Oracle RAC Agent: Data Aging

Table of Contents

Setting Up the Basic Retention Rule

Running the Data Aging Job

Extended Retention Rules

Data Aging for Transaction, Archive, and Logical Log Backups

Data Aging of the Oracle Recovery Catalog Database

Data Aging Rules for Oracle Archive Index

Disable Oracle RMAN Crosschecks during Data Aging

Data Aging Rules for Selective Online Full Backups

Data Aging Rules for Command Line Backups

Data Aging Rules for On-Demand and Customized RMAN Script Backups

Oracle RMAN Retention Policy

Data Aging Rules for Jobs Completed with Errors

Data Aging is the process of removing old data from secondary storage to allow the associated media to be reused for future backups.

You can change the retention of your data based on your needs.

For the agent, the retention cycles are calculated both on the subclient as well as on the instance. Therefore, the backup jobs will not age until the data retention cycle for the instance and the data retention cycle for the cycle and subclient are met.

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