Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

You can use the Commvault Systems, Inc. Windows File System Agent to back up and restore the AWS FSx SMB shares that are configured with the AWS managed active directory.

Key Features

  • You can perform full, differential, incremental, and synthetic full backup of files hosted on AWS FSX SMB shares.
  • You can archive files hosted on AWS FSX SMB shares based on pre-defined archiving rules.
  • AWS FSx SMB share backups and restore data with ACLS are supported.
  • When you restore AWS FSX SMB shares data to on-premise computers, the restored data is accessed easily. However, ACL restores might only display the user ID as the on-premise domain might not map the AWS FSx SMB share domain.
  • When you restore data from the on-premise computer to AWS FSx SMB shares, the data is restored. However hard links, soft links, and some special attributes such as compression is lost.
  • You cannot restore data and ACLs from the on-premise computer to AWS FSx.

Last modified: 7/2/2020 8:40:42 PM