Performing a Test Restore

Once you have a test backup, you can perform a test restore.

Before You Begin

Make sure that the test backup job is displayed as Completed. See Performing a Test Backup for more information.


  1. From the Job XX - Backup page click Restore.

    See Viewing Jobs for more information.

  2. Choose the content that you want to restore.
    • To restore the entire content, select the check box for the data.
    • To restore a subset, expand the directories and then select the content.
  3. Click Restore.

    The Restore Options dialog box is displayed.

  4. From the Destination list, choose the destination host for the restore.
  5. Choose the restore location.
  6. To restore to the original backup location, select the Restore to original folder check box.
  7. To restore to a new location, clear the Restore to original folder check box and then in the Destination Path box, type the full path to the destination folder.
  8. To overwrite the existing data, select the Overwrite if it already exists check box.
  9. Click Submit.

What to Do Next

You can control or view the job. For more information, see Jobs.

Last modified: 3/17/2020 5:08:50 PM