CommCell Management

Define Client Scope, Instead of Owner, for Smart Client Computer Groups

The association of client computer groups to an owner has now been replaced with an association to the client scope. You can select one of the following scopes, depending on your Commvault security permissions:

  • Clients in this CommCell
  • Clients of Domains or Organization
  • Clients of User
  • Clients of User Group

Depending on the Commvault security permissions assigned to you, some or all of the client scopes appear for your selection. Similarly, depending on your security permissions, some or all clients appear in the Preview window, after selecting the client scope and rule groups.

When the client scope has been set to CommCell, domain, organization, or user group (and not a user), security permission changes to an associated user (owner or admin of a client computer) do not affect the smart client computer group. However, when the scope has been set to a user, then any security permission changes to the user, may lead to a change in the smart client computer group.

For more information, see Overview of Smart Client Computer Groups Using Automatic Association.

Use Text-Based Monitoring to Monitor the Health of a CommCell Environment

You can use text-based monitoring on a smartphone or other SMS-enabled device to monitor the health of a CommCell environment.

For more information, see Using Text-Based Monitoring for CommCell Environments.

Set the Navigation View for a User Group

You can customize the navigation menu for a user group.

For more information, see Customizing the Navigation Menu for a User Group.

Last modified: 11/26/2019 8:34:48 PM