File System Backup Quota for End Users

The File System Backup Quota feature lets administrators limit the amount of data that is backed up, by setting a quota. Quotas are set at the client owner level. You are said to own a client computer if your user ID has been assigned as an owner of that client computer. If you own more than one client, your quota applies to all of them. Also, a client can have more than one owner.


Quotas are enforced by actively notifying administrators and client computer owners through automated email messages, and preventing further backups of clients owned by owners who have exceeded their quota as described here.

Notification messages are sent in these cases:

  • When the total amount of file system data backed up for an owner is more than 90 percent of that owner's quota (but not 10 percent or more over the quota), the system sends a warning.
  • When the total amount of file system data backed up for an owner exceeds the owner's quota by 10 percent or more, the system sends an alert.

Important: The first client backup job that results in sending either a warning or an alert starts a 24-hour timer. No additional warnings or alerts are sent to any of the owners of that client until 24 hours has passed.


File systems on client computers whose owners have exceeded their quota by 10 percent or more are not backed up until their owner uses the Web Console to delete some data from the backup for file system clients they own, or the administrator increases the owner's quota.

Monitoring Backup Storage Usage

As a client owner, you can monitor your file system backup storage usage from the Web Console, which provides backup storage use information. See Viewing Quota Information in the Web Console.

File System Agents Supported

File System types that support the File System Quota feature include Microsoft Windows, Unix/Linux and Macintosh. See File System Backup Quota - Support for details.

Important: The File System Quota feature is supported in V11 only for new client computers or upgraded clients that have converted to indexing version 2. This feature is not supported for clients using previous versions of the software or indexing version 1. For more information about indexing version 2, see Indexing Version 2: Overview.

Last modified: 4/24/2019 7:55:12 PM