System Created Automatic Auxiliary Copy Schedule Policy

An automatic auxiliary copy schedule policy is created by default when you install a new CommServe. In addition to providing a pre-defined template for the auxiliary copy schedules, this schedule policy creates a schedule for automatic copies of all data.

About this Task

  • Secondary copies are automatically associated with this System Created Autocopy schedule policy.
  • By default, this schedule repeatedly runs an auxiliary copy job everyday, at 30 minute time intervals.
  • By default, the automatic auxiliary copy operation is setup as follows:
    • Copy maximum number of data streams simultaneously
    • Not start a new media
    • Not mark the media 'full' after successful completion


  • For CommCells that are upgraded from the previous version, if the schedule was created with the All Copies option enabled, then the secondary copies are automatically associated to a pre-existing schedule in the storage policy. Hence such secondary copies will not be associated with the system created automatic auxiliary copy schedule policy.
    • If you are upgrading to the latest service pack, then all previous auxiliary copy schedules will convert to use the Scalable Resource Allocation option. If the schedule or the schedule policy has a V10 MediaAgent, then that schedule or schedule policy is not converted to use the Scalable Resource Allocation option. However, if you have a V10 MediaAgent and a user creates a schedule or a schedule policy with the Scalable Resource Allocation option enabled, then the system will not honor this auxiliary copy optimization option.
  • Also, if you disable Scalable Resource Allocation option manually, the system will automatically reset it as enabled.

Modifying the System Created Automatic Auxiliary Copy Schedule

  1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Policiesand then click Schedule Policies.
  2. Right click the System Created Autocopy schedule in the right pane and click Edit.

    By default, the Continuous option is selected and auxiliary copy operations run at 30 minutes interval.

  3. You can either add a new schedule or modify the existing schedule in the schedule policy as follows:
    • To add a new schedule, click the Add button.
    • To modify an existing schedule, highlight the schedule under the Tasks panel and then click the Edit button.

    Follow the steps described in  Creating Auxiliary Copy Schedules Using Patterns.

  4. Click OK to save changes.

Last modified: 7/18/2019 6:08:25 PM