Verifying the Default Configuration

After setting up the storage pool, the storage pool configuration can be viewed.


  1. From the navigation, click Storage > HyperScale.

    The HyperScale page appears.

  2. From the Storage Pools page, click the name of the Storage Pool that you want to view.
  3. Verify the following information:
    • Disk Libraries



      Device Path

      The path of the disk storage area in which the data will be stored.

      Total Capacity

      The total storage capacity of the selected Storage Pool.

      Used Space

      The total space used in the storage pool.

      Size on Disk

      The total amount of data stored on the disk after deduplication and compression.


      The status of the storage pool - whether the storage pool is online or offline.

    • Hardware components

      A detailed HyperScale Hardware Report can be viewed by clicking the Details link. Each hardware component (Disks, Cache, Cooling Devices, Power Supply, and Network Interface) provides a detailed view as sub-sections in this report. You can also filter the report information based on the storage pool and the node associated with the selected storage pool.

    • Nodes

      click the name of the specific node. The following information is displayed:



      Disk Information



      The name of the vendor.


      The name of the product.

      File system

      The file system on the node.


      The status of the node - whether the node is online or offline and is healthy.

      Server Information



      The CPU related information.


      The status of the fan.

      Power Supply

      The status of the power supply.

      Cache drive

      The status of the cache drive.

      NIC Status

      The status of the NIC cards in the mount path.

      CPU usage

      The CPU performance.

      Memory Usage

      The amount of physical memory currently used.

      Disks (For each mount path)


      Mount Path

      The physical path of the mount path in the file system.

      Serial number

      The serial number associated with the mount path.


      The total capacity of the mount path.

      Disk Status

      The status of the mount path.

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