Retention Rules for Content Indexed Data

When you prune data based on data retention rules, the corresponding content index for the data also gets pruned from the search engine. However, if there are multiple copies of the data and you are pruning the data in only one of the copies, then the content index for that data does not get pruned automatically.

When you disable content indexing for a storage policy, a message appears that asks you if you want to permanently remove the content indexing ability for the storage policy. When you select Yes, the following changes occur:

  • New data associated to the storage policy will not be content indexed.
  • Existing data will be pruned based on the longest retention setting in the storage policy.
  • Data that has already been successfully content indexed can still be searched.

When you select No, the content indexes are retained and the content indexing feature is not disabled for the storage policy

Configure the retention criteria for the content index. By default the indexes are maintained as long as the data is maintained and automatically pruned when the data aging operation prunes the associated data.

Last modified: 10/1/2018 6:29:18 PM