Virtual Machines in the Capacity Calculation

Virtual machine backup job data for capacity licensing usage is calculated as follows:

  • For streaming backups and backup copy jobs, the capacity usage is based on the guest size for all virtual machines being backed up.
  • For IntelliSnap backups, the capacity usage is based on the application size for the virtual machines being backed up.

In the License Summary Report, the Job Size column lists guest sizes for virtual machines included in full or synthetic full streaming backups (including backup copy jobs) and application sizes for snapshots. 

Capacity usage is summarized as follows:

  • Virtual machine streaming backups are included in the Backup license count (depending on the storage policy configuration).
  • Backup copy operations are included in the Backup license count.
  • Archived VMs are included in the Archive license count.
  • IntelliSnap backups are included in the Snapshot count.

When the same virtual machine is included in multiple backup jobs, only one of the jobs counts against capacity usage. If a virtual machine is included in multiple subclients, the latest backup provides the size included in overall capacity usage.  If a virtual machine is included in both backups and archiving jobs, the guest size for the VM counts toward the Backup license.

Logical volume manager (LVM) metadata processing for volumes encrypted using BitLocker is currently not supported. Decrypting contents of such volumes may not be feasible during backup because decryption requires a recovery password or a decryption key. Because metadata collection for the volume fails, the reported guest size for virtual machines with encrypted volumes may be incorrect and a file-level browse operation for the encrypted volume cannot display file information.

When capacity licensing is used, the used space as reported by the guest OS for the virtual machine is reported against licensed capacity. For example, if the guest OS shows 20 GB used on a 100 GB disk, 20 GB is what counts against the licensed capacity. This is the case even if a different figure is reported for VM disks on the datastore, and is not affected by deduplication or compression.

For more information about virtual machine sizes, see Size Measures for Virtual Machines.

Verifying Backup Job Data for Virtual Machines

To review backup information for virtual machines, generate a VM Backup Report.

Alternatively, you can log in to the CommServe host using qlogin and run the following stored procedure on the CommServe database:

qoperation execscript -sn QS_CLAGetVSADetails –cs commserve_host_name –file file_name -format csv

The resulting output shows the size of the latest backup job for each virtual machine. The size value is the guest size for the VM, or the used space if guest size is unavailable; the size value for all VMs is used in the overall capacity licensing calculation.

The output also shows which license category each VM counts against, and provides instance, backup set, subclient, and job information for each VM.

Last modified: 2/6/2020 10:29:44 PM