Delete a Mount Path

You can delete mount paths from local drives only.

The mount path is not deleted and you receive an error message if the mount path:

  • contains valid data
  • is used by a deduplication database (DDB)
  • is associated with a Storage Policy that is used as an Incremental Storage Policy for another Storage Policy
  1. Download the delete_mount_path.xml file and save it on the computer where the command is run.
  2. Open the XML file.
  3. Change the XML parameters.




    The name of the MediaAgent.


    The name of the disk library from which you want to delete the mount path.


    The mount path location that you want to delete.


    The default value is 16. If you are trying to delete an offline mount path, set the value as 1024.

    Example: Use this example XML file to delete a mount path "E:\Library1\Mountpath1" from a local disk library with name "Library1" and MediaAgent name "MA1".

  4. Run the following command from the <software installation directory>\Base folder.

    qoperation execute -af <downloaded location>\delete_mount_path.xml

    Click here to see sample output.

Last modified: 1/12/2021 9:05:25 PM