Unattended Installation Using a Custom Package on Windows Client

You can configure a direct connection from the client to the CommServe computer during an unattended installation using a custom package on a Windows client.


From the command prompt on the Windows client, run the following command:

Setup.exe /silent /play install.xml /fwtype 0 /csclientname <CS clientname> /cshostname <CS hostname> /tunnelport <tunnelport> /authcode <authcode>


  • fwtype 0 means that this client can open a tunnel to the CommServe computer (required)
  • <CS clientname> is the CommServe client name (optional)
  • <CS hostname> is the CommServe hostname (optional)
  • <tunnelport> is the tunnel port of the CommServe computer (optional)
  • <authcode> is the authcode of the CommCell or company (optional)

Note: If you run the command without optional parameters, the installation procedure will use recorded information from the custom package.

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Last modified: 9/5/2019 6:54:39 PM