Configuring a Cloud Network Storage Pool With Global Storage

You can configure a cloud network storage pool with global storage from the CommCell Console.

To configure cloud network storage pools from the command line, see Creating Disk Network Storage Pool Using Command Line.

About This Task

The configuration wizard automatically creates the following entities as soon as the storage pool is configured:

  • Creates a cloud library
  • Creates a mount path for the cloud library

In addition, if a client computer group is associated with the storage pool, all the MediaAgents in the client computer group is automatically shared across the mount paths available in the library, with Read access.

Gather Cloud Storage Pool Data

Required Information


Storage Policy Name

Name of the storage pool.

For example: Storagepool-cloud001


Name of the available cloud library  with which the storage pool should be associated.


Click to create a new cloud library.

Cloud Storage Device

Details to configure the cloud storage device. For example: Service host name, Access key, Bucket.

For more information on the various server types, see the Access Information.

Client Group

Client group associated with storage pool. (optional)

Note: When a new MediaAgent is added to the client group, then it is automatically shared using one of the above-mentioned transport type, depending on the storage pool configuration.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand to Storage Resources > Storage Pools.
  2. Right-click the Storage Pools and click Cloud.
  3. The Create New Storage Pool Wizard opens. Follow the instructions in the wizard and use the data that was already gathered.

    In the Enable deduplication on Storage pool page, clear the Enable deduplication check box.

  4. Click Finish.

    The new storage pool appears under the Storage Pools node.


After the configuration the following entities will be available in the CommCell Console:

  • A cloud library will be created and displayed under the Storage node in the cloud network storage pool node in the CommCell Console.
  • If a client computer group was selected, then all the MediaAgents in the client computer group are automatically shared across all the mount paths available in the library.

What to Do Next

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