Optimizing the Backup Performance for a DynamoDB Table Group

To optimize backup performance, you can increase the read capacity of the tables during full backups. With a higher read capacity, full backups of tables complete faster.

You can also modify the number of streams used for the backup operation.

Note: When you increase the read capacity, the new value is applied to backup operations for the table group. When the backup operation completes, the read capacity throughput is reverted to the default value on the DynamoDB database. The number of times you can reduce the read capacity is limited for a given AWS account. If you exceed the limit, the backup job waits until the read capacity is reverted to the original value. For more information, see the AWS documentation.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Databases > DynamoDB instance for the cloud account.

    The instance page appears.

  2. Click the Table Group that you want to modify.

    The Table Group details table group page appears.

  3. In the General section, click More.
  4. For Number of Data Streams, click Edit, and then enter the number of streams to use for backups.
  5. To change the read capacity throughput, click Edit next to the Adjust Read Capacity box, and then type the number of units.

    Note: The software increases the read capacity of the table only if the value that you enter is higher than the original read capacity of the table at the time of backup. Also, the software does not increase the read capacity if the capacity mode of the table is set to ON_DEMAND or PAY_PER_REQUEST.

Last modified: 12/8/2020 8:19:02 PM