Searching for Information in Email Messages in Compliance Search

You can search for email message by using keywords and filters. The search results can be added to a case in Case Manager or exported to several file formats.

Before You Begin

Complete the setup for Case Manager. For instructions, see Getting Started.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Activate.

    The Activate page appears.

  2. Under Apps, click Compliance search.

    The Compliance search page appears.

  3. In the upper-left corner of the page, search for information in the email messages:
    • To search by using a keyword, in the search box, enter the keyword, and then click the search button.
    • To filter, click a predefined facet, and then select a value.

      For example, to see all email messages that do not have an attachment, click the Attachment facet, and then select the false check box.

    • To create a custom search query, click Advanced search, and then select from the following options:
      • To limit the search to a kind of mailbox, from the Data type list, select Exchange archiving, Exchange journaling, or SMTP Journaling.
      • To change the index server where the search is performed, from the Index server list, select the index server.
      • To include a keyword, in the Keyword box, enter the keyword.
      • To add filters with user-defined values, click Add filter.

What to Do Next

From the search results, select the relevant email messages, and then add the messages to a case or export the messages.

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