Global Secondary Copy Policy Retention

You can set the retention at the global secondary copy policy level. By default, the retention set at this level will be applicable to all the associated storage policy copies. To configure data retention on the global secondary copy policy, see Data Aging - Getting Started.

However, if you want to retain some backups jobs for a different time duration, you can configure individual retention rules on the storage policy copies that are associated with the global secondary copy policy.

To do so, select the Override the retention settings for this copy checkbox, on the General tab of the CopyProperties dialog box. This will enable the Retention tab for the storage policy copy where you can configure specific retention rules for data associated with the storage policy copy. You can also use command line to configure this setting. For instructions, see Updating Retention of a Storage Policy Copy Associated with a Global Secondary Copy Policy.

For detailed information on data retention and data aging, see Data Aging - Overview.

Last modified: 1/9/2018 7:01:16 PM