Deduplication Reports

The following reports are available for deduplication.



Reconstruct Deduplication Database Job Summary Report

When a deduplication database is offline, then it is automatically reconstructed based on the deduplication database availability options. This Reconstruct Deduplication Database report provides the information about the storage policy, deduplication database name to which it was reconstructed and status of the restore job.

Storage Policy Report

The Storage Policy report provides deduplication related information including deduplication properties and deduplication database information.

Media Prediction Report

The Media Prediction Report can be used to identify the backup tapes that are required for the Silo restore jobs.

Silo Archive Job Summary Report

The Silo Archive Job Summary provides job summary details of Silo archive jobs moving backup data from disk media to Silo Storage.

Silo Retrieve Job Summary Report

The Silo Retrieve Job Summary provides job summary details of retrieve job operations recalling data from Silo Storage.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 7:33:11 PM