Restore MongoDB Data

You can browse and restore the backed up replica sets for a MongoDB client.

Browsing and Restoring MongoDB Data Based on Backup Time

You can browse the MongoDB data either from the most recent backup or from a previous point in time.

  • You can restore from the latest backups to keep your content on a secondary storage, such as tape, for long-term storage.
  • You can restore from the data backed up on a specific date to restore to a point in time before the content became unusable.
  • You can restore from the data backed for a date range if your content for that range was deleted accidentally.

Restore Destinations

The destination where you restore data is determined by your restore objective. Generally, you perform an in-place or an out-of-place restore.

In-place restore

When you restore the data in place, you restore it to the same nodes (same cluster) from which the data was backed up.

Out-of-place restore

When you restore data out of place, you can restore it to a different cluster and then apply the oplogs to bring back the MongoDB server.

Restore to disk

You can restore the data to a disk on the same or different cluster.

Last modified: 7/16/2020 1:36:17 PM