Configuring Subscription Based Azure Blob Storage with Object Storage Repositories with Non-Azure VMs as Access Nodes

You can configure any VM as access node for the Azure Blob Storage Object Storage repository.


  1. Create an Azure Active Directory (AD) application. Go to the Microsoft documentation site and search for "create service principal portal".
  2. Log on to the Microsoft Azure portal, and then, at subscription level, add the contributor role in the Azure AD application that you created.
  3. In the Microsoft Azure portal, generate a client secret.

    Tip: Write down the client secret, the Application ID and the Tenant ID of the application, because you will need them when you create the object storage repository.

  4. Add an object storage repository whose access node is the VM that you created. See Add Repository for Subscription Based Backups with non-Azure Access Nodes .
  5. Add the content that you want to back up. See Adding a Content Group to a Repository.


When you create the content group, Command Center discovers all storage accounts in that subscription. Then, you can select content and run a backup operation.

Last modified: 6/9/2020 8:39:20 PM