Block-Level Backup - Support (Windows)

The following table lists the features that are supported for block-level backup.





Windows File System




Advanced Backup/Archive Options

Data tab - Catalog



Data tab - Verify Synthetic Full




Job Retry tab



Media tab - Allow other Schedule to use Media Set



Media tab - Mark Media Full on Success



Media tab - Reserve Resources Before Scan



Media tab - Start New Media



Startup tab



Vault Tracking tab






Advanced File System iDataAgent Options

On Demand Data Protection Operation




Restore by Jobs


Restore by Jobs is not supported for block-level backups.


Restore Data Using a Map File




  • Only a mount point can be configured as subclient content.
  • Nested mount points are not supported. To back up nested mount points, add each nested mount point to a different subclient.
  • Enable Apple Double Support option is not supported.
  • Wildcards and soft links in the subclient content are not supported.
  • Automatic expansion of subclient content is not supported.
  • Filtering files from a backup is not supported.
  • On Demand Backup Sets are not supported for IntelliSnap backup.

Alerts and Monitoring

Global Alerts



Job-Based Alerts*






Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates






Backup/Archive Options

Differential Backup




Full Backup



Incremental Backup

  • Configuring incremental backups using ctime and/or mtime is not supported.
  • Incremental backup job shows changed files if metadata collection is enabled.


Other Backup Types




Synthetic Full Backup

The Run Incremental Backup option is not supported. You cannot run an incremental backup before or after a synthetic full backup.




Browse from Copy Precedence



Browse the Latest Data



Browse Using Filters

Supported if metadata collection is enabled.


Exclude Data Before





Supported if metadata collection is enabled.


Full Backup Transparent Browse



Image Browse



No Image Browse




Page Size



Specify Browse Path



Specify Browse Time



Subclient Browse



Use MediaAgent



View All Versions

Supported if metadata collection is enabled.



  • Live browse is supported from the backup set level.
  • Live browse is supported from a snap job provided that the snapshot is available and is in a mountable state.
  • Browse from the backup set level is supported if metadata collection is enabled.
  • Volume-level restore is supported only from the subclient level.
  • The Show Deleted Items option is not supported.


Windows Cluster




Supported for Linux on Non-Veritas Cluster.

Command Line Interface

Command Line Interface





Block-level subclient creation is not supported.

CommCell Migration

CommCell Migration




  • CommCell Migration is not supported with IntelliSnap backup when using Data Replicator storage array.
  • CommCell Migration is supported with Virtualize Me and 1-Touch restores.

Content Indexing

Offline Content Indexing







Data Aging

Basic Retention Rules



Deleting a Job



Extended Retention Rules



Retaining a Job



Unique Data Aging Rules







Data Compression

Client Compression



Hardware Compression



MediaAgent Compression






Data Encryption

Data Encryption Support



Third-party Command Line Encryption Support






Data Multiplexing





Multi-streaming is supported.


MediaAgent Deduplication



Source Deduplication






Delete Backup and Archive Data

Delete Data Using CommCell Console







Global Filters

Global Filters








Custom Package



Decoupled Install



Remote Install



Restore Only Agents




Silent Install




Non-root user install is not supported.

Job Restart - Data Protection

Not Restartable




Restarts from the Beginning




Restarts from the Beginning of the Database




Restarts from the Point-of-Failure






Job Restart - Data Recovery

Not Restartable




Restarts from the Beginning




Restarts from the Beginning of the Database




Restarts from the Point-of-Failure

Not supported for volume-level restore from snap.





List Media

List Media Associated with a Specific Backup Set or Instance




List Media Associated with Index




List Media Associated with Specific Files and/or Folders




List Media Associated with Specific Jobs





List Media is not supported irrespective of selecting metadata collection.

Optimized Scan

Optimized Scan

Supported if metadata collection is enabled.



  • System mount points like var, tmp and opt are not monitored.
  • Volume-level restore is not supported if the destination volume is monitored.

Pre/Post Processes

Pre/Post Process with Data Protection and Recovery






Restore/Recover/Retrieve Destinations

Cross-Application Restores (Different Application version)




Cross-Platform Restores - Different Operating System

File-level cross-platform restores to Windows are supported.


Cross-Platform Restores - Same Operating System - Different Version



In-place Restore - Same path/ destination - Same Client



Out-of-place Restore - Different path/ destination



Out-of-place Restore - Same path/ destination - Different Client



Restore Data Using a Map File

Not supported for volume-level restore.


Restore to Network Drive /NFS-Mounted File System





Restore/Recover/Retrieve Options

Automatic Detection of Regular Expressions



Filter Data From Recover Operations



Rename/ Redirect Files on Restore



Restore Data Using Wildcard Expressions

Not supported with live browse.


Restore Data with Pre/Post Processes



Restore from Copies



Skip Errors and Continue

Not supported for volume-level restore.


Use Exact Index



Use MediaAgent




File-level restore is not supported for files with path names longer than 1024 bytes.

  • File system level hard links optimization during restores is not supported.
  • Impersonate user option is not supported for volume-level browse.
  • Monitor the progress of the job in the Job Controller.
  • To view details of the restore job, see Restore Job History.

Restore/Recover/Retrieve Overwrite Options

Overwrite Files



Overwrite if file on media is newer



Restore only if target exists



Unconditional Overwrite



Unconditionally overwrite only if target is a DataArchiver stub







Schedule Policy

Agent Specific Data Protection Schedule Policy



All Agent Types Schedule Policy






Storage Policies

Incremental Storage Policy*




Standard Storage Policies




Snap storage policy is required.

Subclient Policies

Subclient Policy




Not supported with block-level backups


Windows - Local



Windows - Silent



Upgrade from the CommCell Console






User Administration and Security

Backup Set/Archive Set















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