Data Aging Rules for Command Line Backups

  • The third party command line log backups can be linked to third party command line data backups as well as any other kind of backup data as per regular data link rule.
  • Data from third-party command line backups is aged differently than data from backups initiated through the CommCell Console. Retention cycles are not used for copies involved in operations from the third-party command line. For such operations, data is aged according to the associated retention time. However, you can manually set the retention time for each third party command line job from the storage policy copy. The command line log backups will be aged according to the retention time set for its associated command line data backup job.
  • The qoperation agedata command can age data and logs simultaneously based on the Job ID, and it is especially useful for aging each of these items separately.
  • Command line full jobs will be aged only when all of the incremental data backups in that cycle are eligible for pruning.

Last modified: 1/15/2021 4:43:19 PM