Deduplication Management

When the deduplication is configured in your environment, you can manage the deduplication database by considering the following operations:

  • Deduplication Data Consistency

    To ensure that the CommServe database, deduplication database and data blocks on the disk are synchronized.

  • Move the Deduplication Database

    To ensure that the deduplication is hosted on the recommended configuration referenced in Deduplication Building Block Guide.

  • Deduplication Database Sealing

    Seal the deduplication database, when large amount of data on the disk is unreadable due to disk corruption or other hardware issues.

  • Restart the Deduplication Database MediaAgent

    For installing updates or maintenance purposes.

  • Deduplication Tools

    Tools used to evaluate the performance of the disk hosting the deduplication database.

  • Deduplication Reports

    Reports to view the status of the deduplication database or deduplication properties.

  • Deduplication Alerts

    Alerts to notify the status of deduplicated jobs and deduplication database threshold,

  • Performance Tuning

    Performance tuning parameters can increase efficiency of deduplication by enhancing backup performance.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 7:33:04 PM