Solutions and Use Cases


Backup and Restore MS SQL Server Databases in the Commvault ServiceNow Application

You can back up and restore MS SQL Server databases in the Commvault ServiceNow application.

For more information, see the following:

Use Commvault Alerts to Create Incidents in ServiceNow

You can use Commvault alerts to create incidents in ServiceNow.

For more information, see ServiceNow - Alerts.

Use Commvault Service Catalog in ServiceNow to Request and Approve Backups and Restores for VMs

With the Commvault Service Catalog, ServiceNow users can request backups and restores for individual VMs, and Commvault administrators can approve, reject, or delete the requests.

For more information, see Commvault Service Catalog.

Use Activate to Redact Documents that Contain PII for Subject Access Requests

With Activate, you can redact personally identifiable information (PII) from documents that are collected as part of a subject access request (SAR). You can redact PII for all documents in a request. And, during the review workflow, reviewers can redact additional information in individual documents.

For more information, see Creating an End-User Subject Access Request in Request Manager and Reviewing Documents.

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