Performing Backups for the Azure Active Directory Application

Back up the data on the Azure AD application.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Applications > Active Directory.

    The Active Directory servers page appears.

  2. In the Actions column, click the action button action_button, and then click Back up.
  3. Alternately, click the active_directory_server, and in the upper-right corner of the properties page, click Back up.

    The Select backup level page appears.

  4. In the Select backup level dialog box, choose the backup options:
    • Full: Backs up all of the data defined under Content.
    • Incremental: (default) Backs up the portion of the data that is new or that has changed since the last backup.
  5. Optional: To view the job details and job summary information, click the job ID.

  6. Click OK.

Last modified: 6/8/2020 3:15:54 PM