Limit the License Capacity for a Tenant User

You can limit the size of data that is backed up for a client computer group. A limit is set at the client computer group level and affects all of the clients in the group. If you have multiple CommCell environments, you can set a limit that is applied across the environments. When the limit is exceeded, backup jobs are placed in a waiting state and are tagged with an error code and error description: Client group capacity limit is exceeded.

Licensing limits can be used to monitor multi-tenant environments where each tenant is represented by a client computer group. When tenants exceed their backup limit, the MSP (Managed Backup Service Provider) can recommend that the tenants purchase additional capacity. For information about multi-tenant environments, see Multi-Tenant CommCell Environment.

For information about licensing, see the Commvault Licensing Program Guide.

Last modified: 4/24/2019 5:44:07 PM