Reference Copy - Configuration

Follow this procedure to create the reference copy client, assign content to it, and then run the File System reference copy job.

The steps here present an example of how to create a reference copy subclient to back up .htm files from multiple Windows File System subclients.

  1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click Client Computers, and then click New Client > Reference Copy.
  2. In Client Name box, enter a name for the new client.

    Note: The client name may not contain spaces.

  3. In the Configure Agents area, select File System or Exchange Mailbox, or both.
    1. If you selected File System, select Unix File System or Windows File System, or both.
    2. If you selected Exchange Mailbox, select Exchange Mailbox.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Under Client Computers, expand the new reference copy client to the subclient level, right-click the default subclient, and then click Properties.
  6. Click the Reference Copy Contents tab.
  7. Select an appropriate Backup Start Time.

    Data backed up starting at this time that satisfies the applied filters becomes the subclient content.

    Note: Once you run a backup on the reference copy subclient, you cannot modify its Backup Start Time.

    1. For Content Criteria, click Add > File Name.

      Note: For UNIX file systems, the reference copy job may fail if the source subclient has hard links or long paths.

    2. For File Name, enter *.htm.
  8. Click the Associations tab, and then select Clients or Client Computer Groups to be added as subclient content.

    Note: Clients of the same agent type can be specified as the subclient content. For example, Windows File System clients can be specified as subclient content for a Windows File System Reference Copy client.

    The filters specified in the Content tab are applied to the clients and client groups selected here.

  9. To see the data that will be backed up using the associated clients or client groups in the next reference copy job, click the Preview tab, and then click View Items.

    Note: By default, reference copy content is not pruned during a synthetic full backup. You can change this on the Subclient Properties > Retention tab. For more information, see Reference Copy - Advanced Windows and UNIX.

  10. Click the Storage Device tab.
    1. Select a storage policy from the Storage Policy list.
    2. Click OK.

    If a storage policy does not already exist, see Creating a Storage Policy.

  11. Right-click the subclient, and then click Backup.
    1. To run the job immediately, select Immediate.

      You can also create recurring schedules.

    2. Click OK.

Last modified: 9/25/2019 6:59:34 PM