Content Index and Search Chinese and Japanese Text

In environments where an Index Server Cloud is configured, you can search for Chinese and Japanese text. During content indexing, the text is split into meaningful groups of characters (tokenized). After the text is tokenized, meaningful results are returned when you search the text.

For information about support for the Index Server Cloud, see Support and Considerations for Index Server Cloud.

Visualize and Analyze Data by Using File Storage Optimization

You can analyze files with the file storage optimization dashboards:

  • File duplicates
  • File ownership
  • File security
  • Size distribution
  • Tree size

To facilitate visualization, files are grouped according to common characteristics and displayed in graphs or charts. After you analyze your files, you can delete or move individual files or groups of files.

You can also perform cross-client searches if you need to find specific files.

For information about File Storage Optimization, see File Storage Optimization.

Last modified: 12/5/2019 10:17:27 PM