Getting Started with Exchange Online

To get started with backing up an Exchange Online mailbox, verify that your environment meets the system requirements, add an Azure app and a service account, discover the mailbox, and then back up and restore the mailbox to confirm that the system is set up correctly.

Important: If possible, perform the getting started process in a test environment. After you perform a test backup and restore, you can move the system into production.

Before You Begin

  • Install the Office365 Package

    The Office365 package must be installed on the mailbox access node for backup operations. For more information, see System Requirements.

  • Install the Index Store Package

    To perform indexing, search, and analytics functions, you must install the Index Store package. The metadata and content index data is stored in the index server. For more information, see Hardware Recommendation.

  • Create a Server Plan

    When you set up the Command Center, a default server plan is created. To create a separate server plan, see Create a Server Plan.

  • Create an Office 365 plan.

    To create an Office 365 plan, see Create an Office 365 plan.


  1. Use the express configuration option if you want to add an Azure app and a service account.

    You can use the Office 365 global administrator account. If MFA is enabled for global administrator account, you can disable MFA only for this configuration and re-enable it after configuration is complete.

    With the express configuration option, you use the Office 365 global administrator account.

    You can use the custom configuration option instead, for either of the following reasons:

    • You do not want to use the global administrator account.
    • You have multi-factor authentication enabled for global administrator account which is not supported in the express configuration.
  2. Add a mailbox.
  3. Perform a test backup and restore.

Last modified: 4/6/2021 2:22:36 PM