Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

You can use the Command Center to back up data in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

Key Features

  • Make a backup copy of the data by backing it up to a local storage repository.
  • For optimal load sharing, you can distribute restores to the cloud using multiple streams.

Supported Cloud Storage

You can use the Command Center to back up data in the following cloud storage systems using the S3 interface:

  • Huawei FusionStorage
  • Red Hat Ceph on S3 endpoints, using SSL with a hosted domain


This documentation uses the following terminology.



object storage repository

The interface that backs up the S3 data.


The entity that represents the data in a S3 storage account. You can configure multiple object storage repositories to manage multiple S3 storage accounts.

content group

The entity that defines the S3 data to be backed up.


The entity that represents a unit of storage in S3.


The entity that represents a collection of S3 objects.

Last modified: 6/29/2020 9:16:46 AM