Editing a Live Sync Schedule for File System Agents

You can edit a Live Sync schedule to change the destination computer path or the source computer path for replication. You can delete schedules, disable schedules, or run schedules immediately. You can also force a full sync operation at any time using the Force Full Sync option.


  1. Right-click the backup set, and then select View > Schedules.

    For Live Sync schedules, the Type is Site Replication.

  2. Right-click the replication schedule, and then select Edit.

    The Live Sync Options dialog box appears.

  3. On the Schedule Pattern tab, make changes as needed to the replication schedule.
  4. On the General tab, you can edit the source path and the destination path for replication.
  5. To replicate changes from an auxiliary copy or backup copy:
    1. Click Advanced.

      The Advanced Live Sync Options dialog box appears.

    2. On the Copy Precedence tab, select Restore from copy precedence, and then enter the number of the storage copy properties for the auxiliary copy or the backup copy.
  6. When you configure Live Sync to use an auxiliary copy or a backup copy, the Live Sync operation reads data from the copy instead of reading from the primary backup.

Last modified: 2/6/2020 4:57:04 PM