The CommCellScheduleBackupInfo view provides information about schedule backups.



CommCell Id

The unique CommCell ID.

CommCell Name

The CommCell name.

Client Name

The name of the client.

Agent Name

The name of the agent.

Instance Name

The name of the instance.

Backupset Name

The name of the backup set.

Subclient Name

The name of the subclient.

Backup Type

The scheduled backup type (Full, Incremental, Differential, or Synthetic Full).

Schedule Pattern

The scheduling pattern (One Time, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly).

Scheduled Date

The next start date and time of backup schedule.

Storage Policy

The name of the storage policy.

Retention Days

The number of days data is kept before it is pruned.

Last modified: 3/30/2021 4:02:35 PM