Configuring Synchronous Replication for VMware on Nutanix with Metro Availability

To set up synchronous replication for VMware on Nutanix with metro availability, you need to configure the metro availability feature on the Nutanix software and the Nutanix storage array and the VMware agent in the Commvault software.


  1. To configure metro availability, see the information about metro availability in the Prism Element Data Protection Guide v5.16.
  2. In the Commvault software, use the CommCell Console to configure an active site and a standby site. For the active site and for the standby site, do the following:
    1. Add a storage array. See Configuring the Storage Array in the Commvault Software.
    2. Verify the snapshot configuration properties of the active site, and make sure that the Do not track Metro volume secondary snapshots check box is clear. See Editing Snapshot Configuration Properties of the Nutanix Storage Array.
  3. In the Commvault software, configure a virtualization client and subclient:
    1. To enable IntelliSnap in a vCenter virtualization client, right-click the vCenter virtualization client, click Advanced, and then select Enable IntelliSnap.
    2. For each subclient, do the following:
      1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Client Computers > virtualization_client > Virtual Server > VMware > backup_set.
      2. For each subclient, right-click the subclient and then, select Properties.

        The Subclient Properties dialog box appears.

      3. On the IntelliSnap Operations tab, select IntelliSnap.
      4. From Available Snap Engines, select Nutanix Snapshot.
      5. Identify the snapshot mount ESX host. For more information, see Modifying a Subclient for VMware.
    3. Create a separate subclient and identify the VMs to be replicated. For the subclient content, select datastores. Nutanix automatically creates a datastore for VMware VMs in a Nutanix container. See Subclient Configuration.

Last modified: 5/13/2020 8:17:03 PM