Configuring Subscription Based Azure Blob Storage with Object Storage Repositories with Azure Access Nodes

Configure an Azure VM access node for the Azure Blob Object Storage repository.


  1. In the Azure portal, do the following:
    1. Create a VM of the UNIX or Windows system.
    2. Using an account that is associated with the Azure subscription that contains the VM, do the following:
      1. Enable system-assigned managed identity on the VM.
      2. Add the contributor role to the VM.
  2. Install the Commvault software on the Azure VM.

    To do that, perform steps 1-3 in Getting Started with Azure Blob Storage.

  3. In the Command Center, add a content group to a repository:
    1. Add Repository for Subscription Based Backups with Azure Access Nodes.
    2. Adding a Content Group to a Repository.


The Command Center discovers all storage accounts in that subscription. Then, you can back up the content. See Backing Up Azure Blob Content Groups.

Last modified: 3/25/2021 6:11:37 PM