Contents for Feature Release 20

  1. Scalable reconstruction of DDB goes to pending for certain DDB errors. 1718
  2. VSA backup API does not allow the caller to specify the desired backup level. 1714
  3. Recall from cloud storage fails when index is large 1707, 1708
  4. We might interpret wrong disk provision type in a corner case when multiple VMs are being restore in a single job. 1704
  5. VSA application aware backup may fail with error credentials are wrong. 1699
  6. User Account Management Preview may not capture SQL Agent user impersonation configuration set at the client computer group level. 1696, 1700, 1705
  7. Support for backup of HBASE with kerberos authentication. 1690, 1691
  8. VMWare LiveSync incremental replication may fail when raw device maps are present in backup. 1683
  9. cvd crash due to autoscaleexpirycheck 1682, 1685, 1686
  10. WebServer and Adminconsole might not work after installing Commvault 1681
  11. Secret key might be empty in DB for Access-Secret authentication. 1677
  12. ClMgrs service may crash during recall. 1675
  13. Synthetic full from plans do not run as expected when Selective copy is configured. 1671, 1672, 1673
  14. During release upgrade to V11, NetApp NAS NDMP clients may have their APP_Client simOperatingSystemId changed from 16 to 19. As a result, some NetApp specific behavior such as multiple backup sets may not work properly. 1662, 1663
  15. AWS RDS backups may fail if the client has restricted region based access. 1660
  16. Cassandra snapshots taken during FULL backups are left behind if the job fails or is killed/suspended 1658, 1659, 1661
  17. CommServe failover could fail 1656
  18. Amazon RDS discovery may fail in China regions. 1654
  19. Sync addition settings on Clustered CS from DB to registry after post failover. 1655, 1657
  20. OneDrive Guest users in the organization should not be discovered for backups 1638
  21. Salesforce licensing report considers guest and automated processes. 1636, 1639
  22. After deriving a server plan with storage pools inherited and RPO overridden, the "Number of Days between Synthetic Full Backups" in the "Synthetic Fulls" schedule would be set to 0 instead of being set to the primary storage's retention period. 1634
  23. RPM installation on AIX failing with no group root 1633
  24. DB2 purescale snapshot backup copy may fail due with file not found error. 1632
  25. Convert and import fails when source db does not has SP/FN objects 1628
  26. Custom logo may not be seen in Web Console portal when redirected from Command Center. 1627
  27. Out-of-Place restore of a VM may cause source VM network disruption in NSX-T environment 1621
  28. Greenplum Restore fails as files restored to jobResults directory are getting cleaned up 1620
  29. Greenplum restore completes with warnings as destination database schema are not deleted 1620
  30. Command center report shows SP16 due to expire on 15th June 2019 even though its LTS 1622, 1623
  31. Recreated user may be associated with an old email address incorrectly. 1619
  32. Unable to select shared VPC during out of place restore of GCP instances. 1596
  33. Oracle instance name might not be shown for older job in job history. 1598, 1599
  34. Unable to select shared VPC during out of place restore of GCP instances. 1600
  35. Two factor authentication may keep turning itself off unexpectedly. 1587, 1588
  36. Incorrect alerts getting created for Server Plan 1571, 1572, 1573
  37. ASM disk group mount may fail during Oracle snap backup copy. 1550
  38. Backup copy job for SAP Oracle fails if source of backup copy is Open replication secondary copy. 1544
  39. Report links in schedules emails may not be correct 1543
  40. SAML logout integration for metallic hub. 1540
  41. Unable to create Amazon STS cloud library with Credential Manager. 1536
  42. FSO crawl job of backed up data may be slow 1534
  43. Jobs in Storage Policy Copy report may show empty table if VSA pseudo client is selected. 1532, 1533
  44. Mount may hang during VMware backup copy with PURE array causing backup copy job to fail. 1531
  45. VSA live browse may not honor the FREL selected from live browse advanced option, but always use FREL selected at VSA instance properties. 1530
  46. standalone solr index restores might have additional folders on restore 1526
  47. restores immediately after backup might fail 1526
  48. Static IPs not applied to restored VMs. 1521
  49. Commcell clients may not be listed in the Inventory 1518, 1519
  50. Hyperscale Super micro nodes disk health information may not be displayed properly in Command center. 1514
  51. Customer may face issue while performing object storage restore 1513
  52. Acquire Lock and release lock activity may fail causing the entire workflow job to fail or loop for ever. 1512
  53. File Distribution Dashboard may not be accessible when the user is given only end user access permission. 1508, 1509, 1510
  54. IntelliSnap Hitachi Vantara snapshot backup job may fail occasionally when certain array commands fail to execute due to sharing violation error. 1507
  55. Live crawl of file system data using access node may fail with network errors. 1505
  56. Write operation to writeable PIT view of an NFS object store may fail. 1502
  57. Directory listing may not show all the children when there is a lot of I/O activity. 1502
  58. Backup jobs start with one stream. 1502
  59. Truncating a file while it is held open for writing may result in the previous data being unable to be read from a PIT. 1502
  60. Occasionally listing a large directory may take a very long time. 1502
  61. Guest users are discovered 1495
  62. SIDB Client API library can fail to load leading to DDB launch failures. 1489
  63. CVODS process may exhaust all the ports on MA or VSA 1485
  64. email attachment may not searchable in review set. 1484
  65. Hyperlink does not show for VM Group details page in the protected status pane 1483
  66. Client API will return Forbidden instead of Internal Server Error 1480
  67. Amazon RDS PostgreSQL discovery may fail when HTTP Proxy is configured. 1478
  68. Support for assuming a IAM role to backup Amazon instances. 1473, 1475
  69. Backup copy for Isilon CIFS shares IntelliSnap job fails with "Share not found" error. 1466
  70. VSA Snap job may be stuck in job controller when committing the job. 1467, 1468
  71. Oracle OnDemand Instance Comcell Migration stalls intermittently. 1463, 1464, 1465
  72. Discovery by tags may not discover and backup all VMs. 1455
  73. HANA Log recover hangs - Created an SR with HANA 1450, 1454
  74. Child Server unable to download license XML from Parent CommCell 1452
  75. Support for assuming a IAM role to backup Amazon instances. 1449
  76. Xen templates snapshot creation may be skipped caused the backup to fail. 1448
  77. Previews may fail for some content indexed SharePoint documents in Compliance search. 1447
  78. Though the queue conflicting job option is selected, Archive log backup job might not be queued if there is a Selective Online Full job running. 1445
  79. Company Deactivation fails due to missing "associated smart client group" 1444, 1446
  80. Oracle Table restore always includes roll back segment table spaces. 1443
  81. Optimizing the crawl job. 1442
  82. GUI reset may result in loss of user preferences and 'Getting Started window' is displayed. 1441
  83. Wrong Q&I time shown in DDB pruning performance report 1440
  84. GUI shows application credentials instead of guest credentials. 1439
  85. MA failed to upload Huge index files 1435
  86. When index collection is initiated from cloud, the index might get deleted from the media agent in special case. 1435
  87. PSIRT page does not work with fields having special chars like \ , $ 1434
  88. Support for assuming a IAM role to backup Amazon instances. 1433
  89. Cassandra snapshots from failed backup jobs may be left behind. 1432
  90. Restore job fails over dataserver FC when using lookahead link reader 1429
  91. Staging folder on the index may grow while running sensitive data governance index extraction job. 1430
  92. Some index restore operations could fail if running in parallel 1422
  93. Email preview may contain unexpected question mark character. 1419
  94. Restore of a large HANA 2.0 tenant database may fail due to timeout. 1418
  95. Incorrect database is picking for the SAP HANA restore 1414
  96. Browse or restore may restore corrupted data which can vary from run to run 1413
  97. OpenShift 3.x : ssh key / encoded secrets printed in logs 1412
  98. properties fails to get updated for mailbox migrated from one exchange server to second 1405, 1406
  99. rpm package for PostgreSQL package on a Linux machine may fail. 1400
  100. Commserver may be unresponsive if the job summary REST API is used for job status monitoring. 1393, 1394
  101. Firewall daemon may crash when there are too many clients connecting at the same time. 1385
  102. Loading alerts on a server or subclient page from Command center may time out and cause high CPU usage. 1386, 1387
  103. Recall of file may fail when CSVFS stubs are accessed via share 1241
  104. Web console Job Summary report with delayed jobs is not showing End Time properly and not saved in pdf. 1377, 1378
  105. Preview with attachment in original format fails when HTTPS is enabled on WebConsole 1372
  106. Backup jobs written to Deep archive may not honor Object Lock when deduplication is not enabled. 1370
  107. Workflow engine service may fail to start when it cannot connect to the Commserver database. 1369, 1371
  108. Content indexing of large excel files may consume all the memory and fail. 1368
  109. Listing OneNote item fails because of API exception. 1367
  110. VSA proxylesss snap mount may fail with error "Failed to map snaps" when ESX server info may be missing. 1364
  111. Synthetic full may get aged from primary copy incorrectly. 1362
  112. restore might fail due to attach fail because of VM state is "image_locked" 1359
  113. PST Ingestion for FS subclient fails to restore PST files 1349
  114. Don't PST Ingestion for FS subclient fails to associate PST with file owner 1349
  115. Powered state VM filter will not work if subclient content is tag based. 1340
  116. O365 mailbox archive jobs may run for a long time. 1336
  117. Event viewer may show too many info events about job throttling. 1333
  118. VMWare file level restores leveraging metadata collection browse may take a longer time when there are a lot of small files. 1327
  119. IBM 3592 tape drive may write data in incorrect recording format. 1326
  120. File servers in the inventory may not be complete. 1323
  121. Celerra instance stubs are not getting backed up 1322
  122. Oracle RMAN incremental backup copy may fail when physical schema change on source database after the snap was taken 1318
  123. After enabling Google Drive auto-discovery, subclient list is not populated based on the OU membership 1316
  124. PostgreSQL snap revert may fail 1310
  125. Data analytics report may show wrong analytics date for client groups. 1298, 1299
  126. When restoring under heavy load (backups and restores running simultaneously, the all active restore jobs on a given proxy will fail. The vsCLoudFS log will show an exception followed by dismounts of all active VHD files. 1297
  127. Browse from Failback DR is failing. 1296
  128. File replication between Unix file system may fail due to excessively long file names. 1292
  129. Aux Copy job may not move data on some of the allocated streams. 1288
  130. Oracle spfile/controlfile backup with customized script may fail if DB is in NOArchivelogMode. 1287
  131. Upload files may fail with "Http 409 Conflict" error for HCP cloud server. 1280
  132. Aux Copy or restore for dedupe jobs may unnecessarily download the content of Chunk Meta Data files twice for cloud library. 1280
  133. Bucket backup: restore for Azure File failed with invalid header error. 1280
  134. The timestamps show from CloudStorageExplorer may be one hour off for some files, only pressing F9 to get file details then it will show correct timestamps for all. The timestamp issue may also affect bucket backup feature. 1280
  135. Recalls with standard mode from Alibaba Cloud fails with "GlacierJobParameters is not supported" error 1280
  136. only fulls might run for sharepointdb subclients associated to plan 1272, 1273
  137. Aborted recall entries hang around when shares are moved around the nodes. 1266
  138. For laptop plan tenant user is not able to modify rpo even though user has modify schedule policy permission 1257, 1258
  139. Some companies are missing in the company prefix dropdown list. 1240, 1243
  140. Adding user in CASP group adds user to its company group 1240, 1243
  141. Command center and Web console may go down during laptop upgrade. 1238
  142. On the Job history page, filtering by more than one Agent type was not working. 1247
  143. Job delay reason in Command center may be incorrect. 1244
  144. Disk Library Growth Report is showing incorrect capacity and free space. 1235
  145. Hyperscale nodes may hang or reboot while installing commvault updates on Fujitsu Hardware 1233
  146. MongoDB discovery may fail when $ is present in password 1232
  147. Extraction of smartctl information for a HyperScale data disk fails. 1230
  148. The workflow alert popup inside the GUI does not auto size based on the text 1226
  149. Tenant user list in Command center may be inaccurate. 1216, 1217
  150. Restore of checkpoint should not be initiated on clients which belong to client group "Disable Checkpoint Restore". 1212, 1213
  151. For MSP Customer, tenent user can see all cloud controllers (Virtualization clients) belongs to other company in power management configuration. 1208, 1209, 1210
  152. CPU resource control may not work for Oracle IDA. 1197
  153. Unable to perform Media Erasure(SCSI Long Erase). 1196
  154. Content indexing of some emails may fail when the emails are treated as journal email incorrectly. 1195
  155. Creation of recovery point from Exchange block-level backup may fill up "TEMP" folder on system drive. 1205
  156. Creation of recovery point from Exchange block-level backup may fill up "TEMP" folder on system drive. 1204
  157. Creation of recovery point from Exchange block-level backup may fill up "TEMP" folder on system drive. 1203
  158. Creation of recovery point from Exchange block-level backup may fill up "TEMP" folder on system drive. 1202
  159. Creation of recovery point from Exchange block-level backup may fill up "TEMP" folder on system drive. 1201
  160. Jobs may fail on Windows cluster after a failover until services are restarted. 1193
  161. Reference copy may fail with indexing timeout. 1192
  162. Live browse restore of folders may fail when the folder name has special characters. 1200
  163. VVOL livebrowse failing to Mount VM 1190
  164. [Entity Extraction] Proximity based confidence calculation is taking too much time 1177, 1179, 1199
  165. VM provisioning breakage 1185
  166. Registering decouple installed clients may fail with connection errors on UNIX. 1170
  167. Physical client installation doesn't takeover the existing pseudo client on CommServe with [Secure Agent Install] option disabled 1170
  168. certain keyboard localization can cause code editor to behave strange and makes editing activity inputs impossible. 1168, 1169
  169. Users page is not accessible for tenant admin, if his name begins with 'u' 1158
  170. VMs with activity disabled should be skipped by default for Indexing V2. 1154
  171. MediaManager service may crash during restores using storage accelerator. 1152
  172. Gluster volume size may not get reported correctly after installation or node refresh of HyperScale setup 1146
  173. Fix deadlock issue during quota re computation 1137, 1138
  174. file recall failure 1126
  175. SAVFDTA was not backed up by default for IBMi 1134
  176. A long unreadable error message displayed on OneDrive/Exchange mailbox discovery. 1253, 1254
  177. File archiving not working on macOS Catalina 1127
  178. VMware agentless restore job may complete with error when user specified in restore job doesn't have permission to change file ownership. 1124
  179. PST Ingestion fails with access denied error 1121
  180. License usage of SAP HANA may be incorrect. 1118, 1120
  181. After a full VMware VM restore, the VM may not boot up 1117
  182. Exchange Mailbox restores to PST may slow. 1116
  183. One user backup fails and says the user does not have OneDrive quota, but the user does have one. 1113
  184. Cannot disable RMAN cross check because storage policy has significant amount of pending data to copy 1110
  185. Live Sync job summary report is not shown VM Validation status for few VM 1107
  186. VMware incremental Live sync job copying TBs of data 1105, 1106
  187. DRBackup upload to Commvault cloud may fail. 1100
  188. File content indexing job may fail when there are many small files. 1099
  189. Updating a subclient disables backup activity 1101
  190. Transfer ownership dialogue before user deletion was not shown when user was owner of data source in DM2. 1092, 1094
  191. DataProtectionJobSummary and StorageUsageBySubclients QScripts return duplicate rows for IndexingV2 VSA jobs and take a long time. 1086, 1087
  192. A folder is getting created for each company created 1080, 1081, 1082
  193. Fail to download attachment whose name contains illegal file chars 1078
  194. Quicklook forward with attachment doesnt work 1078
  195. Downloading of eml files from Compliance Search may fail. 1077
  196. Content Indexing jobs may fail for v2 mailbox agent. 1076
  197. Automatically sort Case manager clients by creation time in Command center. 1074, 1075
  198. Qscript execution fails on SQL Server 2014 and higher version. 1070
  199. Format error in the login banner text 1068, 1071
  200. CVpysdk support to associate or dissociate plans from backupsets and subclients. 1066, 1067
  201. Exchange Mailbox Auto-discovery may reset the exchange archive policy. 1062
  202. Backup activity disabled subclients are not excluded from SLA. 1038, 1039
  203. Enhancement to support ACL based browse and restore 1035, 1037
  204. Implementation of ACL flags handling 1033
  205. Amazon - Restored VM might reuse the Source VM client if host name matches 1028, 1030, 1032
  206. EWS restore performance improvement 1023
  207. NetApp Network Share IntelliSnap job may not show all the file versions if filename is renamed with just the case change. 1017
  208. Auxiliary copy jobs may fail with database query error 1016, 1018
  209. AWS and Azure: Complete snap backup and backup copy with errors when hardware snapshot fails for few VMS 1009
  210. rpm package for PostgreSQL package on a Linux machine may fail. 1007
  211. Exchange import job from classic agent sometimes may fail with missing object entryId for messages. 1005
  212. Application aware with Hyper-V snap - snaps are not getting unmounted at the end of restore 998
  213. User login may fail when several workflows are running 991, 992
  214. Tenant users may not be able to see details for Exchange Clients. 970
  215. Oracle Incremental backup may not convert to full if no full backup has been run in last 7 days. 981, 982, 985
  216. Metrics collection for csv upload failing for SQL server 2019. 974
  217. There is no way to control the rpm package install to not start commvault service after install 973
  218. Option to set OKV_HOME available at instance level or registry key when HSM wallet is used to authenticate to Oracle database 968
  219. Webconsole Job Summary report only shows 100 client groups in the filters 969
  220. When browse is performed from a specific date for AWS full VM, restore happens from the incorrect snapshot 963, 967
  221. S3 authentication may fail 964
  222. System created install software schedule may fail. 957, 958
  223. Long audit message (> 65K bytes) sent to syslog server may fail with error 10040(Message Too Long). 950
  224. PostgreSQL server restore from block level backup may fail with DBVol error. 949
  225. Job is failing reporting the following error logged continuously in the restore log "code": "BadRequest", "message": "The maximum request length supported is 4MB.", 952
  226. GPFS job failed with mmcrsnapshot errors 934
  227. CVD may crash during VSA snap restore operation. 931
  228. VM count may mismatch from VM group page. 932, 933
  229. CVMA crashes during erase media operation 930
  230. Users from service commcell wont be redirected to their commcell from metallic's router. 928, 929
  231. RAC DataGuard client backups may allocate channels on nodes that are not supposed to run backups. 927
  232. Browse shows no results for a mailbox which was previously deleted. 941
  233. Amazon RDS and EC2 : Change "Enable cross account copy" to "Enable cross account share" 911
  234. GDPR crawl job from backup may qualify excess jobs. 904, 909
  235. Job Schedule report is not showing schedules which has next run time in between report time frame 901
  236. Some words in Command Center not translated to German 900
  237. SAML auto created users may not be able to be assigned to any entity 897, 903
  238. CVC command line tool login fails on IBM iSeries 895, 896
  239. Overriding plan content can fail content overlaps between plan content and overriden content. 893
  240. Independent disks may not restored to the same VMFS path as the original during inplace restore of VMS. 891
  241. Editing SAML app may fail with error 'Unable to set auto-redirection rules'. 881, 882, 883
  242. VMs may not get backed up with failure reason mentioning activity disabled at the VM client level. 875, 876, 878
  243. NFS Object Store: Ownership attributes may be lost while copying data using cp command with archive option. 869
  244. qcommand scripts missing on aarch64 868
  245. Limit switches of IndexServer by primary copy if additional parameter set 858, 859, 860
  246. Customers can encounter write to block errors when they expand one of their source disk size and when they enable "Deploy VM during Failover" 853
  247. Google Drive backup failing due to throttling 854
  248. add support for multiple service accounts 854
  249. Tenant users can see copy options while restoring data from command center 832
  250. Backup of managed Azure Databases containing "-" in name may fail. 831
  251. Restore to disk for Db2 Multinode may fail. 830
  252. CI operation on the huge mailbox with PST ingested data is slow 823
  253. Job schedule report is not showing schedule policies associated to the selected clients 807, 808, 810
  254. Analysis service instance restore may show empty destination instance. 802
  255. Moving data back to Azure cold storage may fail. 795
  256. Scan phase of Block Level inline Backup copy may fail with indexing errors 792
  257. Response of Rest API to create a plan may have changed. 791
  258. Scan might fail if client is unable to perform folder watcher operation 790
  259. User group association may not work with SAML login. 789
  260. IntelliSnap operation may fail in Huawei HyperMetro system 783
  261. Http proxy configuration during silent installation from recorded package may not work. 778
  262. FSDM recalls not working for GPFS across NFS 768
  263. For 32 bit 1Touch Restore, drivers in Winpe cache was not used and 1Touch Pops up asking for those drivers 766
  264. Deadlock while multistream synthful job is running 755, 756
  265. Auto SQL Transaction log schedule may not be created after successful VSA AppAware backup. 754
  266. Tag and category fields may appear for Amazon VMs in Command center 764
  267. Security enahancement for push jobs 748
  268. Exchange DB LiveBrowse not working for Jobs which were AUX copied back to Disk library from Tape 746
  269. discovery takes very long in some cases and GUI keeps on waiting for it 733
  270. Discovery times out. 725, 726
  271. DDB may hang while pruning 710
  272. Content indexing prune operation may be slow. 690
  273. Webconsole Forward mail with attachment does not work if attachment name has & in it 683
  274. Azure VM disk snapshots may not be pruned during data aging. 682
  275. Jobs of a disabled backup schedule may run. 674
  276. DBMaintenance may incur error during index defragging on other databases. 671
  277. Unable to edit Full backup schedule policy. 670
  278. After migrating mails classic agent to new agent, if classic agent subclient is deleted, then we are not able to recall stubs created earlier with classic agent. 657
  279. PostgreSQL AWS to Azure restore may fail with locale error 656
  280. Big Data Apps: MongoDB Snap backup might leave the secondary in locked state when failed to capture Oplog timestamps. 651
  281. Fix deadlock in TM_Runtime table during next run time computation 650
  282. MySQL log backup may start and fail when bin_log option is off 644
  283. Google Drive backup failing due to throttling 632
  284. add support for multiple service accounts 632
  285. Onedrive backup may not get completed end to end if Archive Index is failed. 621
  286. Object store may not work. 599, 600
  287. PostgreSQL recovery may fail. 550
  288. Journal emails exported to CAB from compliance search may contain journal header even though the setting to remove it has been set. 586, 589
  289. VMWare snap backup job may hang for several hours while its waiting for snapsize to be computed 581
  290. VSA v2 backups may fail in archive index when DDB horizontal scaling feature is in use. 574, 576, 579
  291. Media size in charge back trend report may not be reported. 570, 572
  292. Onedrive V1 backup fails when Archive Index has failed 568
  293. RPO days may not be shown in the schedule details in Command center 566, 571
  294. Tenant admin/users with modify schedule policy permissions are not able to edit the plan in Command center. 566, 571
  295. Erroneous CRC failure may happen during restore. 544
  296. Support for tag based disk filters for Amazon and Azure VMs 540
  297. Azure to vmware converted VM might show disk size as zero 533
  298. The size of some restored files is 95 bytes, which is not the same as the original. 532
  299. When a workflow fails with an OnWorkflowComplete, the job may not properly complete and the job could end up disappearing from the history table 531
  300. Audit table may bloat up with many datacube related events. 506
  301. Aux Copy or restore may fail for HCP cloud library. 501
  302. MySQL & xtrabackup restore jobs may fail when optional cfg files were not present in the files extracted by xtrabackup tool. 486
  303. Send and view logs options may be accessible for tenant admins/ tenant users 489, 490
  304. Azure Stack backups may fail when trying to fetch the SAS tokens for managed disks 478
  305. RevokeSASToken implementation for managed disk 478
  306. Dedup store reconstruction job may fail 473
  307. 'User does not have permission on this entity' when attempting to access a Subclient from a VSA V1 Backup Job Details window. 422
  308. Sendlogfiles operation fetches logs from computers that the user doens't have access to. 424
  309. CVODS process not ending after killing all CV processes. 436
  310. Cloudtesttool may terminate unexpectedly during a recall operation. 434
  311. Specific message restore may fail with live browse. 428
  312. DDB backups on hypserscale nodes may appear as hung 418
  313. Customer may see snaps deletion delayed if they have synthfull jobs very frequent and takes time to complete 411, 412
  314. Previews of emails in Hebrew may not be aligned correctly. 374, 375
  315. Cassandra, MongoDB and 3dfs backup jobs may fail to start. 331
  316. VSA client creation should match with VM GUID in client properties than in client table 327, 328
  317. Newly added group mailboxes in O365 may not get backed up if the password has special characters. 316
  318. Enhancement to show failed to start jobs in job history by default. 295
  319. customer wants to add extra company column on listed views 268, 269, 273
  320. RptSaveStorageUsage stored procedure is failing with "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint" error. 266, 267
  321. Creating a new company from Command center may fail. 264, 265
  322. Saml login for metallic hub may not work 263
  323. Metrics Storage Resource Summary report is showing incorrect Free Space (%) of Mount Path. 247, 248
  324. Space values in Storage Policy Disk Usage Report are not showing correct Capacity and Free Space. 239, 240
  325. CU ranges provided in Hitachi Vantara storage array snap configuration for IntelliSnap GAD backups are not getting released after the jobs are aged. 238
  326. Prune Anomaly detection table with 30 minutes intervals 223
  327. DDB Verification sets 'Verification Status' as Successful or Failed for some jobs instead of 'To be verified' when chunks were being modified by backup or pruning activity while verification was running. 217
  328. Growth and trends chart, when viewed as a table, would show 'Nan' in all the entries. 196
  329. Updated translations for entities such as Event messages, Job Pending Reasons and Edge Monitor. This update includes Italian translations for Edge Monitor. 177, 178
  330. SharePoint Office365 full backup may fail instead of skipping inaccessible sites. 169
  331. Web console Job Summary report is showing UTC time for Start Time and End Time of jobs. 90, 91
  332. Web console Job Summary report is failing with "The multi-part identifier "JM.commCellId" could not be bound." error. 90, 91
  333. Data Analytics job may not pick the correct data to index. 69, 70
  334. Unable to associate plans to restore only clients 58
  335. VSA snap pruning may fail with metadata errors 55, 56
  336. IntelliSnap- Cisco HyperFlex snap backups may fail with firmware 4.0(2a) 35, 36, 37
  337. OS upgrade of download software may fail on HyperScale setup with 1G management network 26
  338. Errors like below in /var/adm/cvlt_driver: Dec 20 20:10:55 svcawabp kern:notice unix: CVBF: cvbf_rd_from_cow() - Error: xm_mapin failed, ret = 11, data_offset = 0x11FFFC670, read_size = 32768. Dec 20 20:10:55 svcawabp kern:notice unix: CVBF: cvbf_read() - Error: uphysio failed, ret = 11. 22
  339. Azure service time out when fetching changed blocks for Managed disks 20
  340. User might see incorrect counts for File servers and VMs on Command Center dashboards 21
  341. User might face issues related to comments while viewing shared files page under Drive 21
  342. When the inbox name is in English and browser's language is in Hebrew, inbox redirection does not work. 16
  343. It may take a long time to process the request for cloud library when there is no Delete privilege. 120932
  344. CloudTestTool Crashing during access functionality check. 120932
  345. Enhancement. 120927
  346. Postgres recovery fails and server does not start 120923
  347. Azure VSA backup may fail while fetching SAS tokens 120922
  348. Restore fails since db2RelocateDB command fails. 120921
  349. If there are more than one mounted clones the Force clean does not remove all the mounted clones 120831
  350. When an Azure VM has disks in more than one resource group, CBT Validation will fail because it assumes the snapshot is in the disk resource group, and that the disk resource group is the same as the VM resource group. When the error occurs, there will be an error in the vsbkp log like CAzureInfo::_GetManagedDiskSnapshotIDForSnapshotGUID() - Failed to get snapshot with changeID [523e9a90-a12b-4a76-a906-a9ff59df996e] 120819
  351. Qscript to prune service pack info properties from Extendedproperties table 120849
  352. Executive Summary at worldwide activity level is failing with a sql error 120803, 120894
  353. Stubbed files shown as none for exchange client. 120800
  354. PostgreSQL AWS to Azure restore fails with locale error 120799
  355. APP_WorkQueueRequest table contains a high row count due to uninstalled client rows not being deleted. 120843
  356. On Demand Service may not work. 120738
  357. Legal hold may fail to hold some documents. 120734
  358. Hana Clone not using correct copy precedence for recovery process 120726
  359. Google Drive backup failing due to throttling 120723
  360. add support for multiple service accounts 120723
  361. Google Drive backup may fail due to throttling. 120722
  362. Not all VMs may be discovered when content is based on tags 120706
  363. Synthfull and restore jobs cannot be suspended. Issue is intermittent 120696
  364. Socket licensing is being consumed even if vm is deleted 120680, 120682
  365. SharePoint Online incremental backup for 1000s subsites might take more than 10 hours. 120670
  366. VSA jobs may not age due to cycle retention when only synthetic fulls are run. 120667, 120669, 120671
  367. Live recovery may fail when distributed switch is involved. 120660
  368. HANA snap backup copy jobs not able to select Hyperscale MA as proxy 120651
  369. Oracle 18c archive log backup backup failing 120648
  370. Sometimes after upgrading to V11 SP16, jobs to cloud starts writing to buckets with capital letters. 120627, 120638, 120650
  371. Security checks might be skipped when submitting 3rd party job. 120619
  372. Customer needs to be able to add a VM object to the database prior to first backup. 120581
  373. backups might fail if FollowMountPoints backup option is selected on schedule 120607
  374. For V2 remote snapmounts , download file failures show message not processed on JPR 120559
  375. Playback of autocommitted chunks could fail with "duplicate version GUID" error 120547
  376. Restore from xtrabackup may fail when ibd files are not consistent after the xtrabackup prepare process. 120526
  377. In case of invalid MM table entries, the upgrade can fail. 120527, 120535
  378. Content Indexing job may fails with a database error 120528, 120531
  379. AzureRM : Caching support for snapshot for resource group 120506
  380. Disable JMX port in the content extractor service. 120500
  381. Restore from xtrabackup was failing when ibd files were not consistent after the xtrabackup prepare process. 120483
  382. Cleanup temporary db files from c:\nasci or /temp/naci (unix client) created during NRE restores to windows or unix client, at the end of restore job. 120477
  383. SQL File Stream Database from App Aware Backup hangs 120454, 120470
  384. Exchange Mailbox- Until cleanup completes over entire mailbox not updating to JM about the successful message count. 120393
  385. Snapshots may not get deleted when using Virtual Server Agent Snap IntelliSnap engine 120390
  386. Improvement to idx tool to detect the logs where there are wrong objectguids 120384
  387. Plan association is not complete in case of too much data is pending to be copied for Storage Policy 120376
  388. Transaction logs not pruned 120373
  389. Newly discovered member servers are not merged into existing member server list. 120231
  390. Forecasting report is not showing associated backupset jobs to the user (non admin). 120280, 120290
  391. Policies > Storage Policies > "Data To be Copied" sort not working for any of the CommCells. 120225
  392. VMWare IntelliSnap backup copies fail when SAN mode is selected and when iSCSI logon attempts are exhausted, with the following logged in CVMA (example): Not able to do iscsi logon for targets after repeated attempts (10 times) and hence failing the map operation. 120237
  393. Reset Media Capacity using recording format 120148
  394. "Require Authentication for Agent Installation" setting is getting set automatically with other commcell settings change 120133
  395. Size of Application 0 bytes when SAP HANA Logs restored from MA Cache 120108
  396. Exchange mailbox index server enhancement to build alternate index server using the index server playback. 120087, 120111, 120124
  397. SAP ORacle debug line fix 120076
  398. Incorrect xml tag present in the funciton 120069, 120075
  399. If several concurrent Backup Copy jobs are running, mounting the volumes may take longer than expected. 120049
  400. In rare cases, dedupe defragmentation can fail on hyperscale. 120031
  401. On some setups we are seeing disks showing up as missing disks post live browse unmount 120029
  402. Webconsole: Fetching the list of clients for restore destinations, it does not return FS clients 120016, 120018
  403. Customer Specific script to cleanup old MP Move Jobs 120015
  404. VSA client creation should match with local VM client incase of duplicate clients from migration 120003, 120004
  405. NetApp physical node tape drive access may incorrectly be cluster style "SN:<serial>" names. And auto detection does not change it to the correct "nrst" names. 120000
  406. Enhancements to Upgrade Script to fix Office365 Json for "Guided Setup" 119998, 120001
  407. Stubbing process stops for mailbox when there is an error in updating properties for an email. 119979
  408. Fetching VM List based on region or resource group has too many indirect API calls to Azure instead of using the ListAll operation 119957
  409. In an environment with too many VMs, there can be a possibility of API limit exhaustion from Azure 119957
  410. We may accumulate data on destination as uncommitted blocks in Deduplication Database when source is unable to decrypt data. 119954
  411. Event check slows down the backup process. 119909
  412. Backups cannot take VSS snapshots on Windows XP 119883
  413. Case Manager job for review set hold in legacy compliance search site may fail. 119880
  414. Restore from SNAP Backup fails 119857
  415. rman_util restore failed since backup detail file is messed up 119857
  416. Environment without Exchange server cannot use PST Ingestion 119852, 119855, 119856
  417. Recalls may not work for stubs migrated from Celerra to Unity EMC filer from MAC clients accessing stubs via CIFS shares 119842
  418. Exchange mailbox statistics may not be populated in Command center when the webserver machine is in a non-english locale. 119819
  419. Data recovery or pruning job may not recover Sfile on GlusterFS from .compact file in certain cases. 119809
  420. Restore multiple messages from search result with exchange database mining tool might fail. 119798
  421. Snap operations fail if at least one Nimble source volume is not part of a volume collection. The following can be seen in JPR - 'No volume collection associated with volume (serial id) [<serial-id>] name [<volume-name>]. Please configure volume collection for source volumes.' 119787
  422. The auxcopies are failing with the error [One or more snapshots required for the job no longer exist on the array, and appear to have been manually deleted or automatically removed as part of array cleanup thresholds] 119770
  423. DB2 purescale snapshot backup copy may fail due with file not found error. 119754
  424. Building an rpm package for PostgreSQL package on a Linux machine abruptly ends 119752
  425. The below pattern is invalid to filter unix files from backup test1 The below pattern is invalid to filter unix files from backup test1 Regular expression is changed for unix file filters 119753
  426. Job summary report table does not show correct data when locale without country is selected. 119751
  427. The network interface may get assigned incorrect IP during AIX 1-Touch restore. 119749
  428. SanServer support for RHEL/CentOS 7.7 119744
  429. Automatic Client Group Refresh operation fails due to SQL Recursion Limit Exception. 119709, 119711, 119712
  430. Incremental backups for Lustre may revert back to Full scan instead of using changelogs 119704
  431. Failed to create cloud library for OpenStack Object Storage with Keystone v3. 119695
  432. Automatic Synthetic Full backups may stop running with latest updates 119693, 119700
  433. Get StoragePool API to return newly created storage pools without user need to re-login 119687, 119690
  434. Jobs failing with database query timeout 119662, 119667
  435. OpenShift : password displayed in cleartext in logs 119652
  436. Pick VSA V2 parent job for backup copy based on VM job selection and availablity on source copy 119641, 119648
  437. Customers with restricted Powershell execution policy cannot use our package. 119644
  438. Add AWS nvme device support in Amazon snap engine 119635
  439. plan Id not set for autocreated regex based onedrive/google subclients 119624
  440. During auxCopy, Backup jobs might not perform well because of DB lock timeouts 119617, 119619
  441. Hyper-V VM backups may fail when VMs are hosted on an SMB share. 119615
  442. Service Pack Info rows bloating the APP_ExtendedProperties table. 119614
  443. Reservation may be considered as invalid during backup with multiplexing streams. 119608, 119609
  444. Workflow to delete index db from cache 119603
  445. Live Sync: Multiple Replication Jobs for VSA agents may be triggered in parallel. 119588, 119590
  446. RAC dataguard backups may fail if primary and standby instances run on same set of servers. 119569
  447. Unable to update storage policy property 119554
  448. Aux Copy Job summary report may include jobs which are not associated with storage policy. 119540, 119543
  449. TM_RunTimeAssoc Table flagged as critical in Health Report 119511
  450. 3dnfsd process crashes on windows. 119508
  451. Rolling back form #93186 119488, 119491
  452. Live syc failback unsuccesful due to error updating the live sync schedule 119471, 119472
  453. Sometimes Synchronous copy promotion as primary copy fails. 119466, 119468
  454. Time mismatch in Web Console Job Summary report and the actual backup start time. 119416
  455. Dedupe defragmentation doesn't progress when SFILE_CONTAINER.idx.change is being healed. 119413
  456. VSA backup copy on a HyperScale node may fail with error accessing stale SCSI devices. 119410
  457. Error in sybase instance update. 119393
  458. Jobs failing with database query timeout 119386, 119388
  459. Workflow Informational Message customization for web option fix. 119379
  460. RFC list files option might crash RemoteFileCacheServer 119356
  461. CIFS agent backup does not run on the preferred data access node 119325, 119326
  462. SAP Oracle standby database might get shutdown during rman logs backup 119294
  463. Currently the ctime check is also using the same refTime as scan which can cause files to get missed if only ctime of files change This change time check shall now be used for content based policies as well When renames are caught using changetime, only the metadata will be pushed. 119283
  464. When running backup using PnP library, job fails with error "Media in the drive is already assigned. Replace this media. Please insert a new media into the library." 119280, 119281
  465. Recall fails post celerra to celerra stub restore. 119248
  466. Fix for create operation window with all operation type. 119254, 119264
  467. EdgeOperationMonitor log fills up disk and cause DR backup size big 119245
  468. Upgrading MessageQueue for content extractor to 5.15.11 119243, 119266, 119267
  469. Snap job is getting picked for recon even when not present in specified copy 119252, 119262
  470. CS Performance fixes related with push updates to clients. 119258, 119261
  471. Auxiliary Copy Job Summary report was not showing jobs for disabled storage policies. 119249, 119259
  472. All operations using service accounts may be stopped 119232
  473. VMWare backup copy fails to get disk extent size if version Guid for disk does not changes between backup jobs. This may cause subsequent jobs to backup VM disks as FULL 119231
  474. VSA backup may fails to save disk indexing metadata with error "Received pipeline buffer 63352 is too small to hold the Index Metadata 63356" 119231
  475. DB Error may occur when selecting ''List Snaps'' on one particular Array if there is a snapshot from same array mounted using iscsi server option. 119227, 119228
  476. Oracle RAC databases may not be discovered if the version is different from GRID. 119216
  477. idxcli enhancement to delete a index db 119164
  478. Restores from encrypted backups may hang if there is any abrupt network interruption on the client machine. 119163
  479. SIDB reconstruction may take more than 2 hours and timeout. 119129
  480. The size of some restored files is 95 bytes, which is not the same as the original. 119143
  481. vsbkp may crash during OCI backups when a linux access node is used. 119133
  482. Commvault communications service may exit abnormally when backing up to HPE Catalyst if reservation is found to be invalid. 119122
  483. Discover returns nothing with exception log. 119118
  484. On servers where SiS is no longer supported, clBackup crashes when backing up SiS link files. 119098
  485. When discovering AWS SQL instance, getting authentication failure with restricted region. 119081
  486. Upgrade from SP15 to SP17 lost solutions on left navigation because solution's setup were not marked complete and did not honor the key skipInitialSetup 119040
  487. Newly completed solution from metallic for newly created company is not seen 119040
  488. Fixes to avoid JMDeleteOldFailureReasons deadlocks. 119068, 119069
  489. Code changes for DA troubleshooting report backend data collection 119061, 119062, 119064
  490. PST Ingestion with corrupt PST keeps retrying the corrupt PST instead of marking it FAILED 119058
  491. Auto discovery will remove existing assoc if mailbox info changed. 119057
  492. Restore fails if no access to shared dir, and when user cant impersonate 119056
  493. Client groups in folder are not showing in "Import from cloud wizard" 119053
  494. IP customizations failures taking longer increasing failback time 119043
  495. Qscript for deleting dangling clients should remove SimInstalledPackages table entires for the client. 119003
  496. Restore from Cloud/Object storage on UNIX MediaAgents may experience lower media read speed. 118993
  497. REST API GET /commserv/consoleParams is giving 404 error when webserver host name is commserv 118944
  498. Live browse of a large VM may fail with an "Internal Error" 118902
  499. AzureStack logging enhancements 118896
  500. GDPR crawl goes to pending state on low powerful machine. 118892
  501. Mailbox backup loops same item repeatedly job never continues, fails or completes. 118886
  502. Unable to change pseudo client display name in GUI 118828
  503. SanServer support for RHEL/CentOS 7.7 118827
  504. After multiple DB under same instance performances with new DBs, Adminconsole gets failure during restore option window. 118823
  505. OOP restore taking 40 mins to browse mailboxes. 118836
  506. VM out of place restore may fail with security error when impersonating as company user from command center. 118847, 118865
  507. Honor log rule at backupset level for PostGres agent 118840, 118862
  508. Code changes for DA troubleshooting report backend data collection 118797, 118798, 118799
  509. Push updates were failing on clients cloned using Onetouch 118780
  510. The status of the running aux copy jobs were showing 'Unknown' in the Auxiliary Copy Completion report. 118779
  511. Content-Disposition metadata is not restored for Azure File. 118772
  512. CloudTestTool.exe used up all available RAM and crashed a MA. 118772
  513. System state backup of Windows XP fails 118765
  514. Unable to configure an index server to run a online crawl job. 118694, 118725, 118749
  515. Azure Stack backups fail when trying to fetch the SAS tokens for Managed disks 118693
  516. AWS: import restore - incremental replication failing with error [The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable] 118692
  517. SharePoint Online full backup for large web may be slow. 118691
  518. Two different versions of the Disk Utilization report were present. 118690
  519. Office365 and Gsuite solutions may not appear in the Command center. 118720, 118746
  520. Trigger to identify clear ref time reason. 118686
  521. Exchange Mailbox Statistics - Adding commcell user security enhancement 118674
  522. New jobs scheduled or submitted interactively may not be started 118705, 118731
  523. After suspending and resuming an exchange mailbox job, controller exe may crash 118665
  524. The TM_JobOptions table size is needs to be managed. 118704, 118730, 118752
  525. Code changes for DA troubleshooting report backend data collection 118702, 118728
  526. When discovering AWS SQL instance, getting authentication failure with restricted region. 118663
  527. Chargeback report is showing zero FET for IndexingV2 VMs. 118593, 118632
  528. Registration of HyperScale node to CommServe may fail in certain cases. 118558
  529. glusterfs log files don't get rotated until they grow really large when /var/log is a large partition. 118587
  530. Processing Failed timed out emails may fail if count of failed messages is more than 2000 118605
  531. Customers need to be able to start workflows from Powershell. 118604
  532. Customers need to be able to explicitly logout from Webconsole. 118604
  533. Customers need default silent (successful) Connect-CVServer output to facilitate integration with third-party software. 118604
  534. Cleanup report may list storage policies that have infinite retention enabled along with those with data aging disabled. 118598
  535. File metadata may not be retrieved during browse. 118564
  536. CvCloudBkp may crash while processing folders with empty name 118563
  537. User is not able to manually enter double digits in rpo start time 118529
  538. Azure: Data ageing may fail to delete VM snaps if there are multiple subscriptions configured 118470
  539. Snap deletion errors reported. Some snaps are not cleaned up because they could not be found in the resource group attempted. 118470
  540. browse failure from snap when browsing from a cycle which is not the latest cycle 118469
  541. TR request to allow wild cards for tag based filters in Amazon. Currently we do not allow wild card support. 118468
  542. For NDMP browse and restore with starting path option GUI displays "Status" column that mis-aligns the row values. 118457
  543. No san server support for centos 7.7 118460
  544. Cleanup script to remove job options for completed jobs 118448
  545. Kerberos failures doesnt give much details in log 118442
  546. No san server support for centos 7.7 118432
  547. Exchange Clients with activity disabled which are part of a DAG are also listed in cleanup report. 118412
  548. Virtual Machine backup fails on Windows 2016 if VM snapshot or configuration files are missing 118409
  549. OCI: iSCSI session creation fails on windows proxy when system-locale & display language is not English 118408
  550. illegal demiler logs in vsdiscovery 118406
  551. SynthFull job could fail if more than one instance on MA sharing same host name 118346
  552. Limit switches of IndexServer by primary copy if additional parameter set 118340
  553. Backup copy schedule policy might not kickoff jobs. 118311
  554. Dangling rows for 'vmGuestSize' attribute in app_VMprop table (from VMware Synthetic Fulls) preventing deleted VMs from meeting "no protected data" criteria 118310
  555. Exchange Mailbox AutoDiscover Associations sometimes lose the Archive Policy 118307
  556. Rest API's may timeout incorrectly. 118276
  557. Backup job may get stuck forever due to network issues. 118274
  558. Linux FS backup job may fail when AppleDouble option enabled 118255
  559. HS node will not function correctly when installed on multiple instances on the same machine 118251
  560. Command Center dashboard: Needs Attention tile may show Power Management MediaAgent. 118162, 118186
  561. Limit switches of IndexServer by primary copy if additional parameter set 118155, 118181
  562. DR Code cleanup 118127
  563. Find a job from "View Jobs" screen, then trying to "Retain a job" 118112
  564. Support client group associations for automatic install software schedules 118152, 118179
  565. Allow way to block creation of default organization alerts 118151, 118178, 118193
  566. Dbmaintenance Index Defrag Exclusion feature 118150, 118177, 118192
  567. TrueUP does not launch on other proxies. 118138
  568. Content indexing may run into errors in case of large documents 118109
  569. HyperScale nodes may invoke subscription manager slowing down the appliance. 118114
  570. email parsing failure 118041
  571. sendlogs is not collecting the commserv logs when run on a jobid for which viewlogs is already run. 118039
  572. Media Refresh related chunk information is not getting pruned resulting scale statistics information showing some tables as large. 118070, 118084
  573. LiveSync to Standby Commserve delayed alert is being sent even though LiveSync jobs run frequently 118035
  574. Oracle RAC restore dialog is not listing instances in case mismatch 117825
  575. RAC backups with VRDM configuration using workflow fails as database not able to quiesce 117968, 117983
  576. Failback cleanup clearing off destination GUIDs in VSA replication table 117867
  577. In case of exchange mailbox configuration has more than one domain controllers discovery may not return all mailboxes from environment 117947
  578. Unable to edit a case in case manager. 117960
  579. Offline content indexing job may fail. 117822, 118007
  580. DDB reconstruction may fail to open DDB after the restore. 117856
  581. Search results of documents in a review set may not match the results in the source engine. 117820
  582. Logging changes to include vm name with replicaiton Id 117849
  583. NetApp physical node tape drive access may incorrectly be cluster style "SN:<serial>" names. And auto detection does not change it to the correct "nrst" names. 117848
  584. The CVMA service may not start when NDMP devices are present. 117848
  585. EWS cleanup jobs taking long time to process. 117955
  586. Parent index reconstruction for VSA might fail 117942
  587. resubmitted Oracle duplicate restore job fails on the same client 117844
  588. Some of the linked jobs may not be picked for auxiliary copy. 117954
  589. Domino Archiver jobs with Completed With Error (CWE) status are not qualified for selective copy. 117890, 117973
  590. Vcloud VM restore fails due to Computer Name being over 15 Characters 117838
  591. Backup job may be stuck in job controller at 100% if the job did not create archive files with proper subclient ids. 117882, 117969
  592. Enhancement: A new custom report "Daily Backup/restore Summary". 117929
  593. Enhancement: A new custom report "Monthly backup job summary". 117928
  594. Save as PDF or HTML is not working for the File Search report. 117781
  595. Online crawl jobs may complete with errors 117771
  596. VMware VSA linux proxies may experience CURL errors when connecting to the vCenter 117763
  597. Restores can fail and live browse can show duplicates for v2 vsa vm. 117759
  598. Customer requirement 117703
  599. split into multiple PSTs by default based on the Outlook version Otherwise the job will continue but the PST wont get additional data due to MAPI limits 117690
  600. Security testing for view log files operation. 117672
  601. some audit requests in edge drive may fail 117671
  602. View log files may allow opening directory outside log files folder. 117666
  603. Enhancements on Linux commvault service control by systemd 117652
  604. Creating Oracle library may fail when using grandchildren compartment. 117635
  605. EdgeOperationMonitor log fills up disk and cause DR backup size big 117629
  606. Exchange Ida properties cannot be edited. 117626
  607. Deleted store data not pruned from disk library. 117595
  608. Third party jobs might get stuck in waiting state after JobMgr service restart. 117541
  609. EndUser Recall fails if user is associated to two clients pointing to different index server pools 117538
  610. Snap job is getting picked for recon even when not present in specified copy 117528, 117529
  611. Report shows App_ComponentProp table critical. 117523
  612. Install requests are failing with Connection busy errors in DB with error code 100. 117521
  613. Backup copy workflow doesn't pick jobs of a subclient if there is a currently running backup copy workflow that picked jobs of the same subclient, even though it stopped processing any more jobs of that subclient. Change to let new backup copy workflow pick jobs if existing active workflow jobs wouldn't process jobs of that subclient any more. 117518, 117519, 117520
  614. Hyperscale node - network may not come up after reboot if /etc/nwintfx file had incorrect entries for some reason. 117497
  615. Brick falsely reported as Offline if there is a case mismatch between MA hostname and hostname in gluster brick path. 117495
  616. Commcell Console: GUI populating incorrect data into Send Log Files prompt from restore job history 117464
  617. For completed GSUITE AND OFFICE365 setup, navigation items for these setups are not shown in command center 117459
  618. Creating DAG pseudo client fail when secure ldap is used by domain controller. 117458
  619. Deconfigure VSA Subclient. 117427
  620. Localization for reports 117787
  621. Job Summary Report in Chinese when saved as CSV had duplicate column names. 117787
  622. Localization update 117786, 117966, 117980
  623. Backup Job Summary report when exporting to CSV has a duplicate column in Simplified Chinese, as Proxy and Agent both translated to the same word. 117786, 117966, 117980
  624. Backup Job Summary report when exporting to CSV has a duplicate column in Simplified Chinese, as Proxy and Agent both translated to the same word. 117785
  625. Localization update 117785
  626. upgrade the Procrun service version because of ASLR issue 117398
  627. Upgrading Message Queue to latest 5.15.11 because of DOS Vulnerability 117398
  628. SharePoint Online: Restore might fail for subclients created via qcommand. 117396
  629. Additional setting JMAllowInteractiveJobsRunInOpWindow may not be honored for VSA V2 jobs 117385
  630. Code Review changes for referencing LinkType values 117360
  631. Add support for CYBERNET library. 117352, 117356
  632. Oracle RAC databases may not be discovered if the version is different from GRID. 117346
  633. CCM export may fail if the vCenter is deployed on a VM and running the backup for the vCenter VM itself. 117320, 117321
  634. Selecting IndexServer MA based on load and apptype doesnt work and RFC MA selection following IndexServer MA selection makes jobs ping pong to random overseas MAs based on buggy load balancing logic for some cases. 117302, 117306
  635. During exchange source pruning job, if the option to prune stubs is enabled, other than notes we also prune items like calendar, contacts etc that got stubbed 117298
  636. Changing job results directroy failed for sharepoint v1 clients 117293
  637. IntelliSnap- additional settings for SMI-S connection timeout 117279
  638. metrics uploads are fail for SQL server 2016 version. 117278
  639. Unable to update storage policy property 117274
  640. Huawei snap mount operation may be slower due to more host devices 117273
  641. Backup Job Summary report giving data of incorrect VIrtualization Client when VM Client selected. 117268
  642. VSA V2 changes to pass compression flag during RFC upload 117265
  643. VSA Hyper-V Full VM restore fails when trying to restore to a FQDN of the Cluster 117256, 117257, 117260
  644. Script to cleanup Solr audit 117253
  645. Upgrade of commserver may fail. 117240, 117241
  646. DRChanges to retry mounts in case of snap already mounted using diff mountHost error 117232
  647. Rest API to modify "Excluded from backup" filter may fail. 117226
  648. Openstack backups may fail in Huawei Cloud 6.5.1 117224
  649. Performance of a Windows File System streaming restore against data that may be unchanged and equivalent to that of the data being restored may experience slowness as unchanged files are overwritten. 117222
  650. Index reconstruction might be stuck because the restored index log folder doesn't have job commit file 117218
  651. Service pack installations from commcell console\ command center to remote web server, metrics server, work flow engine machines fail with db updates payload missing. 117216, 117219
  652. Snap mount to multiple ESX servers support for NFS and when orig VMFS UUID is retained for destination datastores 117202
  653. IBM i restores of a single object from a large library is slow 117158
  654. Cloud Backup: Backup Job goes to pending/resume state in case of backup streams availability is limited. 117155
  655. Plan creation not working from auto-discover associations tab. 117154
  656. Invalid and bad stubs are left behind unable to recall. 117153
  657. Only Entity Id can be passed XML Declaration is missing 117151
  658. Metallic NDMP backups of the default subclient fail. 117112
  659. Stubbing process stops for mailbox when there is an error in updating properties for an email. 117122
  660. Adding service acccount from exchange setting page using global admin may cause a crash w3wp 117118
  661. HANA SNAP Backup being marked as an incremental backup due to incremental disk backups 117095
  662. Customer complaining about slow backup speed 117094
  663. Oracle streaming backup channel process may crash after backup completion and rman does not release channels. 117086
  664. With Block Level Restore Optimizations ON, Block Level Restore from a Backup containing Multiple Databases are very slow. 117031
  665. Mailbox backup job hangs when it encounters an email with multi valued binary property data. 117048
  666. Loading Exchange Mailbox subclient details may hang Java GUI. 117059, 117078
  667. Migration Script for web backup job summary report is migrating saved report also. 117045
  668. Large client group descriptions can cause EvMgrs to crash. 117025
  669. For offline content indexing, if the schedule was saved without media agent option then after reopening, GUI defaults the option to first client computer. 117011
  670. Restore for metadata collection jobs failed if restore takes more than 10 minutes 117023
  671. Tape import merge may fail if tape has data from GACP copy. 117056, 117077
  672. Tape import fails in subclient creation. 117056, 117077
  673. Google Drive backup failing due to throttling 117040
  674. OpenShift 3.x : cannot protect applications without PVs attached 117015
  675. [Site Specific]Script to clean partial processed archFiles for Index extraction job 116981
  676. Connection timeouts 116980
  677. Webconsole Job Summary Report was displaying Backup Type, Operation Type, Job Status and Failure in incorrect language. 116983, 116988
  678. VSA Hyper-V Full VM restore fails when trying to restore to a FQDN of the Cluster 116976
  679. Metrics server's Apache has temp directory with a lot of temporary files of size 1MB or over. 116919
  680. During backup of an Azure VM, if there is a mount failure because the snapshot no longer exists,the susbequent unmount and cleanup code causes the vsbkp process to crash. 116908
  681. SharePoint Online: Restore might fail for private channels. 116882
  682. IBM SVC snap mount tries to redo snap discovery port map phase even when all the snaps have been successfully mounted. 116824
  683. http:hostname:port was showing the context details including file paths 116805
  684. Billing details report was showing different client names for the same month when generated as monthly and quarterly 116794, 116798
  685. Recall might fail due to sharing violation while resetting file attributes as part of recall operation 116764
  686. Push Firewall Config does not update FwConfig file 116786
  687. Health check wellness assessment is not enabled for selected customer users. 116782, 116784, 116789
  688. disk will run out of space. 116771
  689. For redhat 6,restore fails if backup disks has multipath or cciss disks 116771
  690. If the client display name for a client is different from the client name, then the destination client will not be correctly populated while user tries to perform edit on existing FS live sync schedule. 116770
  691. Pick VSA V2 parent job for backup copy based on VM job selection and availablity on source copy 116767, 116768
  692. Backup level might not be correct in CommCellBackupInfo and CommcellBackupInfoStats views. 116762, 116763, 116765
  693. Cross VCenter VVOL Failbacks for VSA V2 failing 116759
  694. Upgrade from SP12 to SP16 failing in post upgrade phase 116758
  695. Ports get exhausted on Commserver ultimately leading to connectivity issues 116750
  696. Workflow may not start with inline json inputs. 116732, 116733
  697. Nutanix VMs configured with UEFI boot are not configured with UEFI boot on restore. 116730
  698. User may not be able to suspend VSA jobs. 116729
  699. Customer complaining about slow backup speed 116728
  700. Unable to enter a baseline to a contract in billing 116721
  701. Content indexing of Exchange emails may fail. 116710, 116711, 116712
  702. Exchange Mailbox Statistics - Adding support for Tenants and Summary 116702
  703. Reports lacks user security check. 116679
  704. sso login fails for a user - providing diag form to get more details 116676
  705. Updating SubClient Policy causing Commserver performance issues on large scale setups. 116650, 116654, 116656
  706. Utlize COPY ONLY FULL backup as regular full backup. 116643, 116644, 116648
  707. Azure service time out when fetching changed blocks for Managed disks 116632
  708. Live browse for certain guest VMs may be slow. 116622
  709. In case of any error on scanning the folders, folders failures are not reported . 116598
  710. UDP ports on the MA are exhausted. netstat -a command shows thousands of UDP ports allocated to 3dnfsd.exe. 116596
  711. OCI: vm backup failing if slots are not available for disk attachment 116579
  712. Backup Job Summary report giving data of incorrect VIrtualization Client when VM Client selected. 116576
  713. Only email recipients of scheduled reports were displayed in 'Report Schedules'. 116571
  714. Disabling Chilkat by default for Sending report email 116570
  715. To add Retail Until column in backup job summary report 116568
  716. All the jobs which use delete snapshot operation might fail since the deletion of snapshot was not announced to be successful by the SDK. 116567
  717. Data Aging may delete all VM snap entries even if software snapshot cleanup fails on single VM 116567
  718. An incorrect event was displayed in the audit report whenever a workflow or report was deployed. 116538, 116539
  719. Evmgrs goes down when AD domain validation is done without selecting any proxy from GUI 116530
  720. Tenant admin user is not able to login to web console or command center. 116527
  721. For long running operations, update the progress in CDR.log at regular interval 116523
  722. Only email recipients of scheduled reports were displayed in 'Report Schedules'. 116515
  723. Cloud reports show vendor name as ''HP StoreOnce'' instead of ''HPE StoreOnce'' for Catalyst library. 116498, 116499
  724. Restores for DVSwitch networks to a different ESX cluster always fails 116481
  725. Disk Library Growth report enhancement to show Average space consumed per day and Average space freed per day. 116458, 116459, 116466
  726. Backup copy schedule policy might not kickoff backup copy jobs 116449
  727. Commcell console job controller may show long running backup jobs that cannot be killed 116447, 116460
  728. Backup for SQL on Windows 2003 may fail. 116456
  729. XML error when looking at client properties in the Commcell GUI 116452, 116453
  730. DB backup type names are not shown correctly in admin console Backup Job Summary report. 116431
  731. Data analytics job triggered against incompatible IDA 116412, 116414
  732. Customer complaining about slow backup speed 116394
  733. Error code of failed jobs was not displayed in Protected Databases report. 116378
  734. 1. CVC command line tool may report permission denied errors in system log file for qcommand.log 2. Failed to retrieve instance details from SDK with the CVC tool 116371, 116375
  735. Unable to Restore empty OneDrive folders to disk. 116374
  736. Folder share information is not restored. 116374
  737. Exchange SMTP jobs are failing when EWS on premise is enabled 116315
  738. VM restores might complete successfully but VM might not boot 116307
  739. Client creation hangs when clicking finish. 116299
  740. SharePoint: Creating Recovery Point from SharePoint agent DB always uses latest backup if content DB resides on SQL AG named like XYZ/ABC. 116296, 116300, 116301
  741. Hyper-V: Incremental live sync of domain controller VM results in blue screen during test boot 116288
  742. The path pattern for unix was not added, leading to the error when the user selects a Linux machine. 116278
  743. Allow Web Console usage to be limited. 116275
  744. SharePoint Online: Private channels backup might fail. 116267
  745. Reconstruction for compacted DDB fails when auxcopy is running with resiliency to the store 116234, 116235
  746. With agentless restores into VMs, Unix file ownership is not restored correctly, if the file user/group is root. 116199
  747. User cannot edit one case in case manager 116180
  748. Compliance search site may not load. 116163
  749. Data recovery job from disk library with Lookahead reader enabled may show symptoms of high memory usage. 116155
  750. VDDK 6.0.2 is used on vsphere 7.0 116162
  751. Yearly schedule might show incorrect next run time. 116160
  752. Content indexing support for custom format file. 116148, 116149
  753. Oracle DB Archiving failed jobs may not properly cleanup 116136
  754. Java Console does not load when accessed on MAC for non-admin users 116132
  755. Plan automatic synthetic full schedule may trigger incremental backups frequently for exchange mailbox subclients 116116, 116117
  756. Standalone Index server directory move workflow fails if there is a backslash character at the last of index directory path 116092
  757. P2V CI Index Move Workflow does not move the ExtStoreIndex 116092
  758. End user is able to recall aged mails using Quick look URL 116063
  759. Duplicate schedules may be created when processing XML requests from TaskManager CreateTaskReq table 116057
  760. Unable to set Data Verification expiration settings on copy properties 116040
  761. Sometimes Dedup DB Reconstruction jobs on Compacted Deduplication database might fail with following log line in AuxCopyMgr log file "Failed to Insert Record for Dedupe DB Reconstruction" 116037
  762. Job Manager fixes for 1-Touch backup jobs. 116031, 116035, 116043
  763. Unable to set a new subclient policy as default. 116016
  764. Migration Script for web backup job summary report is generating duplicate task. 116018
  765. If a Windows 2016 Intellisnap subclient contains ReFS volumes and a windows 2012 proxy is chosen for catalog and backup copy, The backup will appear as empty (not failed) as the older OS does not recognize the newer OS type and volume simply is presented as empty. 116017
  766. Allow end user to search both on user and journal mailbox based on selected cloud type from /search interface 115974, 115979, 115984
  767. OpenShift backup may fail to mount snapshot 115856
  768. CVD may crash during restore from dedup storage policy copy on cloud 115842
  769. As record level restore queries are changes for performance issues, it is causing the issue for data seeding queries. 115896
  770. Deconfigure VSA backupset. 115893
  771. Unable to delete jobs from copy level, when jobs are sorted. Unable to delete specific jobs when filtered using find option. 115803
  772. Enhancement to generate logs from cvc into different paths 115829
  773. SharePoint Online backup retries on "User Cannot be Found" errors. 115889
  774. SharePoint Online backup retries on 404 Method Not Allowed. 115889
  775. SharePoint Online backup retires on "There is not enough space on the disk.". 115889
  776. [Enhancement] Support customizing log folder location for EdgeOperationMonitor 115798
  777. Sometimes Jobs in storage policy copies reports incorrect size on Global Deduplication storage policies. 115914, 115937
  778. Failed to restore certain calendar item 115887
  779. VMware Full VM Restore to Virtual Lab Does Not Honor selected VSA Proxy 115910, 115933
  780. As record level restore queries are changes for performance issues, it is causing the issue for data seeding queries. 115886
  781. Metrics reports may not work if there is a firewall between metrics and remote CommCells. 115883
  782. CU ranges provided in Hitachi Vantara storage array snap configuration for IntelliSnap GAD backups are not getting released after the jobs are aged. 115807
  783. Job Manager service may not run on a Linux Commserver 115765
  784. SQL CSless TL backup UNC path doesn't work. 115761
  785. DDB reconstruction may fail. 115720
  786. Plans page on the Command Center may shows up as empty. 115714
  787. HyperScale deployment fails due to spaces in Commserve password 115708
  788. Enable new clients for VSA VMWare to be IndexingV2 clients 115702
  789. Some of the FS true up incremental jobs may not be picked for auxiliary copy. 115701
  790. System log messages shows permission errors for Commvault log files 115664
  791. Wrong media group Id printed in log when library deletion fails during media group migration 115686
  792. Library deletion fails with error on missing datapath in unrelated copy 115686
  793. Response files getting pruned leaving no response file for unaged synthetic full jobs 115673, 115674
  794. VirtualizeMe fails with "System state backup is not available. Please run systen state backup to perform Virtualize Me operation" 115673, 115674
  795. Remove unused bucket region information from Google Cloud libraries. 115651
  796. Current discovery logic to fetch VM list based on tags has too many API requests to Azure, which will effect the API calls quota limit. 115647
  797. Unicode characters are not supported 115642
  798. Customer is not able to delete the non-default VSA backupset. Looks like this backupset has child backupsets (i.e. virtual server discovered clients). 115636
  799. Tenant Operators (impersonated users) are not able to access the plans associated with the company. 115635
  800. User security is not updated for users without login/logoff. Customer does not want to relogin to refresh security. 115634
  801. Migration Script for web backup job summary report is failing when '&' char is available in schedule name 115628
  802. Size on Media in Jobs on Storage Policy Copy Report appears inaccurate 115540, 115611, 115612
  803. Fix error in triggering live sync jobs only when allocation policy is used 115601, 115602
  804. In rare cases, dedupe defragmentation can fail on hyperscale appliance. 115572, 115575, 115578
  805. New SCG for clients associated to Schedule Policy. 115542, 115545, 115547
  806. SharePoint Online: Private channels backup might fail. 115539
  807. Support data analytics for NAS data agent 115533, 115534, 115535
  808. - Login denied event generated for a failed login for _+_PublicSharingUser_ 115531, 115532
  809. rpm install may fail with dependency error for libparted.so.2 115524
  810. OWA recalled mail, was not allowing font/size modification during reply operation. 115523
  811. Cases will not be visible in the landing page 115521
  812. DB upgrade is failing for UMUsers. 115511
  813. Note: This script should be run only if UMUsers table doesn't have any entry with "Admin" (0x40) flag set 115511
  814. File System Block Level synthetic full job fails when there multiple subclients in a backupset and each subclient points to a different disk 115506
  815. Subsequent failback backups fail after a previous attempt to failback fails in replication 115505
  816. Unable to add Region from the Command Center 115491
  817. MongoDB snap backup may fail with crash 115450
  818. SIDB2 compaction for v10 style Deduplication Database may hang requiring reconstruction. 115445
  819. Backup copy/ defferred catalog might pick extra jobs at the end of the period. 115434, 115435
  820. Epic processes started from post backup script may attach to commvault service unit and bring down the Epic database when commvault services are stopped. 115427
  821. File System Block Level synthetic full job fails when there multiple subclients in a backupset and each subclient points to a different disk 115423
  822. Activate: Data collection of FS backed up data source may fail. 115419
  823. Celerra restored stubs to DMNAS may not be recallable by mac clients 115403
  824. E-mail archiving job may complete with errors when service account is not an exchange admin. 115392
  825. ServiceNow integration does not support MID server. 115359
  826. Platform name is appended when a file is downloaded from downloadcenter. 115776
  827. Commcell Console becomes unresponsive when running a scheduled report on demand. 115313
  828. We may see incorrect user name in Gui audit trail for CommCell registration request. 115287
  829. Unable to modify Smart Group configured with a rule 'Client IPV4 CIDR Address Range' due to SQL 115270, 115274
  830. Search for Chinese words may not work from compliance search. 115246, 115267
  831. VM restores might complete successfully but VM might not boot 115241
  832. Restore of big Virtual machine may fail after running for a long time. 115220
  833. Replication pairs may not move past checksum calculation phase. 115180
  834. Job Summary report does not all jobs data when storage policy is selected. 115158, 115161
  835. CCM import might fail during cross version import 115133
  836. Added code to update an old tomcat executable filename used by the Commvault tomcat service on some older servers. 115116
  837. UEFI boot cd for 1-touch restore will always be of latest backup and not user selected backup. 115113
  838. Display name change with only case change such as from lower case to upper case not working 115105
  839. Hyperscale node may panic upon reboot after OS upgrade 115086
  840. Oracle crosscheck execution may launch multiple ClOraAgent processes & they get stuck. 115083
  841. Forecasting report not showing associated backupset jobs to the user (non admin) 115068, 115070
  842. Unable to discover Journal mailbox for OU with Chinese characters 115058
  843. AIX 1-Touch backup job failing when there is no space on one or more volumes 115049
  844. After suspending and resuming an exchange mailbox job, controller exe may crash 115048
  845. CVD hangs 114984
  846. Operation dashboard report shows incorrect information for tape libraries count. 114979
  847. Tool to find the amount of data that is in plain text on the disk mountpaths. 114963
  848. Enhancement : limit webconsole based on key 114960, 114966
  849. Failback is creating sourceVm with displayName instead of sourceName in VSA Table 114955
  850. Performance of Backup Copy jobs associated with Pure storage snaps may not be optimal when using FC-based mount hosts with multiple HBAs. 114950
  851. IntelliSnap IBM XIV engine may crash when the snap backup job's request to get source volume details results in empty response from array. 114947
  852. Possible delay while running jobs. 114945
  853. [IndexGateway] [Enhancement]: Expose /GetAllParents API in IndexGateway 114937
  854. Client groups in folder may not be visible in "Import from cloud wizard". 114931
  855. Sybase restore job is failing in 10.0 client with 11.0 MA 114928
  856. user is unable to force ssl connections for salesforce connections 114935
  857. Error when adding Linux location for passphrase export in Command Center. 114910
  858. Schedule restores are failing with LSN errors. 114907, 114908
  859. File Storage optimization dashboards may show host name instead of display name for clients. 114902
  860. File Storage optimization dashboards may show host name instead of display name for clients. 114903
  861. Wrong formatter is being used in the send logs code 114837
  862. Synth full jobs get in the pending state 114780
  863. DataMover performance counters for HPE Catalyst library backups. 114788
  864. MySQL agent related processes may be left hanging on client. 114766
  865. 1. UI will allow to select Data classification plan with single node index servers while creating a case 2. It is not possible to create index server in cloud mode in command center, while creating data classification plan for case manager 114758, 114777
  866. Unable to create postgres instance if server uses non default unix socket directory 114752
  867. Restores failing for tape imported jobs 114723
  868. Adding support to run VM jobs independent of parent snap jobs. 114735, 114775
  869. Jobs failing with database query timeout 114734, 114773
  870. Inconsistent information shown in Fallen Behind Secondary Copies section of Health Report. 114733, 114772
  871. Jobs failing with database query timeout 114732, 114769
  872. When job is getting failed because of error threshold rules, Post backup phase might be skipped even if 'Run for all attempts' was selected. 114718
  873. Support postgres db migration to Azure 114729
  874. Workflow to move clients to new DDB 114716
  875. There is no way to view which media agents are enabled or not for ransomware protection in Command Center. And there is no way to enable ransomware protection in Command Center. 114713
  876. Synthfull and restore jobs cannot be suspended. Issue is intermittent 114708
  877. Commserve on HyperScale cannot be started due to no free space. 114739
  878. Stat failure on some failures during backup but error not printed 114738
  879. Linux 1-Touch: Restore might fail if HLE functionality is enabled 114737
  880. Amazon RDS Backups pending with error "Failed to read registry key sLNCLOUDIN 114682
  881. Unable to format text(align left/center/right etc) when replying to an email from Web console. 114696
  882. HyperVSDKWrapper gives a System.MissingMethodException 114680
  883. The job fails with CWE but can not find matching entry in the failed item. 114640
  884. User might not be able to delete filters from client group properties 114663, 114671
  885. Client groups in folder are not showing in "Import from cloud wizard" 114626
  886. Edge Monitor crashes when trying to set up selective sync while configuring Edge Drive offline on the client 114630
  887. Admin Console, CommCell console and Web Console Backup Job Summary Reports are failing with arithmetic overflow error. 114579, 114602, 114606
  888. Isilon NDMP backup may intermittently fail with "The client does not support filtering" error if a subclient has overlapping content with another subclient even though Isilon supports filters. 114523
  889. Enhancement: Add Job End Range option and Primary Copy Only option in the Chargeback Job Details report. 114521
  890. Enhancement: Update column names in Chargeback Details report to the same names that we have in metrics Chargeback report. 114521
  891. Enable credential manager for Azure cloud library. 114476
  892. Failed to configure IAM role for AWS S3 cloud library from expert tool. 114476
  893. Failed to configure IAM VM fro Azure cloud library from expert tool. 114476
  894. Automatic synthetic fulls may start running daily. 114553, 114573, 114612
  895. Azure VM restore fails if restore VM size is not available in subscription/region 114516
  896. Customers are unable to install package on servers fenced from the Internet. 114514
  897. Enabling IntelliSnap at subclient (on an IntelliSnap enabled client) fails with error message "Failed to auto-enable Intellisnap on client node. error in determining presence of snap backuplicense" when all the issued licenses for IntelliSnap (Hardware Snapshot Enabler) are consumed. 114508
  898. One touch restore might not finish because of IndexServer CVODS is not able to load ctree 114502
  899. Disk Volume Recon is failing due to old killed disk Volume Recon Job 114492
  900. Can not enable activity on NDMP iDA agent properties from commcell console 114471
  901. DB2 instant clone fails. 114479
  902. Synthfulls might not start after/before incremental 114478
  903. Data analytics job triggered against incompatible IDA 114558, 114581
  904. Additional setting "hideCSVAdditionalInfoOnExport" was not applicable for metrics report 114462, 114592
  905. Content Index may push more files in to index. 114299
  906. The job fails with CWE but can not find matching entry in the failed item. 114333
  907. RAC backups may fail if DBNAME is used as SID value in configuration. 114291
  908. German language for backup status in edge monitor UI is broken 114329
  909. Edge Monitor crashes when trying to set up Edge Drive on the client 114329
  910. MongoDb restore job may fail with errors during server recovery 114283
  911. In Commcell Configuration report --> Media Agent Properties Additional updates show wrong string. Index server clients are showing in client properties. Mount Path Properties and client properties showing same data. 114310
  912. Deletion of deconfigured library failing with foriegn key error on library controller entries 114309
  913. Duplicate VMs may be created in LiveSync Monitor when run immediately is done on live sync schedule 114371, 114394
  914. File System Block Level synthetic full job fails when there multiple subclients in a backupset and each subclient points to a different disk 114266
  915. When renaming an NDMP subclient, a dialog may be displayed indicating a DB error occurred even though the subclient is renamed. 114258, 114354
  916. Customer has several VMs within a subclient and is running backups during the scheduled window. Other CommCell admins login and run backups for the same subclients resulting in a VM status Failed. For this scenario, the customer would like the VM status set to Skipped. 114340, 114353
  917. V2 Restore vector creation is taking too long 114251
  918. Backup copy job is getting selected for recon instead of snap 114364, 114389
  919. Add error code enum in FBR.x 114307
  920. Enhancement: Restart All Services via Client Computer Group Level 114302, 114359, 114405
  921. User group is not able to be created. 114317
  922. Unable to update log storage policy using CVpysdk. 114240, 114316
  923. GDPR: index extraction job might show some failure events. 114204
  924. Not all VMs are selected for backup that would otherwise match the selection criteria. Task cancelled exceptions are thrown under GetVMInfoListForRegion calls. 114197
  925. VSA license reduction for XEN backups after upgrading to SP16 114196
  926. Restoring RFC files from IDXGUI fails 114173, 114174
  927. Oracle Table Restores Snap backups with import to source marked as CWE and does not import. 114171
  928. Jobs running to Tier Point Group 4 show zero throughput 114165
  929. EMC Unity NDMP snap backup copy job may not filter full paths defined in the filter. 114155
  930. VM file level restores to Linux destinations may not work when metadata collection is turned on. 114142
  931. Restore of files from cold storage cloud library may fail. 114141
  932. In-place restore of RHEV vms may not work 114131
  933. Jobs do not get refreshed in the job controller. 114129
  934. Commcell console becomes unresponsive when double clicking on a report job in job controller a few times. 114129
  935. Qscript QS_DataProtectionJobSummary may be slow. 114126, 114127
  936. IntelliSnap-VxFlex unmap failure in AMS environment 114117
  937. CDR/FSDM Driver support for OEL 6.10, OEL 7.7, OEL 8.1 and Debian 10 114110
  938. Discovery by vmware tags might fail 114104
  939. Not able to create folder when browse destination folder. 114076
  940. Push install new client job can be started by users without proper installation capability 114040
  941. Aux Copy delayed alert may be sent incorrectly for running job which is transferring data. 114042
  942. Enhancement to add Total Purchased Capacity column in CommCell list page. 114038, 114039
  943. Jobs may be temporarily failing after a cluster failover 114026
  944. Support for SLA by Agent Type report for Worldwide Metrics. 114014, 114022, 114028
  945. RptSLA and RptCapacityUsage are reported as warning levels in scale statistics report. 114009
  946. Commvault communications service exits abnormally when backing up to HPE Catalyst if reservation is found to be invalid. 114000
  947. CommCell Console: Japanese characters are garbled in the Reports and "Browse and Restore" windows 113993
  948. Disabling Send Logs chunking continues to append a .001 extension on the archive 113988
  949. Domino End User Search uUser with Chinese name not returning expected results 113991
  950. The job fails with CWE but can not find matching entry in the failed item. 113981
  951. Huge files comparably tend to fail to download in the production environment. 113981
  952. Clients with Double Backups on WebConsole is not displaying data, throwing error "subquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >, >= or" 113976
  953. Registration of HyperScale node to CommServe may fail in certain cases. 113955
  954. Enhancement 113954
  955. Unable to create copy with user defined customer calendar 113929
  956. DR failover for NetApp using hardware replication. 113928, 113946, 113961
  957. Customer requirement 113919
  958. Adding missing SMMetadata entries for couple of snaps. 113913
  959. Web permissions don't get restored with doc backups 113849
  960. Synthfull may fail for subclients backing up System State 113819
  961. Active directory attribute level restore may overwrite other attributes that were not selected during restore. 113811
  962. During XtremIO snap mount operation, CVMA log file may be filled with system bus refresh calls for same set of HBAs entries which may have duplicates and mount operation may get hung 113785
  963. Enhancement to support seamless login for external webdomains 113742, 113809
  964. Custom logo didn't show up when a user moves from AdminConsole to Webconsole. 113742, 113809
  965. Retries in Oracle RAC rman section size based backups causing license usage increase. 113777
  966. AuxCopy jobs on old framework might fail for parallel copy if there are different jobs to be copied on two destination copies 113805
  967. Download software may fail. 113804, 113807
  968. Alicloud: when a non-default API endpoint is specified using registry key, proxy distribution logic is not working properly. 113772
  969. Content indexing of Exchange emails may fail. 113771, 113813, 113814
  970. When renaming an NDMP subclient, a dialog may be displayed indicating a DB error occurred even though the subclient is renamed. 113760
  971. new dashboard. 113783
  972. Greenplum database restore fails. 113755
  973. Ip customizations being run on every live sync job is causing scale issues 113768, 113782
  974. First message restored from 2008 backups fails. 113747
  975. Health report --> Cleanup report --> BackupSets without backups in last 30 days shows de-configured/deleted clients also. Health report --> Cleanup report --> Edge Drive Backupsets without backups in last 30 days shows backupsets from de-configured/deleted clients also. 113727
  976. OneNote backup failure with the following exception. "Exception happened when getting OneNote Pages. Code: 20266 Message: The number of maximum sections is exceeded for this request. To get pages for accounts with a high number of sections, we recommend getting pages for one section at a time (use the ~/sections/{id}/pages API)" 113724
  977. Bad flags wont get skipped in Media refresh and lead to skipping the refresh of other jobs in media 113715, 113717
  978. Saving subclient properties gives a popup error (Unknown event). 113660
  979. In certain cases Auxcopy job may show symptoms of high memory usage if Lookahead reader is enabled. 113647
  980. O365 mailbox Archive jobs run forever and print "Failed to initialize ldap session" in the CVMailBaackup.log file. 113634
  981. Nutanix Files backup may hang in scan phase 113618
  982. Organization token may be empty in alerts when the client does not have an owner 113613, 113615
  983. Exchange mailbox content indexing may fail. 113607, 113608, 113610
  984. Explorer plugin option in popup menu not honoring registry key bHideExpPlugin in EdgeMonitor App 113580
  985. Scheduled reports fail. 113576
  986. uninstallEmbededJettyService.bat fails to execute during repair install 113565, 113566
  987. CI Previews are not pruned and continues to occupies space even if preview generation is disabled later for users 113376, 113555
  988. Restore from VCloud plugin may fail. 113540
  989. System option for "Exclude DB (command line) subclient" is not applied for Strike Count. 113538
  990. Generate button becomes unusable in WebConsole Job Summary report. 113527
  991. Download button not working on email preview popup. 113508
  992. Changes to allow storage policy reassociation when snaps are pending catalog. Jobs that are pending will be marked as disabled for catalog. 113503, 113504, 113505, 113506
  993. bin rebuild 113496
  994. O365 Sharepoint restore jobs may be visible to other tenants in Command center. 113498, 113500
  995. NAS transport mode may fail with windows proxy when VM has snapshots with more than 4GB of data. 113490
  996. Move Partition Job can fail if there are dangling stores entry without any Access Path 113475
  997. When configuring the DIP on the production CommServe the default IP Address available is the address for the DR CommServe. User can manually type in the correct IP, but the Console doesn't offer the current CommServe's IP address as an option unless the user manually enters it. 113468
  998. Timezone is not getting updated on DR Commcell 113468
  999. CSRecoverAssistant is failing if Production CS SQL Server'' drive does not exist in DR CS 113467
  1000. Data Aging estimated disk savings prediction report may not work. 113428
  1001. The tenant dashboard may not show any job information in Command center. 113425, 113429
  1002. Standby node failover instance silent installation may fail if the installation is performed with the existing custom package which has commcell password different than the current commcell password. 113422
  1003. We need Store Id as part of the job pending reason upon failure to connect to the deduplication database engine. 113415
  1004. Sybase stored proc ''sp_spaceused'' is taking one hour to complete, affecting backup cycles at customer site. 113403
  1005. Tempdb is bloating on Commserve when running audit trail reports 113408, 113409
  1006. Live browse operation may fail or driver communication may crash the system 113378
  1007. Xen backups may take a long time during VM dispatch for datastore match. 113314
  1008. Current/Average Throughput may show different values in Job controller against job detail info. 113307
  1009. Response to /dcube/globalfilesearch Api may be verbose. 113305
  1010. Rest API to retrieve shared datasets created in custom report may have incorrect response. 113304
  1011. Script to get list of subclients having reconcile ON/OFF 113295
  1012. Prefer backup copy over snap on registry key 113279, 113283, 113287
  1013. Nutanix AHV - NAS mode: Failed to detect guest OS 113258
  1014. SAP ORacle restore enhancements and logging fixes 113244
  1015. Admin Console is not filtering clients which are eligible for AD proxy. 113232, 113235, 113239
  1016. While adding 'Identity servers', in 'Add domain' modal, clients list is not loading in Command center. 113223
  1017. Current Capacity tile is not loading in Command Center Overview dashboard 113216
  1018. Storage tile in Command Center dashboard is misaligned. 113216
  1019. Cleanup report may list storage policies that have data aging enabled along with those with data aging disabled. 113214
  1020. Macro pruning of deleted stores not completing. 113209
  1021. Edge monitor stopped working for 32bit windows when the user is trying to Activate. 113206
  1022. Health Cleanup Report is considering deleted subclient in Disable subclient section 113204
  1023. #1 SQL server comes down when app-aware snaps are mounted. #2 Premature clean up of mounted volumes for app-aware SNAP 113184
  1024. Unable to destroy fresh BLR pairs 113178
  1025. Data Analytics job is failing with error "Failed to get the solr URL for analytics job" 113188, 113192
  1026. Hyper-V VSA inventory operations attempts connections to HTTP Proxy if configured in CommServer 113176
  1027. CI was running slow on good configuration machines. 113139
  1028. CommcellBackupInfo view giving 0 retention days for zero size jobs. 113153, 113161
  1029. Improve the performance of QS_DataProtectionJobSummary qscript. 113153, 113161
  1030. CommCell console Backup Job Summary Report is failing with arithmetic overflow error. 113153, 113161
  1031. Incorrect primary app sizes of VSA backup jobs are shown in Chargeback report. 113153, 113161
  1032. Unable to add a Unix or Windows Cluster from the Java UI in some languages other than English 113128, 113133, 113167
  1033. Commcell cleanup report may list transitive copies in the 'Storage Policy with Data Aging Disabled' section 113090
  1034. Snap restores may fail with communication attach failure when mount proxy is selected. 113099
  1035. In rare cases, restore from secondary copy can fail if primary copy is HPE Catalyst and secondary copy is not. 113086
  1036. Incremental backups may not find change token of web and hence convert the job to full 113096
  1037. Oracle Logical Dump subclient configuration error does not have proper user feedback 113095
  1038. Stored proc running slow causes restore failure. 113115, 113121
  1039. SCOM alerts might have issues with unicode chars 113083
  1040. Laptop backups may back-up more data than in the subclient policy. 113073
  1041. Backup copy fails for Db2 snap jobs. 113060
  1042. Clients without backups and Clients withoutPackage and Backups of Health Cleanup report show deconfigured clients as well 113063
  1043. With Live Browse permission on Subclient, Machine Browse is failing in admin console. 112993
  1044. user's with non edit capabilities are able to see sql information from shared datasets 113024
  1045. Discovered VM alerts might not be sent intermittently 113034, 113042
  1046. SQL replication monitor may not be shown for non-admin users. 113032, 113040
  1047. Exchange Content Indexing may fail with error access the job results directory. 113004
  1048. Restore fails with "Error: Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common.ExecutionFailureException:A previous restore operation was interrupted and did not complete processing on file '<logical name of file>'. Either restore the backup set that was interrupted or restart the restore sequence." 112999
  1049. CDR/FSDM Driver support for OEL 6.10, OEL 7.7, OEL 8.1 and Debian 10 112998
  1050. Store FullAndIncrementalBackup report may not work in SP17 and older version. 113017
  1051. Store SubClientConfigurationInformation does not work in SP17 and older version. 113016
  1052. Intellisnap - Metro support for nutanix engine 112952, 112954, 112957
  1053. HyperScale appliance may generate spurious alerts for disk drive hardware monitoring. 112949
  1054. VirtualizeMe operation for Hyper-v operation is deleting the VM when the expiration option is not set. 112941
  1055. List web-parts not getting restored 112929
  1056. OneNote quick launch links are broken 112929
  1057. SharePoint Online: Backup might hang while retrieving documents version history. 112927
  1058. No Index Backup for 30 days alert is failing to trigger 112904, 112905
  1059. Dangling rows for 'vmGuestSize' attribute in app_VMprop table (from VMware Synthetic Fulls) preventing deleted VMs from meeting "no protected data" criteria 112885
  1060. 1touch recovery tries to restore previous client if user comes back in GUI and changes the name for the client to be restored 112882
  1061. Index playback might be slow for archiver subclients 112870
  1062. Fix to complete system backup job with error in case of VSS snapshot creation failure 112845
  1063. cvfwd coredumping while installing clients across firewalls 112842
  1064. Sometimes after upgrading to V11 SP16, jobs to cloud starts writing to buckets with capital letters. 112833, 112836, 112838
  1065. Many Stored procedures are timing out due to SubClient Policy change to delete the PST Filter. 112829
  1066. When SYSTEM access ACL is removed from files/folders, optimized scan cannot access change journal monitored info to update database 112828
  1067. Continuous schedules might not start jobs 112826
  1068. Optimize Lookahead reader parameters for better read speed on cloud MPs. 112822
  1069. Auxcopy job may report some of the Sfiles as corrupted if it fails to read Sfile container header. 112822
  1070. Virtual server backups may report the event "Caught Access Violation Exception during LVM processing" 112815
  1071. For trouble shooting an issue, enabled curl trace. But trace file does not have info messages. 112810
  1072. AzureStack VM restores fail when the source VM has static private IP 112809
  1073. SAP Oracle command line backups may fail in archive index phase. 112800, 112801
  1074. Virtual Machine Infrastructure report shows No Data to Display. 112787
  1075. vsrst process crashes on suspending a live sync job 112775
  1076. SQL Recovery points creation from app-aware backups may fail during mount operation. 112774
  1077. Commvault NOW app crashes when accessing job details and event details page. 112772
  1078. Job completes when invalid client information is given. So customers can not notice something wrong in the setting. 112762
  1079. Non-editable view capabilities are given to the creator of smart client group. 112758
  1080. CMode recalls failing because of logon issues on service accounts. 112756
  1081. Explorer plugin repair is not happening if the driver is not installed 112756
  1082. FSDMListener fails to load 112756
  1083. combine different roles with same permissions 112755
  1084. SAP HANA backup jobs may fail with multiple channels. 112738
  1085. Install of file system agent may crash on Windows 2003 and Windows XP machines. 112710
  1086. When opening a mailbox for browse, folder Inbox in Hebrew is not opened at first. 112705
  1087. Exchange Online IndexServer playback may fail. 112664
  1088. Live Sync - SAP HANA Replication from SNAP Vault Mirror 112661
  1089. Exchange index browse tool enhancement to support delete documents. 112660
  1090. SQL Archive Job fails if the source table contains IDENTITY columns. 112657
  1091. Ability to send additional parameters to paexec workflow activity. 112655
  1092. Ability to send additional parameters to paexec workflow activity. 112654
  1093. Send Index logs may fail to upload index logs. 112647
  1094. Unable to update storage policy property 112637
  1095. Live browse of block level synthetic full job may fail when multiple synthetic fulls exist in cycle. 112612
  1096. Spare media won't get select in vaulttracker export policy 112599, 112601
  1097. Incremental replication may fail when raw device maps are present in a backup 112596
  1098. --Enhancement-- Use planId passed in URL params for the office 365 client to be created. 112590
  1099. All databases are restored even when some Greenplum databases are unselected in browse window 112579
  1100. Fix for Commcell Configuration Web Report for number of library and Index Cache information 112560
  1101. Hyper-V VSA backup on 2016 always attempts production checkpoint on VMs even if the sub client is configured for crash consistent backup. 112539
  1102. VSA Jumbo patch 112538
  1103. Exchange mailbox browse with Online mailboxes some times may show duplicate mailboxes. 112497
  1104. SharePoint Online: Backup fails during scan 112495
  1105. AWS EC2 instance snapshot backup may fail if AWS takes long to respond back. 112490
  1106. Unable to add a Unix or Windows Cluster from the Java UI in some languages other than English 112485, 112486, 112491
  1107. User is unable to configure a proxy ESX at the subclient, when he has access to non default backupset. 112483
  1108. Multi stream block restore from Tape copy fails 112481
  1109. WebApp is failing to scan 112472
  1110. For Full and Incremental backup report client and client group filters giving data from other clients or client groups. 112443
  1111. Restore from xtrabackup was failing when a database had tables names with extended UTF8 characters. 112434
  1112. WebConsole libraries are not loaded properly on setups with Chinese language and locale settings. Reports fail to load due to this. 112430, 112431
  1113. Index Restore failing from NAS tape library. 112420, 112421
  1114. QScript to mark jobs with invalid data to recopy. 112419
  1115. Unable to perform restore of data backed up by a deleted subclient from Command Center. 112417, 112418
  1116. [Migration][EdgeDrive] Tool to recovery edge index from edgeoperationmonitor logs 112390
  1117. A QScript to update client name for a specific client in CSDB to a new name 112384
  1118. Add items to review set may fail. 112379
  1119. IndexServer could overuse memory during stub processing 112374
  1120. Synthetic Full jobs will not run as expected for affected schedule policies where "Synthetic Full" with "Run Incremental" is selected but "Run Incremental Before/after" value is missing. 112373
  1121. Temp file created by index checkpoint not getting cleaned up 112370
  1122. Oracle RMAN script with maxcorrupt option may throw syntax errors 112369
  1123. Cloud recall workflow failed for Oracle cloud library when Oracle lifecycle policy had moved data to Archive. 112368
  1124. Dangling rows for 'vmGuestSize' attribute in app_VMprop table (from VMware Synthetic Fulls) preventing deleted VMs from meeting "no protected data" criteria 112364
  1125. VSA Live mount from backup copy fails. 112352
  1126. Index Cache is still showing ready if media agent is offline in check readiness report 112334, 112336
  1127. Unable to add new search engine node to existing cloud 112317
  1128. Application aware backup copy is failing when index DB is not available. 112316
  1129. VM based disk filters may not work for few chinese VM due to malformed disk index generated during backup 112315
  1130. Web console SLA report is not showing the correct excluded entities. 112305, 112307
  1131. Exclude DB (Command Line) Subclients option is not working for DB agents installed in VMs when VSA backup is excluded from SLA for the VMs. 112305, 112307
  1132. Chargeback Report is timing out on Cloud. 112302, 112304
  1133. Chargeback Report by Billing tags (Price is set to Global Price) is blank when the billing tag is associated with Storage Policy Copy. 112302, 112304
  1134. Chargeback Report is still showing deleted VMs when Exclude Deconfigured Subclients option is selected. 112302, 112304
  1135. 1: Mask VMWare password in VM customization xml. 2: Cleanup store folder when FBR can''t create cvblk device 112271
  1136. CCS Laptop clients not following subclient content and filtering. 112294
  1137. SAP HANA backup jobs may fail with multiple channels. 112266
  1138. In fusion cloud, restore would fail while updating bootable flag to boot volume 112264
  1139. Script to disable backup copy on VSA application aware jobs whose parent VSA jobs are already backup copied and aged. 112269
  1140. Installer throws exception when WebConsole URL for SSO doesn''t contain "/WebConsole/" 112255
  1141. API call via webconsole may not work in few cases where request data is sent as form data 112260
  1142. Azure app creation for Office 365 client may fail if the password contains '$' or single quote 112217
  1143. In V11 SP19 : Recovery points and calendar view is not loading. 112213
  1144. TLS email support for Two factor Authentication pin emails 112212
  1145. Corrupt/infected emails may prevent further content from being backed up in mailbox backup. 112209
  1146. Meditech Windows FileSystem Block level backups jobs might fail during scan phase when there are more than 20 disks. 112207
  1147. EvMgrs log shows socket authentication error. 112205
  1148. Diag update to identify client install error 112204
  1149. live browse does not show complete set of volumes or fails with no volumes found 112200
  1150. Customer requirement 112195
  1151. To do 112173
  1152. CVD log doesn't have the job id for the VM operations 112187
  1153. For Subclient Configuration Information report client and client group filters giving data from other clients or client groups. 112186
  1154. For Full and Incremental backup report client and client group filters giving data from other clients or client groups. 112185
  1155. Missing Backup Time Information in Restore Job Summary Web report. 112184
  1156. Oracle Backup copy fails on Oracle 19C with an error "Failed to discover Volume details" 112177
  1157. Set subclient property "Reason last backup time cleared" for CCM job when we mark the next incr or def job as FULL. 112077, 112097, 112137, 112138
  1158. DB2 purescale backups may fail if the client was initially created with wrong user credentials. 112033
  1159. Log backup on source fails when cross machine restore is in progress. 112074
  1160. Oracle duplicate database may generate incorrect JPR. 112054
  1161. Restricted access for the Extractor API 112053
  1162. DELETE /dcube/entity API gives incorrect response 112051
  1163. Datasource sharing fails 112051
  1164. IndexCacheCleanup is deleting the logs when playback is in progress 112050
  1165. XenServer VM Restore Fails to Unserialize the VM Metadata 112046
  1166. classic "restore job summary" was very slow when updating media description in special case 112111, 112131
  1167. Compaction job on HyperScale may fail. 112030
  1168. Hardware alert 'NIC disconnected' may be reported incorrectly in HyperScale appliances. 112028
  1169. "Guided Setup" for Office 365 may not work in Command center. 112107, 112128
  1170. Many emails are marked as timed out or failed during CI 112068
  1171. Script to populate missing platform info for all the clients. 112067
  1172. Subclient properties API fails because of multiple same attributes 112066
  1173. Capacity/Free Space for HPE Catalyst Library may not reflect Physical Data Size Quota configured on StoreOnce. 112007
  1174. On premise cloud may see more activity than it can handle when dedupe pruning is backlogged. 112006
  1175. Database error "Lock request time out period exceeded." encountered during reservation. 112103, 112126
  1176. View all versions in Java GUI doesnt show case-preserved versions. 112004
  1177. New custom report: Subclients Not Associated with Secondary Copies custom report. 112057
  1178. Allow Remote Cache Sync job to run in parallel 112076, 112095, 112133
  1179. DateTime.MinValue was set to expirydate field when recovering edge index using requests logged in EdgeOperationMonitor 111974
  1180. Data verification on HPE Catalyst library may fail unless scalable resource allocation is selected. 111975
  1181. LTO-5 tapes trying to mount in LTO-7 drives for Erase Media, resulting in them being marked bad due to "Incompatible Medium Installed". 111976, 111977

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