Creating a Storage Policy Copy with Deduplication

You can create a storage policy copy with deduplication, as an efficient method to store data that identifies and eliminates duplicate blocks of data during backups.

Optionally, you can also create a storage policy copy with deduplication by using the sp_copycreation.xml configuration file, which contains parameters that define the storage policy copy. For more information, see Creating a Deduplication Enabled Storage Policy Copy.


  • The number of deduplication database (DDB) partitions on the MediaAgent that you select should not exceed the system threshold of 30 DDB partitions.
  • Secondary copies are automatically associated with the System Created Autocopy schedule policy.

    The system created automatic copy schedule repeatedly runs the auxiliary copy job everyday, at 30 minute time intervals.

  • The copy is automatically associated to a pre-existing schedule of the storage policy, if the schedule was created with the All Copies option enabled. See System Created Automatic Auxiliary Copy Schedule Policy for more information.

Before You Begin

Before creating a storage policy copy with deduplication, consider the guidelines available in the Deduplication Building Block Guide.


Step 1: Create a Storage Pool Using a Disk / Cloud Library

Create a deduplication enabled storage pool using one of the following storage device:

Step 2: Create a Storage Policy Copy Using the Storage Pool

Create a Storage Policy Copy using the Storage Pool. You can create one or more copies as follows:

Step 3: Fine-Tune the Settings For the Copy (Optional)

If necessary you can fine-tune the settings for the copy as follows:

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