Enable or Disable Client Side Deduplication

  1. Download the client_deduplication.xml file and save it on the computer where the command is run.
  2. Open the XML file.
  3. Change the XML parameters.




    The name of the client computer as it appears in the CommCell Browser.

    For example: If you want to enable source-side deduplication to client1 and client2, then you must add the following:



    Option to enable or disable source-side disk cache.

    Valid values are true or false.


    Specifies the maximum size in MB for source-side disk cache.

    Valid values are 1024 - 131072 MB.


    Option to enable or disable the variable content alignment.

    Valid values are true or false.


    Option to enable or disable client side deduplication.

    Valid values are:

    OFF: Disable client side deduplication

    ON_CLIENT: Enable client side deduplication

    USE_SPSETTINGS: Use storage policy settings

    Example: Use this example XML file to enable client side deduplication, disable source-side disk cache, disable variable content alignment and set the maximum size of source-side disk cache to "2048MB" for a client with name "Client1".

  4. Run the following command from the <software installation directory>\Base folder.

    qoperation execute –af client_deduplication.xml

    Click here to see sample output.

Last modified: 1/12/2021 8:58:15 PM