Deleting a Key Management Server

You can use XML to delete a key management server. You cannot delete a key management server to which a storage policy copy is associated.

  1. Download the Delete_KMS.xml file and save it on the computer where the command is run.
  2. The following table displays the parameters you can use with the command.




    The name of the key provider for the key management server.

  3. Execute the following command from the <software_installation_directory>/Base folder after substituting the parameter value.

    qoperation execute -af <downloaded location>\Delete_KMS.xml -keyProviderName xxx


    Execute the following command to delete a key management server with key provider "Safenet":

    qoperation execute -af <downloaded location>\Delete_KMS.xml -keyProviderName Safenet

          Click here to see sample output.

Last modified: 1/12/2021 9:14:01 PM