Configuring Multiple CommServe Hostnames for Multi-Tenant Environments

You can configure multiple CommServe hostnames for Multi-tenant CommCell environments, where end clients may have different hostnames / IP addresses to connect to the CommServe.


  1. Create a Client Group containing clients with Service Pack 14, or above.

    For more information about creating a Client Group, see Creating a Client Computer Group.

  2. To the client group, add the sCSINTERFACELIST additional setting as shown in the following table.

    Note: All the clients within the client group must be in Service Pack 14 (or higher).

    For more information about adding additional settings from the CommCell Console, see Adding or Modifying Additional Settings from the CommCell Console.






    Comma separated list of CommServe interfaces or IP addresses. This interface will be used by the clients to connect to the CommServe host, with out relying on DNS.

    For example, activeCS.company.com,passivecs.company.com,

Last modified: 2/12/2020 7:56:02 PM