Connecting to Salesforce Using Mutual Authentication

You can connect to Salesforce using a Salesforce user account that has restricted access to the APIs by using a mutual authentication certificate. When you connect by using a mutual authentication certificate, you can run only backup and restore operations.

Add the mutual authentication certificate to the Salesforce app when you perform any of the following tasks:

  • Add a Salesforce app (client)
  • Add a Salesforce instance
  • Add or update a Salesforce backup set

Before You Begin

  • Configure your Linux proxy client to use mutual authentication. For more information, go to Configure Your API Client to Use Mutual Authentication on the Salesforce website.
  • Verify that the certificate (PEM) file is valid and includes the entire certificate chain. If private keys are required, include them in the certificate file.

    Sample format for the certificate file:

    -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----
    --key data--
    -----END PRIVATE KEY-----
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----


  1. Access the Connection details information from any of the following pages:
    • Add Salesforce client
    • Add Salesforce instance
    • Add Salesforce backup set
    • The backup set properties page
  2. In the Mutual auth certificate box, enter the path to the PEM file.
  3. To test the connection, click Test connection.

    The Test connection dialog box appears and contains a success message or a failure message.

  4. After the test is successful, click Save or Next.

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