMTP is different in admin domain and resource domain for any user. 84782
  957. Commcell console title bar may show CS host name instead of client name. 84724
  958. Push install on Mac may fail. 84777
  959. FS to OneDrive Browse/Restore Support 84719, 85026
  960. Snap Backup failing for SCOS 7.3 using Dell Compellent ICP Engine 84769
  961. vCenter has too many established TCP connections with VSA proxies 84676
  962. VLAN tagging network configuration may fail. 84637
  963. "Drop Connections to database" option in restore dialog -> Advanced -> Options tab is grayed out for out of place restore. 84633
  964. SharePoint Online backup may hang due to a "CSOM operation timeout" 84643
  965. Not able to do OOP for public folder in exchange DB mining. 84615
  966. 1-Touch backup of Redhat 6 may throw a warning "rpm integrity check showing change in files after change". 84622
  967. Enhancement to create Hyper scale 2U appliance CS VM with 4 disks. 84621
  968. vCloud 9.5 support; Add new schema files 84583
  969. VMWare to AWS live sync/conversion may fail if disk size is in decimal. 84461
  970. In a multi webserver environment where some webserver require the use a proxy, other webservers that are not configured for proxies fail to connect to the CommServer 84517
  971. Subclient without backup schedule reports showing subclients which is associated to schedule policy 84507
  972. Commcell console title bar may show CS host name instead of client name. 84443
  973. File level restore of vCloud VM client may fail. 84456
  974. New job throttling options for MS AG SQL Cluster clients 84429
  975. Security fixes for Content Extractor service. 84491
  976. CVNetworkTestToolGUI workflow fails when selecting an AIX client. 84402
  977. Auxcopy process may crash during DDB Data Verification job if many invalid chunks are detected. 84378
  978. Index backup may fail. 84367
  979. Royalty report may fail with SQL error. 84382, 84383
  980. Tenant admins are not able to create schedule policy by default 84379, 84381
  981. Manually assigned users to OneDrive subclient may get removed. 84363
  982. Default OneDrive subclient may not display associated content 84363
  983. Email with Hebrew characters may not be searchable. 84334
  984. The throttling parameters - sCloudGlobalRecvHourBucket and sCloudGlobalSendHourBucket does not work when the time value is set with 0. 84272
  985. List for volumes/chunks under Oracle bucket in cloud storage explorer goes into loop. 84272
  986. VMWare Linux VM customization fails when there are multiple disks. 84231
  987. Content Indexing job for Exchange Mailbox classic agent may fail. 84211
  988. SIDB process may crash during startup. 84208
  989. OpenStack configuration may fail with keystone connection failures. 84205
  990. Customer requires report to graphically show client location/density, backup sizes and time of last backup. 84168
  991. Multi-stream restore from synthetic full may fail with error 'All the Data Access Nodes are either down or not reachable'. 84106
  992. Backup unable to get file versions for item with path containing '#' symbol. 84098
  993. Unable to rename the array in the SMArray table due to duplicate entry in the table. 84091
  994. Enhancement 84069, 84079, 84085
  995. Cloud processing fails to process Metrics query 239. 84032
  996. VMware IntellIsnap backup may fail when there are multiple datastores with independent disks. 84033
  997. Nessus scan reported insecure ciphers being used for ssh communication. 84028
  998. User does not have the option to edit the host name 84012
  999. VMware IntelliSnap unmount of NetApp LUNs may leave behind stale devices when run on a Linux proxy. 84015
  1000. VMWare IntelliSnap unmount for NetApp LUN configurations may leave behind stale devices when run on Linux proxy. 84010
  1001. Do not retry job if VM snapshot fails because of insufficient space 84010
  1002. GDPR: database analysis on Unix client 83893, 83930, 84006
  1003. Report email is not send to external user group if its added in user group 83998
  1004. Internal: Performance improvement of the report: "MediaAgent Performance In Last 24 Hours". 83990
  1005. Following features are added to this report: - Add Commcell Input (1 of many) - Media Agent Input (1, many or all) - Security 83990
  1006. Exchange Mailbox (Classic) may not process an archived Mailbox assuming it is already processed. 83944
  1007. Client name change may fail. 83923, 83962, 83969
  1008. Job stuck in job controller and cannot be killed 83921
  1009. Admin console may show all bricks offline 83879
  1010. Smart client groups are showing clients from other tenants 83878
  1011. Restore job may fail with timeout while restoring large number of files. 83873
  1012. Virtual Machine count by snap in the license report is missing. 83867
  1013. Using the QScript QS_setSubclientFilter.sp,user would be unable to add paths with same name but different case as filter. 83843, 83845
  1014. PostgreSQL dump-based backup on Windows may hang in the scan phase. 83826
  1015. Installer adds unsupported character in client name for Turkish locale 83809
  1016. EvMgrS service may terminate unexpectedly. 83770
  1017. Wallet based access on Oracle clone not working. 83755
  1018. Oracle backups may incorrectly detect OS User name causing the backup to fail. 83755
  1019. Unaged jobs may still show as aged in GUI 83752, 83765
  1020. OneDrive backups may not work when TLS 1.2 is enabled 83745
  1021. vCenter has too many established TCP connections with VSA proxies 83719
  1022. Added support for multiple backup jobs to run simultaneously in the migration object store on unix 83706
  1023. Reports export to CSV schedule is failing for the following reports: - Capacity License by Client Group - Full and Incremental Backups 83690
  1024. RMAN backup copy may fail. when table browse is enabled. 83692
  1025. File system restore may not restore all the files. 83671
  1026. kextstat would show wrong update number 83656
  1027. XML tags were removed from alert emails when text type is selected 83629, 83630
  1028. html tags were not honored 83629, 83630
  1029. In guest agent backup may fail when the VM is marked deleted. 83615
  1030. Cannot delete client groups that are associated with the companies that are deleted and companies that are marked for deleted 83608
  1031. Script to fix missing entries from VM property table for synthetic full jobs 83606
  1032. Log backup raises false alarm of log backup and converts to FULL 83584, 83585
  1033. Cleanup job for ContentStore Mailbox may fail. 83546, 83548, 83551
  1034. Backup jobs or browse may fail if the index is not present on the MediaAgent. 83528
  1035. Restore to disk is shown under live sync menu. 83491
  1036. IBMi update installation may fail if client system has slow response time 83433
  1037. GDPR: database analysis on Unix client 83392
  1038. Metrics queries 96 and 117 are very slow. 83406
  1039. During deduplicated backups to a busy ISILON share, CVD.log on the MediaAgent may show a lot of ' [MEDIAFS ] Failed to flush the data index file' errors. 83427, 83434, 83452
  1040. When resync of a deduplication database cannot proceed because the disk volume hosting the database is offline, an event referring to 'Index cache unreachable' might be thrown, instead of mentioning 'deduplication database'. 83427, 83434, 83452
  1041. Customer accidentally deleted a copy 83402

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