Add a Server Group in File Storage Optimization

In File Storage Optimization, you can analyze file server data by adding a server group. The file servers included in the server group are the data sources.

For information about adding server groups in File Storage Optimization, see Adding a Server Group.

Schedule Data Collection for Inventory Assets and Project Data Sources

You can add a schedule to projects that you create in the Sensitive data governance app. The data collection job for the data sources runs according to the schedule.

When you create inventory in Activate, a schedule is automatically added to the inventory. The data collection job for the inventory assets runs according to the schedule. You can update the default schedule to suit your business needs.

For information about creating schedules, see Adding a Schedule for an Inventory and Adding a Schedule for a Project.

Search for Email Messages by Using Advanced Search Options in Command Center

Advanced search options are available in Case Manager and Compliance Search in the Command Center. In addition to searching for email messages by using keywords and predefined filters, you can create advanced searches by adding a set of filters and then defining the relationship between the filters with AND and OR conditions.

For information about searching, see Filters For Advanced Search and Searching for Information in Email Messages.

Last modified: 2/28/2020 9:51:21 PM