Getting Started with MongoDB

To get started with MongoDB distributed backups, install the software, create a MongoDB client, discover the MongoDB nodes, and then run the first back up and restore operation.

Step 1: Obtain Your User Credentials to Access the Command Center

Obtain the following information from your administrator:

  • The Command Center URL
  • Your Command Center user credentials

If the Command Center is not set up in your CommCell environment, contact your administrator to deploy the Command Center. For more information, see Quick Start Guide.

Step 2: Log On to the Command Center

Accessing the Command Center by using the URL and user account credentials that you obtained from the administrator.

Step 3: Create a MongoDB Client

If you do not have any Big Data applications configured previously on the Command Center console, complete the setup wizard to create a Big Data Application for MongoDB. During the setup, you create a new client for the MongoDB cluster with the mongos node in case of sharded cluster, and any one of the nodes in case of a replica set, as the master node.

If a Big Data application is already configured in the Command Center, then create a MongoDB client from the Big Data node on the left navigation.

Step 4: Discover the MongoDB Cluster Nodes

After you create the MongoDB client, discover the nodes on the MongoDB cluster.

For more information, see Adding Cluster Nodes to a MongoDB Client.

If the MongoDB agent already exists on these nodes, the discovered nodes are automatically added to the MongoDB client.

If not previously installed, then during the discovery, you can install the MongoDB agent on the cluster nodes.

Step 5: Run the First Backup Operation and Restore Operation

The first full backup is automatically scheduled based on the assigned plan.

After the backup operation is complete, perform a restore.

Last modified: 11/13/2020 10:50:43 AM