File Scan Methods for the UNIX File System Agent

When you start a backup operation, the files and folders that are specified in the subclient content are scanned. Scanning the files determines which files have changed or have been backed up already.

The following scan methods are available for UNIX file systems:

  • Optimized scan
  • Recursive scan

Optimized Scan

For each volume that is scanned, the optimized scan method creates a metadata database that contains information about the files in the volumes. The optimized scan method constantly updates the metadata databases to track information such as file additions, volume additions, and updates to files.

When you upgrade the kernel of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system, the Unix and Linux clients are rebooted because the clients have the CDR module installed or the subclients are using the optimized scan. To fix the problem, see KB Article 63804.

Prerequisites for Optimized Scan

Ensure that the computer has the File System Agent installed on it.

Last modified: 11/16/2020 4:27:37 PM