Command Line Flow

CommCell operations can be performed through the Command Line Interface (CLI). You can run operations individually from the command prompt or add operations to a script or third-party application for automation.

Data Flow





Step 1

When a command line .exe or API is called from a client, a token must be passed. (This requirement does not apply to the login command).

After the token is validated, inputs are validated. Input validation includes verifying whether all mandatory parameters are passed and whether the parameters that are passed are valid.

Step 2

Information is sent from the client to the Command Line service on the CommServe computer, which validates whether the token is valid. The Command Line service re-initiates a connection with the Server Event Manager service if needed.

For qoperation execute commands, entity names in the XML that are passed are converted to Entity IDs. If an invalid entity name is passed, errors are returned to the client. The Command Line service also updates the XML with parameters passed from the qoperation command and sends the request to the Server Event Manager service.

Step 3

The Server Event Manager service processes requests from the Command Line service, authenticates whether the user has the authority to perform the specified action, performs the action, and then depending on the action, stores audit information and/or sends an alert. The response is returned to the Command Line service.

Step 4

The Command Line service validates the response and generates an error code/error message if needed and sends the response back to the client.

Step 5

Client formats the message and returns it to caller.

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