File System Backups Using NFS for Platforms That do Not Support Native Commvault Installation

For operating systems that do not support native installation of Commvault, you can perform file system backups by using NFS.

To perform file system backups, you must export the file system as NFS to an existing client computer in the CommCell, and select the NFS mount points as the subclient content on that client computer. For more information, see Configuring Backups for NFS-Mounted File Systems.

For example, you can use this method to perform file system backups on a SCO OpenServer 6 computer, which does not support native Commvault installation.

Considerations for OpenVMS Backups Using NFS

Review the following considerations for OpenVMS backups using NFS:

From a Linux computer (NFS server) that runs Commvault software, mount a disk to the OpenVMS system (NFS client). To perform a backup operation, on the OpenVMS system, run the native BACKUP command and specify the output location to the mounted disk. You can back up the file from the Linux computer using the Commvault software.

In addition, you must also back up the ADF$filename file, which contains the OpenVMS file attributes.

Note: Depending on the TCP/IP ECO level configured, there might be file size limitations in NFS. For more information on file size limit in NFS, go to the HPE Community website, File Size Limit on NFS Shares.

Last modified: 10/15/2019 10:46:20 AM