Failure to Register the MediaAgents With the CommServe During Installation


The HyperScale installation fails during registertocs phase, either using the 1GigE management network or basic installation.

Error similar to the following can be found in /var/log/hyperscale.log:

hyperscale - ERROR - /opt/commvault/MediaAgent64/cvsetuphelper.py:1436:register_with_cs() - Registration with CommServe failed
m= cs_cidr=20 ip=
Cluster fencing could not be configured due to the following error. Please configure manually to make CommServe VM highly available.
Failed to validate irmc address for hcatest3mgmt.commvault.com


  1. Login to the MediaAgent and navigate to the following folder:


  2. Run the following script:

    # ./registertocs.py

    When prompted, provide the following information:

    • CommServe Hostname: Type the fully qualified host name for the CommServe computer.
    • CommServe Client Name (optional): Type the CommServe client name, if it is different from the CommServe host name.
    • CommServe User Name and CommServe Password: Type the credentials to access this CommServe

    Alternatively, you can also run the script with the options in the command line as follows:

    ./registertocs.py -n <commserve_hostname> -c <commserve_client_name> -u <commserve_user_name> -p <password>

    For example:

    ./registertocs.py -n commserve.company.com -c commserve.company.com -u admin -p mypassword

    Note: If an exclamation character is used in the password, make sure to enclose the password in single quotes. For example, 'mypassword!4'.

Last modified: 4/30/2020 7:59:22 PM