Creating a Farm Pseudoclient Using Autoconfiguration

For a single server SQL setup, you can autoconfigure a new farm pseudo client. The autoconfiguration detects SharePoint servers, and automatically installs the SharePoint Server Agent on the detected servers. The autoconfiguration also autoinstalls the SQL Server Agent on the SQL host computer. After the agents are installed, they are autoconfigured.

Note: The autoinstallation of the SQL Server Agent is performed on only one SQL server. If the farm includes more than one SQL server or a SQL cluster, then manually install the SQL Agent on the other servers.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click Client Computers, and then click New Client.

    The Add New Client dialog box appears.

  2. Under the Application section, click SharePoint Farm.

    The SharePoint Farm dialog box appears.

  3. To perform autoconfiguration of the pseudoclient, click Automatic.

    The Configure SharePoint Options dialog box appears.

  4. In the Client Name box, type a name for the pseudoclient.
  5. In the SQL Server Hostname box, type the host name of the SQL server computer.
  6. Enter the domain admin username and password for SQL server.
  7. Enter the SharePoint admin name and password.
  8. From the Storage Policy list, select a storage policy.
  9. From the Schedule Policy list, select a schedule policy.
  10. Click OK.

You can view the status and history of an autoconfiguration job using the Admin Job History option. For more information, see Viewing Admin Job History. If an autoconfiguration job fails due to incorrect parameters, you can resubmit the job. You can then enter the correct parameters in the Configure SharePoint Options dialog box.

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Last modified: 7/18/2019 5:39:57 AM